20 Product Demo Videos That Will Teach You How to Do It Right!

22/03/23         Author: Eric Olsen         18 min reading

product demo video

As every experienced marketer knows, people buy with their eyes. Meaning if they don’t have a clear idea of how a product or service looks and behaves, chances are they won’t commit to a purchase decision. That’s where a great product demo video comes in.

.syngenta explainer video by yum

This fantastic style of video content offers audiences the next best thing to actually interact with your product – which can be a powerful edge, especially when it comes to eCommerce.

However, the most successful video demonstrations do more than just list a product’s main features: they also show the practical value and benefits that users can derive from it, and do so in really creative and engaging ways!

In this article, we’ve hand-picked 20 of the best videos out there, so that you can learn how to do it right from the very best, and we’ll also cover the most frequently asked questions about creating your own demonstration video, to hopefully set you up for success!

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What Is a Product Demo Video?

Product demos (also known simply as “product videos” or “video demonstrations”) are videos that present a product or service’s most relevant characteristics to a potential customer. For brands, these videos are an opportunity to showcase their products or services in a fresh and engaging way.

.Trim and Proper Thumbnail

Because of their use of powerful visuals, creative animation, and compelling storytelling, they’ve become a reliable alternative to the traditional video commercial, while also providing an effective form of communicating the differential benefits of a product.

Moreover, these videos present the best alternative to satisfy online shoppers’ curiosity about a product; eliminating any possible ambiguity that may keep customers from understanding what the product or service is like, and making a purchase.

And they can do it in a lot of varied and interesting ways!

20 Best Product Demo Videos to Learn From

As you’ll soon learn from the following product demonstration examples, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes: they may include animation, live-action footage, and even infographics to get their message across.

That being said, there are some tips and tricks that every piece should follow if you want your target audience to understand how a product works while maximizing appeal. So, let’s see what helpful lessons we can learn from some of them.

1 · Bulls Bikes US

2 · Pixie Product Demo

3 · Catan

4 · Phillips Airfryer XXL Product Video

5 · Blume Beverages

6 · Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

7 · Walmart

8 · Introducing iPad Air

9 · Redsbaby Product Range

10 · Say Hello to HeadSpace

11 · Solo Stovev Bonfire

12 · DollarShaveClub.com

13 · First Look at Nintendo Switch

14 · Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking

15 · Your Phone App for Windows 10

16. Mega Creator

17. Pipedrive

18. Western Union U.S. Mobile

19. RVR by Sphero

20. The Tasty App Just Got Better

case study catan

1 · Bulls Bikes US Product Demo Video – Offer a Solution to a Specific Problem

.bulls bikes us explainer video b 14

When creating a video demonstration, it’s always helpful to remember that you’re selling more than just a product or service: you’re offering your customers a solution to a specific problem or need they are experiencing.

That was the core premise behind this video demonstration we made here at Yum Yum Videos for our friends at Bulls Bikes.

The reasons why the company is simply the best alternative for people looking for a world-class bike permeate and give shape to the whole piece, while also reinforcing the benefits the company delivers in terms of time and money – each addressing a specific pain point of their target audience.

2 · Pixie Product Demo Video – Keep It as Simple as Possible

.pixie product demo

Nobody has the time to sit through a long and complex video nor do they want a lengthy set of instructions on how to make a good coffee!

Nespresso understands those basic preferences from their audience, so they made this extremely simple video for one of their coffee machines.

The simplicity of use they want to showcase from their product just push one button, and that’s it! – is reflected in the unassuming nature of their content. Plus, their music choice goes great with those close-ups of their product’s elegant design.

A perfect example of simplicity and efficiency!

3 · Catan – Educate Your Audience in the Process

.catan explainer video by yum yum 24

(Created by educational video production company Yum Yum Videos)

While most product demo videos often stick to a promotional tone, you can also use an educational approach to offer your audience valuable information about your product or service while promoting it.

That’s exactly what we did with Catan, the world-famous board game, in this charming animated video.

If you’ve ever tried the game, you’ll probably know that it can be difficult to explain how it works to someone who’s never played it before. So, we created a beautiful, animated explainer video that transports the viewer to a fantasy land full of fun adventures, as if being experienced in the first person. That way, we got to cover all the relevant, technical information, but in a unique and memorable way.

