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The 10 Best Video Animation Companies For Your Business Out There!


Do a quick Google search for “animation companies,” and you’ll get as many results as you could possibly want… and then some.

As video content leads the charge in terms of effective digital marketing, it isn’t surprising to have so many providers spring to the opportunity to try and fill the growing demand. The problem is that not all of them have the necessary experience, talent, and know-how to create truly compelling animated videos for businesses.

You know… those that can actually get your audience to stop and pay attention.

In fact, with so many scam services and low-budget outfits passing stock assets as original work out there, there’s a real chance you could end up sinking money into a video that ends up hurting your marketing efforts.

To keep that from happening, we’ve put together a list with some of the best animation companies out there. As well as some information on how to find the right one for you

Choosing the Right Video Animation Company

There are plenty of good reasons why so many businesses have started to invest in video marketing as of late. That means that there are a lot of brands out there competing for the public’s attention! And people, on the other hand, are finding it harder to focus on a given thing for more than a handful of seconds!

What all of that adds up to is that you need creative, inspirational, fun, or breathtaking videos if you want your brand to stand out. And those elements call for an animation production company that knows what they’re doing.

How do you find companies like that? Well, you can start by paying attention to these five key factors when you consider alternatives for the job:

  • Quality and expertise: Check out the company’s previous works and portfolio and make sure their quality is up to your expectations.
  • Communication: Talk to the company and pay special attention to their availability, attitude, and quality of response. Good communication is vital.
  • Customization: Make sure each of the animation production company’s videos feel unique and tailor-made to match each client they’ve worked with.
  • Feedback: Look for online reviews and previous customer’s feedback. These opinions can give you a good sense of how it is to work with that company.
  • Price: You can’t expect a mind-blowing business animation if you go with a cheap service, but don’t think that throwing a lot of money at a company guarantees great results either. Find animation production companies whose price-quality ratio fits with your needs and not the other way around.

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Top 10 Video Animation Companies for Your Business:

Now that we are on the same page about the things you should keep in mind as you look for a video company, let’s jump into our list of the top animation studios!

  1. Yum Yum Videos
  2. Demo Duck
  3. Sandwich Video
  4. Epipheo Animation Studio
  5. Thinkmojo
  6. Explainify
  7. Grumo Media
  8. Blink Tower
  9. Wyzowl
  10. Switch Video

1. Yum Yum Videos – Animation Company

At the risk of coming off a bit pretentious, we truly believe we are one of the best animation companies you’ll find out there! And we are not just saying that.

Here at Yum Yum Videos, we’ve worked hard to assemble an amazing team of artists, creative minds, and brilliant marketers to make sure we create the wonderful pieces our clients deserve. 

How do we manage that? By sticking to the services we’ve honed over the years:

  • We create fully customized animated videos for businesses, tailored to the client’s marketing goals.
  • We offer top-of-the-industry video quality across the board.
  • Our animation production process is sophisticated, with an eye on detail and a focus on our clients’ feedback.
  • We deliver an outstanding price-quality guarantee.
  • And we provide integrated video marketing strategy services that enhance our clients’ branding.

It’s a formula that has led us to work with clients from all around the world, including some big brands like Wal-Mart, Red Bull, McKesson, Fox, and DocuSign, to name a few. However, we are glad to let our work speak for us whenever possible.

But why take our word for it, when you can see what the companies we’ve worked with have to say about our animation production company?

And if you want to learn what we can do for your project, don’t hesitate and just contact us today. Let’s chat about it!

2.   Demo Duck 

The most important stage in the animation production process is the script. We know it, and at Demo Duck, they know it too! This video animation company makes several styles of business animation, like motion graphics and stop motion, like this one:

Butte County Foster Care

3.   Sandwich Video

Are you craving sandwiches? Well, then you might be disappointed because at Sandwich Video they’re not really specialized in sandwiches. But if what you’re looking for is a good Live Action video production company, then you’ll be on the right track. I know, I know… we are talking about video animation companies here… But these guys do such a good job that we couldn’t help but include them!

This studio specializes in live-action video, and they’re one of the best ones for the style! They handle the overall production process – but they’ll also give you a hand with different distribution techniques, and they’ll help you promote your video through different channels.

