25 Best Promotional Video Examples to Get Your Ideas Flowing

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We live in an environment filled with information. Wherever they go, customers are oversaturated with product ads, messages, and videos from different industries, offering all kinds of things. In this situation, standing out without getting lost in all the noise is crucial—and the way to achieve that is by creating unique promotional videos.

These types of videos not only drive sales but also offer insight into your business and what you have to offer. They are creative, emotional, and unique pieces of storytelling that can help you get great exposure for a cause, brand, or product.

If you’ve never created one such piece before, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when inspiration doesn’t strike. That’s why I came up with this list of the 25 best promo videos for business, and highlighted their most useful and interesting features.

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What Is a Promotional Video?

Before jumping into the examples, let’s quickly go over the basics.

Video promotion, as the name suggests, involves using video content to promote a product, a service, an event, or anything your company wants to give exposure to.

Like a teaser video, these pieces allow you to grab your audience’s attention and build buzz around a certain occurrence. You can use them to share important information, wish your audience a happy holiday season, acknowledge a success, or even share testimonial examples with heartwarming stories about the clients your company has helped.

The end goal goes beyond simply selling—video promotions are about building awareness around your brand. What you’re looking for is to establish a deeper connection with your target audience on a personal level, and improve favorability towards your company.


Benefits of Promotional Videos for Business

When leveraging video marketing, promo videos offer certain unique benefits for your brand:

  • Humans are driven by emotion. It’s not only rational thinking that guides customers when buying: first impressions and emotions play an important part in their decisions, too. That’s why it’s important to create a good image that tugs at your viewer’s heartstrings. Once you’ve made an emotional connection with your customers, you can seal the deal by showcasing your product’s benefits and features. Full package, don’t you think?
  • They’re easy to distribute. If somebody watches your piece on social media and finds it appealing, chances are they’ll share it with their friends and family. Using marketing videos to advertise products and services can expand your reach and offer you great exposure.
  • Videos are a great means to educate your audience. The combination of visual elements and audio components engages many senses of a person, increasing the chances that the message will be received and understood. And educational video production is especially effective in explaining how a product works, because you can directly show your viewer’s what to do each step of the way.

e book 01 3


25 Incredible Promotional Video Examples

Here are some examples of great promotional videos for businesses to help you visualize how to create a piece that meets your company’s needs and works effectively to achieve your goals.


1. Amazon Appstore Focus on Your Main Value Propositions

.ss amazon
If the service you’re promoting is complex or novel, like a new app or any other piece of technology, for example, you may not know how to best go about it. After all, you have to explain how it works so people are interested in it, but you don’t want to make a convoluted, hard-to-understand video promotion either. 

My advice on this is to follow Amazon’s example, and just build your script around your main value propositions like you would with an explainer video. This approach is often taken by professional promotional video companies to ensure all the key information about your product or service is covered while also answering some FAQs and tackling the prospects’ pain points at the same time.


2. M&S Food — Make Your Promo Video Eye-Catching

.ms food adventures in wonderfood 1

If the food industry has taught us anything, it’s that we eat with our eyes. In order to make effective commercial video production that entices your customers, visual elements are key. 

In this piece, M&S show their luxury food products using shots of their colorful ingredients, with unique eye-catching transitions, and a cheerful background song. Meanwhile, the captions provide information on the health benefits of every dish. 

In just one video, they’re advertising both their healthy products and their YouTube channel, where they share cooking tutorials to make dishes as tempting as the ones we see on screen. 


3. Rare Beauty — Share Your Mission

.rare beauty only at sephora 1

This is a perfect example of how to use promotional videos to share a core message about your brand. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these few months, you’ve probably heard about Selena Gomez’s new makeup brand. I know not all of us can have such an influential figure on our video promotions, but what we can do is learn how to convey the mission and vision of your brand in a way that makes prospects connect with you and what you’re offering.

Selena shares with us what Rare Beauty means to her, and what the objectives of her company are: making you comfortable with yourself. Just like in the best commercials of all time often do, she doesn’t just say it! By showing brief snippets of the behind-the-scenes, she’s showing that her brand is fully committed to being honest with oneself.


4. Nike — Advocate for a Cause

.one day we wont need this day ni 1

Another way to build strong connections with your audience is to show that you’re invested in a cause or movement. You can use promo videos to demonstrate your support for certain groups, and that’s just what Nike does in this example.

Combining old footage of female athletes with recent shots of well-known sportswomen, Nike’s sponsors, and young girls, they created a piece that carries a powerful message.  Besides improving its brand image, advocating for female rights and a more equal society allows Nike to connect with that specific group through a corporate video that focuses on the company’s culture and values. 


