20 Mind-Blowing Corporate Video Examples You Can’t Miss

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You’ve probably heard about the effectiveness of video content in communicating a message to your audience, so you might be considering producing a corporate video to promote your business and build brand awareness.

However, if you’re still not fully convinced of the benefits of corporate video production or you don’t know where to start, looking at the work of other businesses for inspiration can be a good strategy.

We’d like to give you a hand with that, so, in this piece, you will find everything you need to know about videos and their many benefits together with a list of the 20 best corporate video examples you can learn from to create your own.

Let’s get started!


What Is a Corporate Video? 

“Corporate video” is a broad term that encompasses any type of video that a business or a brand can use to showcase their products and services, boost awareness of their organization, improve their transparency, share their values, and more. 

That’s why you’ll find not only the “traditional” company videos like testimonial videos, and training video production, but actually many different types of marketing videos, like animated explainer videos and promo videos, just to name a few key ones.

That said, the ultimate goal of corporate video marketing is to promote a brand as a whole and invest the audience in its vision. However, there are several other aims that can be pursued with a corporate video as well, such as:

  • Launching a campaign or presenting a new product or service.
  • Educating the audience about industry-related topics.
  • Positioning the company as a niche expert.
  • Attracting like-minded and qualified job applicants.



Why Do You Need a Corporate Video?

Other than to help you achieve all the goals I’ve mentioned above, here are other excellent reasons why you might need to include corporate videos in your marketing strategy:

  • Video marketing statistics show that 65% of people who view a video click through to visit the vendor’s website, 50% look for more information, and 45% contact a vendor after seeing an online video ad.
  • Adding video content to your emails can increase click-through rates by 300%.
  • 96% of marketers agree that videos are crucial to ensure user comprehension of their product or service to ultimately boost sales.
  • 86% of people reported wanting to see more video content from the brands they’re interested in.

I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a concrete example from our own portfolio. We created a video for MedVector that helped them raise 3.5 million dollars in funds. Back when we wrote the case study, they were still at 1 million, but you can read more about the process nonetheless.

case study medvector download


Top 25 Corporate Video Examples

If you’re in the early stages of planning your corporate video marketing strategy, you might find yourself a bit lost regarding the type of content you can cover in these videos. So, here are the best corporate video examples you can get inspired by.



As any other business out there, you probably have more than one product or service you want to advertise. However, no one wants to go over a list of features or listen to someone going on and on about them…

That’s what I really like about this company video –it’s a fast-paced demonstration combined with an engaging voiceover that keeps viewers interested in what’s being said. What’s more, the incorporation of animated elements into a live-action piece makes it more dynamic. This, in turn, facilitates conveying highly technical and complex topics in a way anyone can understand without getting bored.


2. WTF is Zendesk?

The candid approach of this corporate video earned it a spot on the list. Everything about it is designed to catch your attention, from the “WTF” on the title, to the catchy beat of the music. On top of that, the quick transitions, fast-paced voice-over, and the dash of humor throughout the entire piece keep you invested in what the company has to say. This is one of the most clever ways to introduce a company while breaking down all it has to offer.


3. Evil Genius

Our next video has a whole lot of humor! The company transformed a list of features and benefits into a funny and compelling story that doesn’t even sound like a corporate video. The creativity in this script is so unique that it definitely sets the brand apart from its competitors and effectively captures their audience’s attention. 


4. The whole working-from-home thing

This company video is an excellent example of relatable content in action. Here, Apple presents highly relatable scenarios for remote workers, such as working in slippers or not knowing what day of the week it is. Their goal was to highlight their audience’s pain-points and show how the company’s can make their lives easier and their work, more productive.

Now, being almost 7 minutes long, this piece is quite long for a corporate video. However, it has over 35 million views on YouTube! This goes to show that, if you know your audience well and use the right approach to target them, your content will definitely delight them.


5. MedVector

We’ve decided to include this company video that we made here, at Yum Yum Videos, because of how effective it was for the company. MedVector wanted to raise funds for their project, so they got in touch with us to create an animated corporate video that could help them do that. 

You know what the results were? 3.5 million dollars in investments! That’s because animation can be a great ally to convey your message in a way that makes it compelling and easy to understand.

If you want to know more about this, you can check out the case study we made about it. And if you’re looking for a video that can help your company, don’t hesitate to contact us


6. Have you heard of HubSpot?

As you’ve probably gathered by now, a good corporate video doesn’t have to be serious and uptight. If you need any more convincing, just look at how HubSpot opted for a playful approach to showcasing its products and services.

