Educational videos are meant to inform and educate your audience about the problems they are
experiencing (pain points). Positioning your brand as an expert in your industry and driving organic views.

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Why should you use an Educational video?

The goal of learning videos is to put your brand in organic searches easily which will drive more visitors. Creating educational content for your audience will help them understand their problems and position your brand as a reference in your industry which will drive new visitors to your website and social media channels saving thousands of dollars in advertising. These are just some of the benefits of having Educational Videos:

+ Attract more visitors to your website
+ Save thousands of dollars in free advertising
+ Position your brand as the reference in your industry
+ Position organically in Search Engines (boost SEO)
+ Generate trust

Where can you use Educational Videos?

Being educational, these types of videos are more shareable so they are ideal to be used on social media, blog, guestblogging and so on.
Use them on:

+ Social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…)
+ Landing pages
+ Guest Blogging
+ Blog posts

Where does it fit into your Video Sales Funnel?

Learning Videos are placed at the Top of the Sales Funnel or TOFU (Awareness Stage) because their main goal is to attract more visitors leading them into your funnel and generate brand awareness as well. Keep in mind that they are not ready to buy from you yet, they are just looking for help to their problem. It’s your job to nurture them with more content and push them through the funnel until they are ready to buy.


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Well, now that you asked we have our own educative video and it has really succeeded! With more than 150.000 views and being first in our principal keyword search “Explainer video”, this video brings us thousands of views and leads! This educative video that explains “What is the best animated video style for your business” was so successful that it was published on important marketing websites like Jeffbullas, Social Media Today, homebusinessmag, Visual Content, Mention and many others.

When you put money in advertising everything works great until you stop putting money in, then you have nothing and it all disappears, It’s not the same with educative videos. Once you focus on distributing the content they can reach the first pages of YouTube and be there for years! Our video “What is the best animated video style for your business” has been number 1 on YouTube for the last 2 years and it keeps going! Many websites use it for blog posts or to talk about marketing video production, and we do too. So it was an incredible investment for us, with more than 150,000 views on YouTube! If we would have paid 0.5 U$S per view, that means that we have already earned more than 75.000 U$S in free advertising with this video! And this keeps going everyday with more than 300 views daily. So what do you think? Are you ready to start your own video?

We are a video production company that you can trust! We already worked with some of the biggest brands in the world like: Walmart, Fox, American express, McKesson and more than 300 other companies from around the world. We can create an excellent cartoon marketing video for your brand, let’s chat!
What we can offer:

The pricing for a learning video will vary based on different specifications such as the style of the animation, length and turnaround time. A range of pricing can be from 6.000 U$S and up to 12.000 U$S. I know it’s not something cheap but a great quality video never is, and of course, you don’t want your video to look cheap. Only the best quality videos bring great results! Watch our video process here, and all the steps involved in the video production.

There are several types of animation styles, the most popular ones are whiteboard animation, cartoon animation and motion graphic video.
Which of these is the best for your business? Watch our video and find out.
Of course every business is unique, and it’s better to let a specialist assist you to choose the right video style. Reach out to us!

The advantage of these kind of cartoon marketing videos is that they are educative and you are helping the viewer. So, it gives value to them and this gives you the opportunity to make these videos a little longer than a commercial or a typical animated marketing video without losing views. Our recommendation is to make them no longer than 2 and half minutes if possible. It’s a little more than the 90 seconds that we recommend for an animated marketing video, but if it’s really educative you will drive more visitors and a lower average dropviews.

The video production process is the same as any of our animated marketing videos, and of course we have a video about it; Yum Yum Videos production process. All video production has the same steps: Script, Storyboard, Designs, Animation, Music and Sound Mix. If you want to learn more visit our video marketing resources.

Usually a cartoon marketing video takes between 6 to 8 weeks, but it will depend on the technique but more importantly on the length of the video. Just like we said, this kind of video could be a little longer than the usual animated marketing video, and that will affect the time that it would take to create it.

That’s really easy! Just contact us!
We ask for an upfront payment of the 50 % of the project, and when the video is finished and 100 % approved , we will ask you for the rest of the payment and send you the final version of the video. You can pay with Paypal or wire transfer, so it’s really easy.

We specialise in 3 animated video styles: Cartoon Animation, Motion Graphics and Whiteboard Videos.

These are the 3 most popular styles and the majority of these kind of animated marketing videos were created with these technique.

Please visit our portfolio and check out the quality of our videos

It all depends on your marketing objectives and distribution plans. Our recommendation would be to start with one or maybe two and see how it goes. But the truth is that you can make as many as you want. Because these videos are educative so you can create one for each question your audience has about the problem your product or service solves. They are going to always be well received by your audience and potential clients

The best place to use these kinds of videos is on YouTube. YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the word (only Google beats it).
The idea of this type video is to be found in an organic way and YouTube is the place for that! Here’s an eBook about “How to rank #1 with your video on YouTube” and it’s a real case study of one of our videos that ranked #1 with our main keyword. When the video starts to rank up on YouTube it also does it on Google, so you will be in the 2 most important places where your content needs to be!
But, besides YouTube, you have many other social media platforms where you can use these kinds of videos like; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Of course, your website is another great place to use it!

The main difference is the objective that you are trying to accomplish with each one. With the educative video you are trying to attract new visitors by giving useful educational content so your prospect goes to your website or landing page, to keep learning until they are ready to buy.
An <strong>explainer video may look exactly the same as a learning video, but they talk about how your brand can help your prospects, so it’s not educative content. With an Explainer Video you are trying to increase conversions to transform you visitors into leads.