Who said you can’t turn an explanation into a charming experience?

4 · Philips Airfryer XXL Product Video – Break the Mold Using Interesting Visuals

.philips airfryer xxl product vid

Some products just don’t look visually striking appealing – a challenge you can imagine that Philips encountered when thinking of ways to showcase their fryer; a product that essentially looks like a black box.

But do you know what most people will agree does look good on camera? Food!

So, the company came up with flashy ways to showcase their visually uninteresting product by focusing on all the meals you can prepare with it. The result is a mixture of hypnotic visuals full of slow-motion close-ups that get the viewer’s attention from the start and don’t let go until the end.

Just look at those unique and interesting opening shots, and how it all naturally transitions into the product itself and its benefits!

5 · Blume Product Demo Video – Show a Peek Behind the Curtain

.blume explainer video by yum yum 9

No one knows your product better than you do; and in your demonstration video, you should always try to share the excitement and motivation with your audience!

In this illuminating product demo video we did for Blume Beverages, we focused on the company’s long journey to making their delicious super-food drinks. You can outright feel the passion they have for their product and the care they put into getting the best ingredients in the market.

A heartful piece like this one can help your brand connect with your customers on a more personal level, and nurture brand loyalty that goes far beyond a single purchase.

6 · Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones – Convey How Your Product Feels

.sony noise cancelling headphones

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, showcasing your product being used in context is essential to make the most effective demonstration video. However, you can go deeper by showing what your product makes people feel like!

This cinematic tech demo video by Sony revolves around how its customers feel like they’re being transported to another world thanks to the noise-canceling function of their headphones.

Also, of note is how they chose to show the inside of the product and its processor using animated renderings – a feature that would otherwise be too technical or boring to describe.

Using futuristic animation, Sony does a great job of helping the audience understand the innovation and tech that powers their product without getting bogged down with technicalities. A great job indeed!

7 · Walmart – Creating a Product Demo Video for a Website or App

.walmart explainer video by yum y

It can be tricky enough to make an interesting video centered around a physical product, but crafting a video for an app or an online service can be even more daunting!

Here at Yum Yum Videos, we had to figure out an engaging way to show all the benefits of shopping online at Walmart, but in a more visually interesting way than simply having someone in front of a computer.

Our solution? A tech demo video that combines infographics and flashy animation to show how Walmart’s online store optimizes user experience and provides full support to its customers.

A recipe we knew their target audience would find as appealing as useful 😉

8 · Introducing iPad Air – Let Your Products Speak for Themselves

.introducing ipad air apple 1

Nothing can make audiences excited about a new product launch like Apple’s tech demo videos, and this one is especially creative since it uses the iPad Air’s own set of functionalities to showcase its new features.

Notice how the piece relies solely on drawing apps and its Apple Pencil to explain what makes its tablet so innovative. This is a very inventive way of demonstrating the usefulness of your product: rather than just telling, show it!

9 · Redbaby Product Range – Combine Emotion with Storytelling in Your Product Demo Video

.redsbaby product range

We already talked about how people buy with their eyes, but a lot of the time is also true that they buy with their hearts as well.

Emotion is the most powerful resource in marketing storytelling, and infusing your content with it can help you establish meaningful connections with your customers.

Redsbaby’s demonstration video showcases the brand’s entire new collection of products by portraying the different stages of parenting they can be used for. Through subtle music and beautiful slow-motion shots, this example shows the real-life uses of their products in a heartfelt and genuine way.

A feeling they certainly want their audience to relate to their brand.

10 · Say Hello to Headspace – Model Your Characters After Your Audience

.say hello to headspace

If you want audiences to identify with the problems and solutions they see in your video, then using empathetic characters they can see themselves in is the way to go.

Headspace does a terrific job at this by using lovely animation on their product demo to explain the benefits of using their meditation app. Its quirky style is also clear and concise, perfectly acing the difficult assignment of promoting something as abstract as meditation.

Don’t be afraid to explore ways to showcase your products that go beyond the traditional, and you might end up with a thoroughly unique piece that fits perfectly with your product and brand.