5. Apple — Keep the Viewer’s Attention

.apple dont blink

This is a unique video made by Apple for the launch of the new iPhone and Apple Watch. Instead of just listing the benefits of the phone, they decided to take a creative approach, combining moving typography, upbeat music, and humor to create an engaging and fun-to-watch promotional video.

Kinetic typography is an animation style often used by Apple that consists of using moving text to capture the viewer’s attention and entertain them. It’s a great way to display a lot of information while keeping it engaging and fun.


6. Open Cinema (Cave Dance Pictures) — Text Can Be Your Greatest Ally

.ss open cinema
Kinetic text can be an incredible tool to highlight key information in your message and really drive the point home. In this piece from Open Cinema, it’s very easy to see how and why that works. You might have a good script, but people are likely to forget all about it when they finish watching your promotional video… unless you use resources such as kinetic typography to reinforce it.

Another benefit of adding elements like this is that they can add another layer of dynamism to your piece, keeping your viewers’ eyes glued to the screen.


7. Penguin Random House — Make a Fun Promo Video

.introducing the penguin random h

Who says bookworms can’t party?

If you’re a book lover like me, then you’re probably wondering when the PGH Book Club will open next. Sadly, this is a video promotion made by Penguin Random House for April Fools, but it leaves you with the feeling that you can take your book with you wherever you go.

This promotional video production is filled with small hints for readers, from the names of the drinks to the content of each book that’s showcased. In a subtle way, Penguin Random House is promoting many books by various of their authors, giving each one a moment to shine and exhibiting its varied and elite catalog.


8. Gillette — Be Informative

.gillette presents gillettelabs w

An important aspect of promotional videos is giving information about your new product or service, especially if what you’re offering is a new version of something already existing.

In this piece, Gillette goes straight to the point, showing the benefits of their new razor. With just half a minute of video, they address the added features of their product and then proceed to explain its efficiency and durability. Sometimes, a brief, concise video, is just what you need to show your viewers the newest addition to your inventory.


9. Emirates —  Be Original

.emirates gerry the goose flies b

Viewers are constantly bombarded with thousands of hours of video. That’s why, to stand out, you need to be original and think of new ways to show what you have to offer.

Following the story of a goose during its migration, Emirates showcases all the commodities the airline offers to its clients. By adding animated characters to their promo video, they create an easy-to-relate, endearing story that viewers will definitely feel compelled to share.


10. Samsung — Focus On Your Product’s Uniqueness

.Samsung Flip Thumbnail

Have you ever gotten an idea in your head that you just couldn’t take out? Well, this video takes advantage of that. The premise is that the new Samsung flip phone is so distinctive that you just can’t take it out of your head.

What this promotional video teaches us is to find a unique feature in the product you’re advertising, and focus on that to impress your clients and make them unable to get it out of their minds. You won’t need anything more than that to build that itch!


11. AdZerk (Now Kevel) — Be Bold

.ss adzerk

When you’re trying to break into a niche that already has some strong players, it might be scary to measure yourself up against them and also challenging to stand out. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible! 

Just look at how AdZerk/Kevel compares itself to giants like Amazon and Facebook in this promotion video. They discuss the weaknesses of the competition in a respectful yet emphatic manner while delivering the benefits of their own product alternative as the solution to them.

So, be confident in what you have to offer and what sets you apart from others, and be bold enough to share it with the world in the form of an animated advertisement regardless of who your competition is.


12. Xbox — Offer More Than Just Your Product

.xbox series x world premiere 4k

With awesome animations and ground-breaking special effects, this product demo video goes over all the games you can access with the new Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, a voice-over guides the viewers around the visuals and leaves them to reflect on a powerful message.

The goal of the piece is to display all the incredible worlds the client could have at their fingertips by using the product. Xbox is a video game console, but in this video, they show us that they offer much more than that: they sell the ability to dream.


13. Red Bull — Embrace a Lifestyle

.red bull promotional video

As I mentioned, creating a strong connection with your target audience is important. Another way to do this and build favorability towards your brand is by embracing a specific lifestyle that’s related to them.

That’s what Red Bull did in this video promo, associating its brand image with extreme sports and adrenaline-filled situations. In this video, they show us some of the diverse extreme athletes they sponsor. That way, the brand’s image is directly linked to these sportsmen and their adventure-filled professions.


14. Amazon Go — Make Your Promo Video Easy to Understand

.introducing amazon go and the wo

Amazon is always introducing new innovative services—this time, a self-checkout supermarket powered by IA.

Sometimes, it can be hard to explain what you’re offering if the service involves complex technology, but Amazon nails it by simply illustrating how the system works each step of the way. In less than two minutes, this video effectively shows in detail how these new supermarkets work, making them easy to understand and attractive.