They show a sales and marketing team trying to go about their work without HubSpot CRM, only for everything to end in chaos. Not only does this make for a relatable and funny company video, but it also poses this business as approachable and lighthearted.


7. If life were like web design

Sometimes, it’s hard to put into words how a product or service works and explain how it can impact people’s lives. But a corporate video can easily bridge that gap! This piece by Webflow is an excellent example of how video content can convey complex ideas visually, and make them simple to understand.

What’s more, pay attention to how only the last 10 seconds of this 60-second company video is dedicated to overtly promoting and showcasing the product. Their focus was on delighting the audience, and hook them on so they’d watch the whole thing. And judging by the almost 8 million views and over 400 comments (most of which say they didn’t even realize they were watching a company ad), I’d say they definitely succeeded.


8. Why does Starbucks blend coffee?

Short live-action pieces are not the only strategy you can implement to win over your audience. This 49-second animated corporate video by Starbucks leverages dynamic and stunning graphics to explain how the company selects coffee beans and combines them to make their unique blends.

No one would watch a person going on and on about coffee beans, but they would watch a short, fast-paced video with rich colors, visually-appealing animations, and a descriptive voice-over.


9. Sealy Hybrid Mattresses

And if you want something even shorter, you can get a 30-second explainer that addresses commonly asked questions about a product or service. In this case, Sealy knew that picking the right mattress can be confusing (it’s such an important decision, after all!), so they made this animated corporate video that quickly tackles all the benefits of their hybrid product.

On top of that, they’ve placed their logo and other branding elements throughout the entire video ensuring brand recognition without them being obtrusive.


10. Take Care of the Toughest Creases

Depending on your specific goals and the type of product or service you want to advertise, you could also choose a 30-second corporate video ad, like this one! Reliable Corporation wanted to promote one of their irons, which can be quite tricky because it’s kind of a niche product with a very specific target audience. So, how do you get their attention? Well, by creating a highly relatable and funny clip! 

This goes to show that you don’t always need to list all the features and benefits you can offer, but rather focus on the ones that can have the most impact on your audience’s lives and build a story around that.


11. Open Cinema

When you really want to ensure you’re driving your point home and highlight certain product features or benefits, text on screen is your greatest ally. Like in this example by Open Cinema, where the text not only provides information and reinforces the massage, but actually becomes part of the animated story being portrayed.

One of the greatest aspects of animated corporate videos is that you can combine different styles to create unique and dynamic visuals that will captivate your audience.


12. The Race to WcDonald’s

McDonald’s is a HUGE business. So much so, that it has become part of pop culture and has been represented multiple times in anime and manga in a jokingly manner as “WcDonald’s”. Now, in this company video, McDonald’s surprised and delighted its audience by acknowledging that pop culture representation and using the visuals and story tropes from the anime style. 

The result was, as you can see, a very fun piece, and because it’s was different from the company’s usual advertising style, it also attracted a lot of attention and drove tons of engagement (just check the video’s comment section!).


13. Unmasking a Killer – Corporate Video

When dealing with sensitive topics, like health conditions and treatment, it can be a bit intimidating to watch a group of lab coats telling you about your options and breaking down therapy. And let’s be honest, it can also be incredibly boring and hard to understand.

But animated corporate videos for healthcare and biotech can bridge the gap between providers and patients, leveraging the power or metaphor and storytelling to overcome the confusion that comes from using technical jargon and make the topic more approachable.


14. Love at First Site

I love a good plot-twist when it comes to corporate videos. In my opinion, one of the key ingredients that makes a piece truly memorable. This piece begins as the typical love story between two people… only for us to realize at the very end it’s actually about satisfaction with customer service!

After delighting the viewer with a story, the company delivers a short, straightforward message: trained experts available 24/7 to their customers. Then, for the cherry on top, they finish with a strong CTA to guide the viewer on the next step: “sign up today”.


15. Accelerant – Animated Corporate Video

You know that “About Us” page you probably have on your website? The one where you share how your company came to be and its mission, and where you explain how and why you do what you do? Well, that page that visitors don’t seem to pay much attention to lately can be easily transformed into a corporate promotional video.

We produced a series of corporate videos for Accelerant to achieve specific goals. For this one, in particular, the aim was to break down the intricacies of their revolutionary model so people could easily see the appeal of it. And I think the final result speaks for itself!

