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Testimonial Video Production Setup

A professionally designed, well-executed, fully-customized video can dramatically impact most marketing campaigns – the numbers have made that much pretty evident by now. However, getting a piece like that requires you to find some of the best video marketing agencies, the ones with enough talent, experience, and skill to make it. The thing is, finding a video agency of that caliber is easier said than done.

Here, you’ll find a list of several video advertising companies that have proven time and again to be up to the challenge and capable of bringing your excellent video idea to life!

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The Secret to Finding the Best Video Marketing Agency

A good video agency should be able to offer you five elements that guarantee the quality of their services:

  • Expertise: A high-quality portfolio is clear proof of an advertising company’s capabilities, experience, and professionalism. It should have a wide range of creative pieces in all the styles they offer. 
  • Communication: Outstanding video marketing services are always based upon smooth and fluid communication between the provider and the client throughout the entire process. This way, they can ensure smooth collaboration while avoiding any unexpected issues or delays.
  • Customization: All video marketing agencies should understand that each brand is unique and that it’s very important to produce tailored pieces that accurately reflect a client’s identity and message.
  • Feedback: Customer reviews are the best way to gauge how a marketing video production company works. So, when evaluating a provider, you should pay attention to whether they display comments and third-party feedback and how they respond to that.
  • Price: Extremes are never good, and while cheaper companies sometimes use templates and cut corners in the quality department, the most expensive video agencies don’t necessarily guarantee great results either. It’s important to find a company that can deliver the quality that your business needs at a budget that works for you.

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Best 25 Video Agencies You Must Check Out

Now, without further ado, let’s review some of the most important marketing companies out there:

1. Yum Yum Videos

2. Epipheo

3. Antimatter

4. Giant Ant

5. Oddfellows

6. Le Cube

7. Thinkmojo

8. Dinos & Teacups

9. Clim Studio

10. Demo Duck

11. Estudio Pum

12. Nice Shit Studio

13. Illo Studio

14. Breadnbeyond

15. Faze

16. Black Madre

17. Kasra Design

18. Very True Story

19. VeracityColab

20. Sandwich Video

21. Colormatics

22. 5:00 Films & Media

23. Storyfarm

24. Videorize


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1. Yum Yum Videos – Video Marketing Agency

.Explainer Video Reel 2020

Founded: 2010

Team Size: 10 – 20 employees.

Clients: Amazon, McKesson Corporation, Walmart, American Express, Vodafone, Red Bull.

Pricing: $8,000+

Who we are: A dedicated team of artists, marketers, and creatives passionate about bringing your message to life with unique and compelling video content that leaves a mark. With over a decade of experience under our belt, our video marketing agency has grown adept at crafting content across a wide variety of industries and marketing purposes, resulting in an extensive catalog that speaks to our team’s talent and our passion for the medium.
.McKesson Testimonial Video
So, if you need a distinctive piece to carry your message and set your company apart, check out our portfolio and reach out today. We’d love to help 😃!

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2. Epipheo – Video Advertising Agency

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Founded: 2009

Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.

Clients: Deloitte, SAP, Dupont, Epson.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: A video marketing agency that hardly needs any introduction, Epipheo has been around the block for a while now, consistently producing exceptional video content. Their videos cover a broad array of topics, styles, and approaches, and their extensive portfolio speaks not only to their experience in the game but also to the quality and talent of their crew.


3. Oddfellows – Video Marketing Services

.ss piaggio fast forward
Founded: 2013

Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.

Clients: Lunarcrush, Adobe, Pandora, Airbnb.


Who they are: A design and animation-focused video agency with offices in San Francisco and Portland. With a penchant for projects that are both big in scope and have a bit of play in them, the quality of their content is top-notch, highly detailed, and customized to engage viewers from the first frame. This marketing video production company enjoys the challenge of taking complex concepts and making them approachable and entertaining, and their content shows it in spades.