15. Heinz — Get a Famous Person

.eds heinz ad

This promo video shows us a relatable and funny situation with Ed Sheeran, where he can’t help but use the product, Heinz Ketchup. But instead of a famous singer, you can try to include a relevant person in your industry or a well-known expert. The goal is to associate your brand with a professional figure, which will improve your image and relevancy in the area. This can be a great strategy for healthcare video production, where trustworthiness and professionalism are crucial


16. Chevy — Appeal to the Viewer’s Emotions

.chevy commercial maddie

When working on video promotion, it’s important to make the viewers feel strong emotions to make your piece memorable. And we all know there’s nothing more effective at achieving that than video storytelling that features pets, our loyal companions.

This promotional video makes your heart tug with easy-to-relate scenes of a woman and her dog. Only at the end, Chevy makes its appearance, showing that their cars are here to accompany you throughout your life, in each one of those emotive memories you create— be it with family, a boyfriend, or your golden retriever.


17. Philips — Make a Brand Promise

.philips lighting company positio

A brand promise can be a value or an experience your company assures the client will receive on each interaction with you. And promo videos are a great resource when it comes to corporate video production because they allow you to showcase your brand’s promises or create new ones for your clients.

Here, Philips uses a compelling voiceover to propose a new future for their company and the lighting industry overall: energy systems that are communicated in order to increase energy efficiency. 


18. The North Face x Gucci — Keep It Simple

.thenorthfacexgucci campaign

Who says you can’t go camping in style? If anyone does, show them this video of the new The North Face x Gucci collaboration, offering everything from camping gear to coats and jackets—all decorated in Gucci’s style.

What this video teaches us is that you don’t always need to come up with intricate pieces that hold deeper meanings. If you don’t know how to make an animation, just let your product speak for itself, with upbeat music and shots of your target audience using it, and you may end up with an innovative, cheerful promo video that expands your target audience’s understanding of your brand.


19. Monday — Show How Your Product Works

.your teams future depends on mon

We’ve already established that promotional videos are great for introducing products and showing how they work, and this applies to software too!

 With a bit of humor, Monday takes advantage of that fact to showcase how their management system operates, highlight all of its features and benefits, and drive home how intuitive and easy it is to use.

In this case, the company has chosen the screencast video style, which consists of recording a screen as you navigate through a certain system. It’s especially effective for software products, where the best way to explain their functionalities is by going directly through the interface.


20. Spacetti— App Promo Video Examples

.spaceti app for smart workplace

By now, I think it’s clear that you can use videos for any kind of product, from cars to software—and even apps. Whether it’s showing new features of an already existing application or introducing new software, this type of content is ideal for mobile app marketing.

In this video, Spacetti uses questions to engage the viewers and address their pain points directly. This allows them to explain how their service covers them all: from easy-to-use access systems to finding nearby restaurants and special offers to grab a snack.

By doing that, they’re able to show their understanding of the target audience, proving to viewers the company is concerned with their needs and wants.


21. Microsoft — Give a Snippet on the Production Process

.introducing microsoft surface la

Another way to present a new product to your existing client base is to focus on the materials that make it up and the innovative development process required to create it. 

Microsoft takes us around their manufacturing process, by showcasing the steps taken to develop their new computers. The piece portrays their laptops as the result of complex professional development and reinforces the message conveyed in the ad: that this is Microsoft’s strongest laptop. 


22. Starbucks — Share Milestones

.ss starbucks at home

Promo videos aren’t only for sharing new products or making a branding effort: you can also take advantage of them to communicate important milestones for your company. In this video, Starbucks takes us on a journey to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary.

We get to see the knowledge and experience they gained in all these years they have been in the market. But what makes this video stand out is that they thank all the actors involved in the process that allows a cup of coffee to be available in their client’s hands. Showing your appreciation to your collaborators helps make your brand look more human, and ensure long-lasting relationships with every member of your team.

e book 03


23. Dropbox Paper — Be Straightforward

.ss dropbox paper

I know it might be tempting to create a long promo video that shows off everything you have to offer, but that’s not always necessary. Just take a look at this 16-second example! Eye-catching graphics and catchy music come together to make up a vibrant piece that only needs a few seconds to showcase Dropbox’s new collaborative creation tool.

Moreover,  even though I always highlight the importance of having a solid script, you might’ve noticed that this video promo barely uses any words, and yet it still manages to invite viewers to try Dropbox Paper.


24. Okta — Use Your Resources Wisely

.ss Okta

When you don’t have a huge budget to create an elaborate piece or hire a promotional video company, you just have to follow Okta’s lead. They leveraged simple and minimalistic visuals and complemented them with a few lines of text to reinforce the key information and ensure their message reached the audience.