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16. Hubspot Sales Dynasty

30 seconds, 1.4 million views in 4 months. What made this corporate video so successful?? Storytelling, humor, and dynamic visuals. This is an incredibly powerful recipe to go from a dull company video to a fun one that makes an impression on the audience’s minds. Also, notice how there’s very little dialogue here –the visuals do all the talking!


17. Nightmare

As you’ve probably realized by now, the term “corporate video” is pretty broad and encompasses many different types of marketing videos. And with a bit of creativity, the possibilities are truly endless!

This company video, in particular, was designed to resemble a horror movie trailer. So, instead of the traditional ad trying to sell you something, which, to be honest, most people would probably skip or scroll past, you get an intriguing and unique piece that compels you to watch until the end.


18. Don’t Say Velcro

You know, corporate videos don’t have to be serious all the time, especially when you want to get across a message that people don’t really want to hear. Of course, it will depend on the business goals you have at the moment, but if what you’re looking for is to tackle misconceptions and trademark issues while entertaining your viewers to make your message easily digestable, then follow this example!

VELCRO®’s company video was so successful, it got millions of views and thousands of comments and shares across their social media channels. Engagement was so high, the company even made a response video!


19. So Yeah, We Tried Slack…

Relatable stories always succeed with viewers. Not for nothing this corporate video go 3.5 million views on YouTube! While it’s true that nowadays nobody, let alone employees, would use carrier pigeons or smoke signals to communicate, the parody is an excellent way to represent to frustration of dealing with not-so-effective communication methods in the workplace. In turn, this also serves to shine a light on how Slack is so much easier and convenient to use, posing the company as THE hero that comes in to save the day for their prospects.


20. Reverse Selfie

Last but not least, we have a very touching corporate video. For a few years now, Dove has been trying to position itself as a brand that fosters body positivity and self-aceptance. This piece was one of the first the company shared to raise awareness about how social media negatively affects body image. Videos like this help brands connect with their audiences on a more personal level, showing that they’re aware of their struggles and want to be part of the solution.


Most Popular Types of Corporate Videos

Now, I know I’ve said that this is a very broad term, but there are actually some specific types of corporate videos that are widely used by businesses out there:


1. Explainer Videos

These are short pieces (30 to 60 seconds average duration) that are used to, as you can probably guess, explain dense or complex information easily. They typically leverage animation and storytelling to break down complex processes and simplify jargon.

Here are some examples of the best explainer videos this year:



2. Product Demo Video 

To show your product in action and show prospects the impact it can have on their lives, product demo videos are the way to go. Here’s a list of the best and most sophisticated examples:

Or, if you’d rather watch a simple, short example, I’ve got one for you:



3. Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are a classic corporate video because they help build trust by showing satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences with a brand or a product.


4. About Us


Since people prefer watching a video over reading a long piece of text on the same topic, About Us videos are a great tool to let the world know about your company and what it does. The best part is that these company videos are highly shareable, so your reach can be even wider.


5. Educational Videos


These pieces are designed to educate the viewer on a certain topic related to the company and to guide them throughout the buyer’s journey. Their goal is to create awareness and attract new customers while showcasing the brand.



Do You Need a Corporate Video? Yum Yum Videos Can Help!

If you’re looking for a professional video marketing agency, we’re pleased to say you’ve found it. At Yum Yum Videos, we pride ourselves on bringing your message to life and connecting brands and people through fully customized video content. 

We’ve provided video content services to a wide variety of startups and renowned brands, helping them achieve their marketing goals with unique and compelling pieces that leave a mark. 

So, don’t hesitate to check out our portfolio and request a quote today. We’d love to discuss your project and give you a hand with your next corporate video! 

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Wrapping Up

Mastering the use of a tool that can not only convey important information about a given organization but can also make the audience truly understand and even feel the message is an invaluable asset.

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from having their own corporate videos, no matter who the target audience is. The first step in creating a successful video is to learn as much as you can about these types of videos and how they work, and then, look at how other organizations are tackling their own corporate video marketing strategy. Then, you’ll have to choose the style you want to use: live-action, whiteboard animation, 2.5d animation, doodle animation, and so on. Which one you’ll go for will ultimately depend on your goals, your brand identity, and you audience’s preferences.

Hopefully, you now have everything you need to start producing your own corporate video!

Florencia Corazza

Florencia Corazza – Content Writer and Co-Editor

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