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Let's partner up to create tailor How-to videos that resonate with your audience and brand. We are an animated explainer video company that's here to help you succeed!

What is a Tutorial Video?

Tutorial videos – also called How-to-Videos – revolved around a process and how to accomplish it following a step-by-step format. The length might vary, but it’ll typically be around 2 minutes or more.

The goal of these videos is to show what your product looks like and how it works so people can get excited and take the next step into making the final purchase.

What is a Tutorial Video?
Law-Whiz 2
Bulls Bike
McKesson - Idea Share
Beckman Coulter life science

Loved by hundreds of brands

Loved by hundreds of brands
Loved by hundreds of brands



We are experts at making the complex, simple. A talent we feel shines particularly through in our animated tutorial videos. Regardless of how complicated your product is or how elaborate your services are, there’s a perfect way to make them seem exciting and understandable to your audience. That’s precisely what we do with every tutorial we make.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost?

Several elements come into play when it comes to pricing.

The style of your video, its length, and how quickly you need it done, to name a few. That said, a fully customized tutorial video usually averages between $7,000 and $15,000.

Now, ask yourself this: How much is it worth to show the actual value of your product? Or to get everybody excited to start using it?

A tailored Tutorial video is an excellent investment to help you accomplish both.

2. How long does it take?

Our usual production cycle requires six weeks, plus however long it takes to integrate your feedback and changes into the piece. Professionals from different areas of expertise come together to work on every single project. A director, scriptwriter, illustrators, animators, voice-over talent, to name a few, and the list goes on.

Most projects take between eight to twelve weeks from beginning to final product delivery when it's all said and done.

Do you need it faster? Get in touch to create a timeframe that makes sense to your company's needs.