11 · Solo Stove Bonfire – Incorporating User-Generated Material

.solo stove bonfire the worlds mo

People tend to put a lot of stock in other people’s opinions, it’s a simple fact of life. So, what better way to have potential customers trust your products than by showcasing all the people you’ve helped along the way with them?

Right around the 18-second mark, Solo Stove’s product demo video incorporates footage of their real customers using their bonfires, giving their message a more authentic feel. An approach that also strengthens the brand’s leading position in the industry, demonstrating the long and strong relationship they have with their loyal clients.

12 · DollarShaveClub.com – Humor is the Best-Selling Technique!

.dollarshaveclub com our blades a

Customers nowadays respond to content that makes them feel something, even just a tiny laugh. If you can spark even a little joy from your audience while promoting your products, then your job is almost done!

The folks at Dollar Shave Club understood this and went with a very humorous, very explicit choice for their product demo video, to great success.

This extremely hilarious piece also shows that the company knows its audience, their pain points, and what kind of content makes them tick, weaving all those elements into a video that’s not only memorable and funny but also gets the job done in terms of product promotion.

13 · First Look at Nintendo Switch – One Video for Multiple Customers

.Nintendo Switch Thumbnail

Some products can appeal to a wide variety of audiences, which can make promotion difficult if you don’t embrace it. Nintendo understands that insight perfectly and uses it to its advantage. That’s why this piece shows how all segments of their audience can enjoy their product and do so in a variety of environments and situations.

By portraying different demographics in your video in a way that makes sense, you can appeal to all your target customers with just one piece, as long as you are touching upon the aspects everyone would find appealing about your product.

14 · Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking – Give Your Audience a Taste of Your Product

.martin scorsese teaches filmmaki

If you want your audience to feel intrigued by your product, you can offer a good glimpse that keeps them enticed, without trying to give away the farm.

The online teaching service MasterClass does a fantastic job of editing its video courses into short and intriguing trailers that double as product demo videos.

In just a few minutes, they give you a sweet taste of what their content is like, leveraging the star power and brand recognition behind their on-camera talent, but they are also wise to end it before it gets to be “too much”.

Remember that lesson: your video should be trying to accomplish a specific goal and end as soon as that task is complete. Dragging on will only impact negatively your piece.

15 · Your Phone App for Windows 10 – Some Rules Are Made to be Broken

.your phone app for windows 10

So far, we’ve covered tons of different ways to approach the making of a product demonstration, but it’s good to know that trends and styles are more guidelines than rules!

To promote their new phone app, Windows decided to avoid the usual tech demo video route of showcasing its product in context or hiring actors to use it, going instead with a motion graphics video that focuses on mind-bending visuals accompanied by striking music.

In the traditional sense, their piece seems more like a conceptual video than a conventional demonstration since it reflects the brand’s unique personality in a very creative way. But this out-of-the-box approach provides a great example of how you can sometimes take artistic license in order to make your video more interesting and unique.

Users may not experience this app exactly as it’s shown in the video, but the piece will definitely get their attention!

16. Mega Creator Product Demo Video- Choose Your Approach Carefully

.mega creator make pro looking gr

Showing how your product works doesn’t have to be a simple (and boring!) series of frames listing steps and enumerating features. Let’s take a page from Mega Creator’s book. 

This is an online design tool with a drag-and-drop system and an impressive collection of premade graphics. In this video product demonstration, the company playfully moves their assets around the screen while showing examples of everything users can create with them.

Then, toward the end, there’s a very quick summary of the steps required to use this tool to build those cool designs, making the graphics, rather than the instructions, the stars of the show. Pretty neat, right?

17. Pipedrive – Let Your Personality Shine Through

.pipedrive be unstoppable

This example by Pipedrive stands out by the combination of screencast animation with live-action footage that makes the video interesting and fun to watch. 

While the script might be pretty straightforward and nothing out of the ordinary, the touch of humor in the live-action scenes makes this product demo video incredibly engaging. What’s more, you’ll notice that there’s no background music, yet the voiceover artist does a perfect job of delivering the script with no need of additional audio elements.

All of this goes to show that, sometimes, you don’t need to have all the bells and whistles to make a fantastic asset that humanizes your brand —just focus on your script and let your personality shine!