What’s more, they’ve stuck to a basic color palette made up of only three colors. This results in a clean look that draws attention to the colored elements and keeps the viewer engaged without blowing your budget.


25. Workday — Don’t Be Afraid to Use Multiple Visual Elements

.ss workforce

As you can probably tell, there’s a lot going on in this promo video. From traditional techniques such as live-action and animation to kinetic text and stock footage as well, there are multiple visual elements coming together to create an incredible visual experience.

Combining different techniques, cartoon styles, and imagery types might be a scary idea, and it makes sense because it’d be very easy to end up with messy and visually overwhelming results. However, when done right, it can offer a dynamic and engaging approach to showcasing a product’s strengths and benefits —so don’t be afraid to experiment and add different elements to your video promo!


Best Practices to Create Promotional Videos for Businesses

As you can see, there are many types of promo videos you can create, depending on your product, or the objective you’re aiming for. After seeing some amazing pieces, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, but don’t worry! Creating effective pieces isn’t rocket science: it’s all about planning ahead and keeping a clear goal in mind.

In order to help your video production process, I came up with these tips to guide you.


1. Plan Ahead

It’s important to set your goals beforehand. As I mentioned, you can make content on many topics: training videos, educational pieces, and so on. That’s why, before starting, you should ask yourself: “What do I want to achieve with my piece?” Once that’s clear, you’ll be able to pinpoint what type of video you need, which techniques and strategies would be the most effective, and so on.

You’ll also want to consider your budget. The video cost depends on its duration, among other factors, so you’ll want to check that before starting any type of planning. A one-hour interview with a renowned industry figure may be just what you need—but you’ve got to make sure you can afford it!

Blog Image 103


2. Identify Your Voice and Personality

Proper branding is a big part of promo videos after all; your viewers have to be able to identify your brand at a glance.

But just displaying your logo at the end of the video isn’t enough. Your pieces must be infused with your brand’s personality, not just the elements that make up your branding. So, share your values, mission, and what your company stands for. Take advantage of the time you have to show your customers what your brand really is about and what it stands for.


3. Tell a Story

They may be called promotional videos, but if you’re just trying to make a hard sell, chances are your customers won’t watch for long. You have to develop the message you want to convey into a story that your audience will care about. 

Storytelling is the practice of taking advantage of narration strategies to engage your audience and make your message simpler, as tales are easier to remember than cold hard facts. Compelling stories usually consist of a character with a problem, who finds a solution at the end. A solution that, ideally speaking, should involve your product.

Once you’ve got that, I recommend that you make a storyboard. Besides allowing you to visualize the storyline of your video, it will serve as a guide for the whole team during the production, making sure you don’t stray away from that wonderful story you’ve come up with.

promotional video


4. Make It Multichannel

Multichannel marketing is the practice of engaging with your clients through various platforms, sending a consistent and complementary message through each one of them. In order to achieve that, you might want to consider merging your video promotion efforts with social media video production.

It’s important to remember that your video should look good on all devices, from the smallest handheld phone to the largest computer. That’s why you have to adapt it to every platform’s specific dimensions: square, horizontal, and vertical formats

As a bonus, don’t forget that if your content is entertaining and engaging, people will share it, expanding your reach!


Why Is Yum Yum Videos the Promotional Video Company for You?

At Yum Yum Videos, we’re driven by a strong passion and a deep love for what we do. That’s why all our projects are characterized by keen attention to detail and also why we make sure to take care of even the smallest elements that may go unnoticed by other companies.

Moreover, we believe in creating customized promotion videos that work as a bridge connecting brands and people. For that reason:

  • We always put our clients’ needs first! We’ll work hard to produce an engaging and unique video for you, regardless of the message you wish to convey!
  • We recognize that no two businesses are alike! We’ll make sure that our videos highlight your uniqueness. To that end, we think that the key is paying close attention to the little things about your business and showcasing them in ways that accurately convey your brand’s voice and personality.
  • We don’t forget that you’re the one who understands your company the best! That’s why we believe in listening to our client’s feedback from start to finish. That’s the best way for us to make the final product better.

Now, if you’re curious about our video production process, you can check this fun video we made about it:

.Explainer Video Production Process Yum Yum Videos


Wrapping Up

Promotional videos are pieces of content you can leverage to promote your products or service and generate brand awareness. The benefits of using this engaging and interesting medium are that you get to show viewers what your business is all about and what you have to offer, increasing the chances of people remembering you.

At the end of the day, the best videos are the ones that are able to convey your values to your target audience and let your unique voice shine through. I hope that after watching these examples, and going over some awesome tips on how to create compelling video promotions, you’re able to create a piece that works perfectly to boost your marketing efforts!

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