4. Giant Ant – Video Marketing Company

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Founded: 2007

Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.

Clients: Animaniacs, Twitch, TED, Mayo Clinic.


Who they are: A self-proclaimed design shop and animation house, Giant Ant is a video marketing company built around a diverse, talented, and tight-night crew from around the world. With a repertoire of videos that showcases the effort and creativity that powers their work, it’s easy to see why they’ve remained one of the most prominent video advertising companies in the market for so long.


5. Antimatter – Video Agency

.ss beamwallet
Founded: 2016

Team Size: 1 – 10 employees.

Clients: BeamWallet, UEFA, YouTube, Change.org.


Who they are: A video marketing agency committed to producing high-end animations paired with memorable stories. Their stated mission is to create content that explains ideas, provokes emotions, and engages viewers, and just a quick look at their work will tell you how adept they’ve become at it. This is one of the best marketing companies because they offer a complete set of design and production services that go from GIFs to TV spots and have produced content for companies and non-profits of all kinds.


6. Le Cube – Video Marketing Agency

.ss language learning is hard
Founded: 2010

Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.

Clients: Duolingo, Marriot Bomvoy, Cabify.


Who they are: An award-winning video marketing agency with offices in Madrid, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires, Le Cube specializes in animation, character design, and illustration. Comprised of a skilled crew of creatives from different parts of the world, they consistently produce impeccable work that meets the highest industry standards of quality. This marketing video agency draws inspiration from urban culture, photography, film, and architecture, which lends their videos a unique flair.


7. Thinkmojo – Video Advertising Companies

.ss designers share
Founded: 2011

Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.

Clients: Jumbo, Fico, LinkedIn, Lattice.


Who they are: One of the best video agencies around, Thinkmojo is all about helping other companies create better customer and brand experiences using the medium of video. Their video marketing services are based on elegantly streamlined, delightful, and purposeful content, which results in videos that aren’t just visually pleasing but technically optimized to fulfill a role within a marketing setup.


8. Dinos & Teacups – Video Marketing Services

.ss ebutler
Founded: 2014

Team Size: 1 employee.

Clients: Vegan Society, E-butler, Vmarkt, Alfa Systems.


Who they are: This video agency is actually comprised of a single, very talented person, but don’t let that fool you: you need only to take a look at their amazing work to see the caliber of content they are capable of putting out. Their projects revolve around socially and environmentally conscious topics, and they develop illustrations, gifs, and animations that are meaningful and visually striking. For that reason, there’s no doubt this studio belongs among the best video marketing companies out there.


9. Clim Studio – Video Marketing Agency

Founded: 2014

Team Size: 1 – 10 employees.

Clients: Joko TV Show, Logitech, OpenClassrooms, Frooti Fizz.


Who they are: A highly flexible and technically savvy video marketing agency that employs an adaptive and fluid structure that changes to fit every project. Operating as a worldwide freelance network collaborating together under a single directing voice. The marketing video company enjoys exploring expression through different visual languages and builds teams to fit each project individually rather than providing the same approach to all its clients.

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10. Demo Duck – Video Marketing Company

.ss zocdoc
Founded: 2011

Team Size: 20 – 30 employees.

Clients: Weizmann Institute, IMB, GEICO, Zocdoc.

Pricing: $15,000+

Who they are: A video marketing company that believes in the power of humanizing the brands they work with, educating customers, and promoting products through the right video. Rather than settling for just making a decent piece, the folk at Demo Duck strive for the cumulative power of video marketing services and understand the power of synergizing their content with the rest of an ongoing marketing push.


11. Estudio Pum – Video Marketing Agencies

.ss QA and polls
Founded: 2012

Team Size: 2 – 9 employees.

Clients: Lady Galaxia, Schweppes, MTV, Spotify.


