How to Convince Your CEO You Need a Video Marketing Strategy

21 July, 2017  

You, me, and every marketer on the planet already know the incredible value of using video marketing. Video content can be engaging, educational, inspiring and entertaining –  things that we all want for our prospects and customers. In short, video is every marketer’s best friend!


Now, saying that to your CEO won’t get you anywhere. Given that a proper video marketing strategy isn’t exactly the most affordable thing out there, you’ll need more than just a catchy phrase. You’ll need numbers, examples and a stronger argument to prove your point about video’s firepower.

Hopefully, I can help you with that. Here’s what you need to tell your CEO to impress him and start getting some real results.

People love to watch video

A quick Google search should be enough to find proof about how much people love video. I mean, an insane amount of proof. All of those figures can paint a picture not even an entire library could cover. For instance, did you know that…

  •         The average user spends over 16 minutes watching online video ads every month? – Source
  •         1/3rd of the time people are online is spent watching video? – Source
  •         Predictions say that video streaming will make up 82% of all Internet traffic by 2019? – Source

And those are just 3 of the many, many facts out there! Basically, they all point to a very basic truth for our modern lives: the days when video was just a trend are gone. Those numbers are speaking so loudly that video is the unavoidable present – and the future too.

Think about it. With the projected growth in video content, all of us are in this boat for years to come. So, getting on board right now should feel like a must. If everyone is looking for video content, video is what you should be giving them! But wait, there’s more.

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Video attracts new audiences and visitors

Here’s one thing you might not be aware of: YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Web. That has been the case for over 2 years now, thanks to the rise of educational and how to videos. Google (YouTube’s owner) has already acknowledged this a while ago. Videos appear in 52% of Google keyword searches and 82% of them are from YouTube.

You surely already have a strategy to rank on Google (since most modern SEO strategies target it almost exclusively) but – have you considered doing  similar work on YouTube? Given the platform’s importance, it sure feels like a must. And educational videos can be the perfect choice for your company.

Think about it. People look for solutions to their problems on the Web. If your product or service addresses those problems, then why don’t you make it easier for them to find you? You can tap into those needs by addressing it in the precise moment. Google calls these the ‘I-want-to-do moments’. Basically, they are the occasions in which your target audience looks for a solution, say, for a recipe or how to fix something.

If your product is related to those problems, then you’ll have no trouble convincing your CEO that you should be taking advantage of those moments. The proper how-to video with the perfect timing can be great, because your brand will start to look trustworthy and useful to your audience. Chances are they will even share a solution that has worked for them, increasing the company’s visibility.

Even better – if you do your job right and adjust the videos you upload with the proper call to actions and links, you can see how much more people visit your site.

Video is fantastic to get quality leads

Videos make great lead generation tools once they’re optimized. I’m not the only one who says that – it’s what experience has taught us, marketers! There are several reasons for this.

I’ve already established that people love videos, so they’ll more likely pay attention if you use them on your site. Also, videos can provide more information in less time than text, so you can take better advantage of your audience’s volatile attention span. Finally, 65% to 85% of people are more likely to buy something after watching a demonstration of how it works.

You can use many videos to do this but the best ones for getting all those benefits are explainer videos. These are the types of videos where you see how a product or service works and how they tackle a specific problem. They are company videos that build trust and awareness while also helping to increase the visit time on your site and boost your conversions by 20%.

The best explainer videos are the ones that educate the audience on how to solve a problem using a product or service. They are also the ones that know how to use the proper call to actions when needed. This is crucial for getting leads because the video in and by itself won’t get you very far – and your CEO will want to know how you’ll get them.

So, you can tell them that there are several ways to use explainer videos to your brand’s advantage. Gating the videos, putting a call to action at the end of the video, building a video landing page around it, using it in blog posts, putting YouTube annotations where needed – like I’ve said, there’s plenty you can do here.

When all of this is done right, you’ll start to see more traffic on your site, an increased average visit time and more qualified leads. It’s all part of a process – videos can make your company more visible, people will stay to watch them, you’ll have a longer time to convince them, and chances are they’ll act more often than not. See if your CEO can argue with that logic.

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Video generates the trust to close the deal

All the benefits above should be more than enough to get your CEO on board. But even if he or she needs more proof as to why your company needs a video marketing strategy, then get this. Videos are perfect to build trust with your audience, which leads to more sales.

First and foremost, videos are engaging and appealing, as they can make an emotional connection with their audience. They can make them feel understood with their problems and they can provide extreme satisfaction by offering solutions to those issues. People that find your videos useful will start to trust your brand and think of you as an authority source.

That’s not all. By using your brand colors and unique communication tone, you’ll be showcasing your brand’s personality. This will increase awareness and better your online presence. People will start remembering those colors and see them as trustworthy.

Bonus points if you use real people in your video. Live action videos of all sorts are amazing at building trust, because they put a human face to your product or service. It points to transparency to show your employees and happy customers in front of the camera. They all serve as testimonials of what you stand for and as a guarantee to the truthfulness of what you say.

Combine the trust you build in those fronts and you know what you’ll get? A respectable brand that people will turn back to when they need it. In other words, whenever your audience needs your product or service, they’ll be coming for you, simply because you’ve already shown them your worth.

A combined video effort for a strong strategy

I’ve talked about how-tos and explainer videos, testimonials, commercial ads and live action videos as great pillars to your strategy. I’ve tackled them individually but don’t believe for a second that you have to settle for one. The best video marketing strategy is the one that combines the benefits of all of them  throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

Some of them will work to break the ice with your audience and introduce the brand to them. Others will explain your service or product even further. The rest will serve as social proof and help build towards  stronger trust. All of them will serve to educate your audience about the company as well as function within your SEO strategy to better your rankings.

Learn more about how to create a content strategy with this video:


In short, investing in all kinds of videos will give you all the benefits above over a long period of time. Perhaps that’s the best thing about them – they are the content that keeps on giving. So, instead of putting more and more money on ads that offer mixed results and lots of tweaking, your CEO has to understand: a sound video marketing strategy can be a little expensive at first but will pay for itself in no time and will boost the company’s ROI through the roof.

Still have some doubts about the power of video marketing? Contact us and let us show you how betting on video is the best decision you (and your CEO) can make!

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