And also, their scripts are very funny! You can see one in action, here:

"So Yeah, We Tried Slack …"

4.   Epipheo Animation Studio

Epipheo Animation Studios is one of the oldest video animation companies, and they have a highly experienced and capable team. Because they were one of the first studios to offer explainer videos, they have established a very careful 2D animation production process, which goes from crafting a proposal to finally creating the video.

They also base their work on storytelling, which is great – storytelling makes the world go around! As you can see in this example:

Smart Parking: Now Available in the Westfield App

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5.   Thinkmojo

Thinkmojo creates a wide variety of business animation, from educational videos, social media videos, ads, short films, video presentations, and a lot more. Their focus is to create VX (or Viewer Experiences), for brands that like to shake things up!

This video animation company has worked with brands like Slack, ZenDesk, and Google Fiber, creating beautiful experiences using video content. So, how could we not include Thinkmojo in our list of top animation studios?

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6.   Explainify – Animation Company

At Explainify, they say that life is too short for long stories. Words to live by! This outstanding cartoon company focuses on creating animated videos for businesses that are simple and easy to understand: not because they’re dumbed down, but because the message is clear!

How Much is 100 Million Pounds?

7.   Grumo Media

Grumo Media is a video animation company from Vancouver, Canada. They work with very talented artists to create fun and concise animated videos for businesses.

They love working with small businesses and startups, and their business animation production process is designed to help these companies attract investors, promote their products, and increase their conversion rates. 

Fun fact: They have a special name for their Demo Videos… They call them “Grumos”!

Here’s one of the “Grumos” of this cartoon company:

What is MyGardenBag? | Soil | Mulch | Free Delivery Vancouver Lower Mainland

8.   Blink Tower

Blink Tower makes animated videos for businesses from sunny South Africa! Their team is composed of talented people that make everything in-house, from a creative director, producers, illustrators, account managers… and their resident cyclotopus, Blinky.

They create business animation for big, medium, and small companies; and also non-profits!

TED & TEDx Explained

9.   Wyzowl

This video animation company creates three types of content: explainer videos, interactive videos, and screen-recorded videos! They’ve been on the market since 2011, and since then, they’ve become one of the top animation studios, making hundreds of animated videos for businesses all the way from their office in England. 

They put their focus on revisions: they offer unlimited revisions in every stage of the animation production process, and they offer fixed pricing for every type of customer, to ensure that each of their business animated videos gets the same quality.

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10.   Switch Video – Animation Company

Switch Video is a cartoon company that creates business animation productions for every kind of company; from non-profits to tech startups or government institutions, they believe that any kind of difficult concept can be easily explained through a well-made business animation video.

They develop whiteboard videos, motion graphics, and all types of animated videos for business. They’ve got three basic premises that structure their work: they set reasonable deadlines and stick to them, they keep the client informed every step of the way, and they complete every aspect of the job, so their clients don’t have to ask twice!

Cook & Co. by Switch Video

And there it is! A list of some of the best animation companies you can contact to take care of your video! Whichever you go for, we guarantee you’ll be in great hands!

And while we can’t speak to the other top animation studios’ process, we can tell you that at Yum Yum Videos, we take our client’s needs to heart and put them at the core of our work.

We make it our mission to truly understand their marketing goals, product, and target audiences, even before we begin developing their content. That lets us tailor-make each and every one of our videos according to what our clients need.

Our top priority is always to deliver a high-quality piece, and our experience tells us that the only way to do so is to pay close attention to details. Something we manage to do well due to the way we stay in touch! We are always eager to hear our client’s feedback throughout the process, as it informs and shapes the final product. 

The results? Happy clients! Satisfied with the video we helped them create.

But that’s enough reading for now. We are, after all, an animation production company! So, if you want to know more about how we do what we do, we actually have a cool video that goes into a bit more detail:

It’s a process that guarantees our client’s goals for their content, and sets them up for success! If you are looking for a company that can bring your video to life, get in touch today and tell us what you are looking for. We’ll be happy to help out.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right animation company can be hard! But it becomes a little bit easier if you know what you’re looking for.

The animation production companies in this list have a few things in common. They are all quality-oriented and have skilled teams to bring their client’s vision to reality, with skill and passion.

Whether you go for one of these top animation studios or continue your quest, you have now a robust framework to compare the level of quality and service you should be looking for.

 Good luck!

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