18. Western Union U.S. Mobile – Don’t Forget to Brand Your Product Video

.western union u s mobile bill pa 1

Every piece of content you put out there should feel uniquely yours, which is why it’s so important to brand them. Using your brand elements in your video can take many forms. As you can see in this example by Western Union, they’ve decided to go with the company’s iconic yellow and black palette.

While it’s true that there are several other colors at play here, those two are always present throughout the entire piece, constantly reminding you that it belongs to WU.

Branding can serve a variety of other purposes as well, such as spreading brand awareness and boosting reliability. Thus, I strongly believe it’s something you should definitely keep in mind when developing your own video product. 

19. RVR by Sphero – Make Your Video Look Like an Exciting Movie

.rvr by sphero

If you want to take your video marketing game to the next level, you can follow this product video’s example and transform your demo into a cinematic experience.

The shots in this piece and the on-screen text detailing the robot’s features look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Tell me it doesn’t catch the eye from the very first second. It’s actually no surprise because Sphero is a robotics company that always produces cool videos like this for their products.

If this is out of your budget, you can still get similar results with animation and some creative editing to highlight and explain your product’s features! Consider partnering with an animation company as well- a good one can help you develop an adequate piece for your current goals. 

20. The Tasty App Just Got Better – Use Concrete Examples

.the tasty app just got better sh

Sometimes, it can be challenging for people to picture just how what you’re offering plays into their lives. That’s why it can be a good idea to use concrete examples and situations in your product video.

For example, Tasty is a food app that provides step-by-step cooking instructions for its users. In their demo video, they start with the prompt “shrimp pasta” to take the viewer on a simple step-by-step story of how to use to app.

This way, prospects can easily learn how to find recipes, add the ingredients to the grocery bag, and purchase them from their nearest Walmart.

Do You Need a Product Demo Video for Your Business?

Here, at Yum Yum Videos, we truly love what we do, something that’s reflected in each and every video we make. Thanks to our detail-driven production process and our passion for the medium, we can create fantastic and effective pieces for our clients that reach their audiences and nail all of their marketing goals.

.explainer video reel 2023 yum yu 68

With a talented team of professional designers, producers, directors, and writers who all work hard to provide the best results combined with several layers of quality control, we can provide videos that taste different. It’s not magic; it’s hard work that ensures a quality signature. If this sounds like something you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be happy to hear from you 😄.

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Product Demo Video FAQ

Before we wrap things up, let’s cover a few frequently asked questions about the demonstration videos to make sure you’ve got everything you need to get your piece started on the right foot.

How Do You Start a Product Demo Video?

  • Get to understand your product’s key value proposition: getting to the essence of what your product does and who is it aimed at will nurture your video and your whole marketing strategy as well.
  • Take the time to know your target customer: understanding who your ideal buyer is will
    help you customize your message and make your video feel like it’s talking directly to them.
  • Take your time with your script: Your first draft should contain all the key elements of your message, like what are your product’s main features and benefits. Also, come up with
    creative but realistic ways of using your product to give your audience a clear picture of
    what they are about to buy.

How Long Should a Product Demo Video Be?

Just like most marketing videos, product demos should be kept short. A maximum length of 2 minutes should give you plenty of time to introduce your product, list its main feature, and show the more relevant benefits.

If you feel you need more time, then consider doing a more educational type of video like a  tutorial on how to use your product for a specific purpose.

Where Should I Promote My Product Demo Video?

This type of video can be a great addition to your website page, especially if you have separate sections for each of your products and services. Creative demos can also become shareable content, so don’t shy away from posting your masterpiece on social media for everyone to admire.

Moreover, if you have a newsletter for clients, you may consider including your piece in one of your mailings. Loyal customers are always happy to watch content from the brands they love!

Wrapping Up

Back in the days of traditional advertisement, video commercials were a luxury only the most resourceful brands could afford. Luckily, in today’s world, creating a video that reaches thousands of users only takes planning and a reasonable budget (check out our article on animation cost to learn more about it!).

Has any of our product demonstration examples inspired you? You can always take a look at our portfolio for more awesome videos like these!

Now it’s your turn to use all the tips we’ve learned and start creating your own product demo video. If you put the effort and know-how into producing a video that will reach your audience’s heart, then your brand will stay on their minds long after they finished watching.

Good luck!

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