Who they are: A multidisciplinary video marketing agency well-versed in a variety of relevant skills, from creative graphic design to top-of-the-line video production. They see the design process as an ongoing learning cycle and believe in making content that serves not only a practical purpose but also an aesthetic one. By emphasizing communication with its clients, the company strives to create content that’s as unique and customized as it is visually stunning.


12. Niceshit Studio – Video Advertising Agency

.ss x view
Founded: 2016

Team Size: 1 – 10 employees.

Clients: Upper Hands, X-view, Chateau Ste. Michelle.


Who they are: An independent animation video agency based in Barcelona composed of talented storytellers, character developers, and detail-oriented people. The folk at Niceshit understand the importance of development as an ongoing process. They always look to optimize each stage of their development, from script to final design and everything else in between.


13. Illo Studio – Video Marketing Services

.ss liquidstar
Founded: 2012

Team Size: 10 – 20 employees.

Clients: Oval, Affirm, Bloomberg, Ikebana.


Who they are: Formerly known as Ilenoliukgo, this Italian video marketing agency has built quite a repertoire of handmade motion design pieces, illustrations, infographics, and more for companies of all sizes and niches. A small-yet-efficient team, their process is highly adaptable, molding itself to the project’s needs. They have a passion for innovation and relish any project or product that requires out-of-the-box thinking for its promotion.


14. Breadnbeyond – Video Marketing Company

.ss robust delta
Founded: 2008

Team Size: 10 – 30 employees.

Clients: Mender, Trustifi, Zeux, Digivante.

Pricing: $1000+

Who they are: An explainer-focused video marketing agency with a knack for working with startups, they strive to influence the world through visual motion communication. Composed of a dynamic and young team of skilled professionals, the company is always looking to improve and perfect their video marketing services. With an eye on client satisfaction, they constantly update their style and seek to deliver animations and designs on par with the industry’s highest standards.


15. Faze – Video Marketing Agency

.ss extra special rewards
Founded: 2013

Team Size: 1 – 10 employees.

Clients: VAMA Cosmetics, Aegean Airlines, AMEX India, Nutribakes.

Pricing: $5000+

Who they are: A multi-awarded brand design, illustration, and video marketing company with top-of-the-line visual communication services. They have experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes that share their progressive mindset. The company focuses its process on collaboration, looking to develop great design through the free exchange of ideas and points of view that result in thoroughly unique and visually distinctive content.



16. Black Madre – Video Advertising Companies

.ss menino
Founded: 2009

Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.

Clients: Nubank, Nike, Cheerios, Tanqueray.


Who they are: A self-proclaimed place for artistic expression, this video agency is all about enhancing creativity through works that include art, animation, illustration, and design. They are big proponents of hand-crafted designs that inspire people, always striving to attach powerful ideas to the content they work on. With experience in the advertising, music, fashion, and publishing industries, their multidisciplinary team of artists is always eager to take on unique and distinctive new projects, which makes them one of the best marketing companies around.


17. Kasra Design – Marketing Video Companies

.ss artificial grass
Founded: 2011

Team Size: 1 – 10 employees.

Clients: AirSwap, Velco, Tickera, PayPro.

Pricing: $5,000+

Who they are: Another video marketing service provider worth looking into, their primary focus is making boutique animations for websites, TV commercials, and corporate training purposes. They have experience working with companies of all sizes, from small startups to big Fortune 500 brands, and the quality of their extensive portfolio reveals why. With a talented team of designers and animators hungry to learn and showcase their client’s solutions, this video content agency’s pieces are remarkable.


18. Very True Story – Video Marketing Agencies

.ss starbucks app
Founded: 2012

Team Size: 1 – 10 employees.

Clients: Thumbtack, Starbucks, Nest, Portland Timbers.


Who they are: A video marketing agency emphasizing animation and graphic illustration, the company is always on the hunt for opportunities to make unique and creative projects come to life. Their voice and style are distinctive, resulting in entirely unique pieces that capture attention and stick to the viewers’ minds. One quick look at their portfolio will reveal exactly why they’re among the best video companies.


