At Yum Yum Videos we focus our efforts into helping our clients with high quality video content tailored towards to their marketing and communication needs. With over 300 videos made for clients such as Walmart, McKesson, Red Bull and many more -both big and small-, customer satisfaction is our goal and with that in mind we want to help them achieve a long term growth with evergreen video content. If you want to watch what our happy clients have to say, follow the link.

We’ve crafted a simple 3-step process where you will be able to make suggestions and ask for the changes that you need while having fun in the process. If you want to know more about our video production process follow this link.

After each step of the process you will be given 2 rounds of feedback in which you can suggests edits to be made. Once a step of the video process is approved by you, we’ll move forward to the next step. Of course you can ask for more revisions but that will increase the budget depending of what changes you request.

The video creation process will take approximately 7-9 weeks to complete.

Yes, it is possible but would increment the final cost. We do however not recommend speeding up the process because making a highly creative video does take time and is best not to rush if circumstances allow.

Our explainer videos can range from US$7,000 to US$15,000 depending on the length and style of video. For a more accurate quote get in touch here.

The prices start at $ 15,000 but it will vary depending on several factors so if you are looking for a more accurate quote please reach us out.

We work with an in-house team as well as multiple highly skilled freelancers from all around the globe to deliver our premium video content. Meet the crew!

To get started we will send you the contract and once the 50% upfront payment has been made we can begin the video production.

The payment method is a 50% upfront payment and a final 50% payment after the video is completed and approved by the client. They payment options are Wire transfer and Paypal.

You (our client) will have the full rights on the final video to use wherever you want!

We’ll deliver the video in HD format (a QuickTime animation with a H264 compression). Yes, of course you can upload it to YouTube or any other video hosting you want.
If you need any other video format, please let us know and we’ll also send it to you.

Yes, we can create multiple videos for you at the same time but this will increase the turnaround time slightly depending on the number of videos.

We create relevant Video Content for every step of the buyer’s journey…. From Animated Explainer Videos to Educational videos, Live-action Testimonials and more. We offer premium video content tailored for your business and marketing objectives.
We can help you find out which videos your business needs. Reach us out!

There is no one style that is better than the other. At the end of the day, it depends on your brand and how do you wish to be seen by your audience. If you want to know what’s the best style for your business reach us out so we can discuss further about how we can help you. Watch our animated video on “How to choose the best explainer video style for your business” to learn more!

We would recommend making your video less than 2 minutes long (90 seconds is the ideal length for an explainer video).  If you want to read more about this topic follow this link: Which is the ideal Explainer Video Length?

In our portfolio you will be able to find filters showing the videos we have made for various industries. But if you can’t find what you are looking for, please reach us out.

We work with professional script writers that have experience in creating scripts for these types on videos. However, if you send us your script, we could give it a look and tell you if it could work for the objective you are looking for.

Yes, of course! We have testimonials from numerous happy clients which can be found here.

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