19. VeracityColab – Video Advertising Agency

.ss new revolution
Founded: 2008

Team Size: 1 – 10 employees.

Clients: Next Trucking, RingCentral, PetNet, Onriva.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: With over a decade of experience in the field, this video agency has experience working with most styles of marketing videos out there. Their team is skilled at designing and developing with a target audience in mind, creating marketing videos for business that not only get results but also adapt seamlessly to the rest of the brand’s image and existing content.


20. Sandwich Video – Video Marketing Company

Founded: 2009

Team Size: 10 – 50 employees.

Clients: Aven, Slack, Shopify, ExtraHop.

Pricing: $50,000+

Who they are: A very distinctive video marketing agency that is all about uniqueness and originality in its content. Just a brief look at their portfolio will let you see how the company lives by this ethos, always looking to capture viewers’ attention and imagination in unconventional but highly effective ways.

case study catan


21. Colormatics – Video Marketing Services

.ss johansen mechanical
Founded: 2014

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: Hello Heart, Brandclub, Providence, Public.com.

Pricing: $25,000+

Who they are: A specialized group that mixes the strategy of an advertising agency with the skills of a video marketing company to create targeted pieces that can solve their clients’ unique challenges. They can make live-action or animated videos that cater to businesses in the crypto, healthcare, and sports industries, and they also produce testimonials and even create social media strategies for all kinds of companies.


22. 5:00 Films & Media – Video Agency

.ss share the trails
Founded: 2004

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, AdvaMed, Sears Foundation, FHI360.

Pricing: $20,000+

Who they are: An exceptional video marketing service provider made up of multi-talented professionals specialized in working with charitable nonprofits and mission-driven organizations. They know what it’s like to be on a budget and have limited resources, which is why they offer effective pieces that are sure to inspire audiences to action. To do that, they harness the power of visual storytelling to connect companies with their audiences.


23. Storyfarm – Video Marketing Company

.ss youngstown glove
Founded: 2010

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: Youngstown, Alarm.com, Eversense, Blue-Emu.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: An excellent brand video agency made up of professional designers, animators, editors, shooters, and everything in between. Their compelling and high-quality pieces reflect the value their video service brings to the table and back up their extensive experience in connecting brands with their prospects.


24. Videorize – Video Marketing Services

.ss how it works
Founded: 2014

Team Size: 2 – 9 employees.

Clients: Geodis, Cherwell, Tanger Outlets, CloudWave.

Pricing: $10,000+

Who they are: A smaller video agency, Videorize can nonetheless offer top-quality creative expertise to both companies and individuals who need eye-catching, strategic, and dynamic videos to achieve their goals. Their flexibility allows them to produce a bit of everything, from animated explainer videos to sizzle reels and even 360° video tours.


25. REMEDY – Video Agency

.ss evolve your hiring process
Founded: 2007

Team Size: 10 – 49 employees.

Clients: BlazerWorks, SKYE, SharkBite, Reliance Worldwide Corporation.

Pricing: $25,000+

Who they are:  An award-winning video marketing company that seeks to eliminate the hierarchy of traditional ad companies and studios and streamline the production process to produce pieces faster and cheaper. Like us, they’re well aware of how compelling storytelling can unlock a brand’s full potential, which is why they focus on their clients and work with them in parallel to ensure the best possible results.


Why Choose Yum Yum Videos as Your Video Advertising Company?

Since I know how valuable your time is, I’ll just give you a quick summary of the aspects that set Yum Yum Videos apart from other video marketing services out there.

  • Experience: We’ve created nearly a thousand marketing videos over the past decade and partnered with both small startups and Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, McKesson, FOX, Thermofisher, Walmart, Vodafone, and more.
  • Dedicated Team of Experts: Our talented designers, producers, directors, and writers all take great care of each video to provide the best results.
  • Quality Checks: A talented team plus several layers of quality control is what makes our videos taste different. It’s not magic; it’s hard work that ensures a quality signature.
  • Smooth Process: We’ve developed a highly organized process with defined steps, layers of quality control, and fixed turnaround times to offer our clients a clear path to see their vision come to life.
  • Fixed deadlines: Our clients can know what we’re working on at any given moment based on the Gantt views provided at the beginning of the production.
  • No hidden fees: In the first exploratory call, we discuss your video needs and provide a proposal and fixed pricing for it. That’s it –no hidden fees or costs down the road.

And if you want to know more about our video production process, you can watch this cool video we made about it:
.Explainer Video Production Process Yum Yum Videos
And if you want a more in-depth take on your project and how we can help you bring it to life, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be glad to chat with you about it 😄.


FAQ about Working with a Video Marketing Agency

Now, before you go, I’d like to take a few minutes to answer some frequently asked questions about the nuances of working with a video marketing company:


1. What is a video marketing strategy?

A video marketing strategy is a carefully thought-out and fully tailored plan for how to use video content to nail specific marketing goals effectively. Video marketers create videos that will be used to promote a company’s products or services to their target audience in a way that’s simple and easy to understand so as to keep them engaged.


2. What does a video marketing agency do?

These companies produce high-quality, compelling video content for brands of all kinds to help them achieve specific marketing goals, such as attracting new customers, driving engagement, or boosting sales. They’re typically made up of a team of skilled animators, videographers, marketers, scriptwriters, and more, and together, they’ll cover the three stages of video production to ensure the final video meets (and sometimes even exceeds!) your expectations and appeals to your target audience.

.1 Explainer Video Company Yum Yum Videos


3. How much does it cost to partner with a video marketing agency?

This is probably the million-dollar question, but don’t worry because it doesn’t have a million-dollar answer 😜.

How much a video agency will charge you for their services will vary greatly depending on the type of video you need and the company’s track record. Typically, an average custom video costs between $2,000 to $10,000 per minute, but you can certainly find more expensive services.

Alternatively, you could hire a freelancer to produce your video for about $1,000. However, you should bear in mind that they might not be able to meet tight deadlines and that the quality of the final piece might not match your expectations.

Lastly, you could use an online template, which will be considerably cheaper, but don’t forget that this might result in a generic video you can’t personalize to match your brand’s image.


4. What are the most typically used types of marketing videos?

There are many possibilities when it comes to the production of marketing videos, but some of the most popular options include:

Explainers: To break down complex concepts, ideas, or processes related to a product or service in a way that the audience can easily understand.

Testimonials: To share the positive experiences of past customers and provide social proof.

Product videos: To showcase your product and share its key features in a compelling manner.

How-to videos: To help viewers solve a problem related to your product, service, or industry and position yourself as a reliable source of valuable information.

Company culture videos: To highlight a company’s core values, mission, and the people behind it with the goal of helping potential customers relate to it and attracting new talent.

Social media videos: To show a company’s personality, connect with the audience on a deeper level, and boost brand awareness.


5. How do you develop a video strategy?

These are the steps that most video agencies stick to when developing a video marketing strategy:

1- Determine your video goals.

2- Specify and research your target audience.

3- Focus on your core message and the story you want to share.

4- Find the perfect video type for your goals.

5- Set a realistic timeline and budget (and stick to them!).

6-Start creating!

7- Schedule and promote your video on the right channels.

8- Understand, keep track of, and analyze the video’s metrics.


Wrapping Up

As you’ve seen, there is plenty of outstanding talent and creativity when it comes to the video marketing industry, you just need to know where to look (and what to look for!)

Luckily, this list already includes some of the best marketing video companies you can work with right now. So, start by taking a look at their work and see if some of it sparks your interest. As you refine your search, you can also use them as a comparison tool to gauge the quality and expertise of other services you’ll find on your own search.

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