Here’s How Many Videos You Should Have For Your Marketing Strategy

13 April, 2018  

Every marketer knows that video content is the best way to boost sales and conversions. There are many reasons why using video content is a really smart choice!

But after you’ve listened to every reason and you decide to create a video for your brand, it’s not the right time to stop. Having one video is important, but it’s not enough.


Each type of video content serves a different purpose, and works its best in a different stage of the buyer’s journey – during the buyer’s journey, your audience’s needs are always changing, and your video content needs to vary too, so you can fulfill your audience’s needs.

One video alone won’t do the trick. You might have an educational video that will work wonders for the needs of your audience during the first stage of the buyer’s journey… but what about their needs during the second stage? The same educational video won’t be useful there.

So, the secret is to create as many videos as you need to meet all of your audience’s needs, in every step of the journey. But in order to do this, you’ve got to know every one of these needs, and it starts by knowing your Buyer’s Journey from A to Z.

Let’s start with that.

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Inbound Marketing Basics

The Buyer’s Journey is the active process in which a visitor becomes a paying customer. It’s the backbone of every inbound marketing strategy, because it guides you into creating the correct kind of content to attract the right customers.

Let’s see how inbound marketing works.

In order to make your inbound marketing strategy work, you need to know your target audience from A to Z. Only by really knowing them, you’ll understand which videos you can use, and how you can use them to maximize their power.

Start by knowing who your target audience is and creating their buyer personas (which are representations of your audience, complete with names, personalities, and other demographic and psychographic information).

Then, analyze their pain points. What are they lacking, and how can you provide it for them?

And finally, it’s time to get to know each stage in your buyer’s journey. Let’s dive deeper into that!

When should you use video?

The goal is to use the right kind of video content for each of the stages in the Buyer’s Journey. As you saw in the video earlier, there are three stages: Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

  1. The awareness stage is the beginning of the journey, in which your audience is starting to become aware of a certain problem they have. Your job is to provide information about this problem, and also give a great first impression.
  2. The consideration stage is the middle of the journey, and during this stage your audience already knows about their problem and they’re actively searching for solutions. It’s your moment to shine: provide information about these solutions, and show how your product is the best type of solution there is!
  3. The decision stage is where the magic happens: the moment in which your audience makes the actual purchase decision. They’ve already decided on a solution and now, they’re comparing products and brands. Show them why your company is the best one!

There are different types of videos that will help you provide the necessary information for each one of these stages. Remember, your audience has different needs in each stage! It’s your job to be there for them and satisfy their needs.

Let’s take a look at all the different types of videos you can use!

Choose the right videos

There are a lot of different types of videos, but it’s not hard to choose the right ones! Let’s take a look at all these videos before you choose, though.

Keep in mind that not all videos work for any stage. The key is to use the right ones at the right moment.

  • Commercial Ads

Where does it fit in with the video sales funnel? Awareness stage

Commercial Ads are the best way to make a great first impression. With them, you’ll be able to share your brand’s spirit and beliefs with your customers.

Take a look at this example!

One of the things that you need to be doing during the awareness stage is to catch your audience’s attention, and with commercial ads you’re doing just that! By using interesting visuals and an engaging story, you’ll keep your audience wanting to know more about your brand.

  • Educational Videos

Where does it fit in the video sales funnel? Awareness stage

During the awareness stage, your job is to educate your audience so they can become aware of their problems. How could you do this better than with an educational video?

Educational videos are not only informative, but very engaging and shareable. People love to share useful content with their peers, and this is why educational videos are such a powerful tool!

  • Animated Explainer Videos

Where does it fit in the video sales funnel? Consideration stage

Explainer videos are the favorite kind of content for many marketers, because they communicate a lot of information, in a very short amount of time.

These are short, animated videos, that will introduce your business to your audience, explain what your product is and why they need it – in a short, concise and powerful way.

They come in many styles, too. Whiteboard animation, cartoon style, motion graphics… you just have to choose the one that goes better with your brand.

Look at this example, which is a cartoon animated explainer video:


  • Product Videos

Where does it fit in the video sales funnel? Consideration stage

Most customers want to know how the product works before they buy it. It’s understandable, they want to know if your product will be right for them! And it’s your job to give them what they need.

The easiest way to do this, is by creating a product video. With product videos, you’ll show your product in action, which is a great way to encourage your prospects to convert.

But also, you’ll give them the chance to see if your product will actually solve their problems. And that’s exactly what you’re looking for during the consideration stage!

  • How-To Videos

Where does it fit in the video sales funnel? Consideration stage

During the consideration stage, your main goal is to make your audience understand how to integrate your product into their lives, in order to make their lives better.

And you can teach them this, by using how-to videos! How-to videos will help you answer your audience’s questions, in a creative way.

Like this example:

  • Customer Testimonial Videos

Where does it fit in the video sales funnel? Decision stage

During the decision stage, your goal is to build trust. Why? Because as your potential customers keep moving towards the purchase decision, they’ll want to know the experiences of customers just like them.

They want to know if your past customers were struggling with the same problems as they are, and if they were able to successfully solve them with your product.

This is why customer testimonial videos are so important: your customers trust their peers more than anyone else, and by watching and listening to the successful stories of people just like them, they’ll be more than convinced to buy from you.

If you want to learn how to create the best testimonial video, take a look at this useful guide!

  • Company Story Videos

Where does it fit in the video sales funnel? Consideration stage

Another great way to build brand trust is by showing the real stories behind your brand. A company story video, or “About Us” video, features the people on your team, their real stories and experiences. They help you create a strong brand image.

By humanizing your brand with company story videos, your prospects will feel like they really know you, and they’ll be convinced that your brand is the perfect one to get involved with!

For example, take a look at this example from Hubspot:

Let’s recap!

Now, it’s obvious that you can’t have just one video in your marketing strategy… or at least not if you want it to work! You need to use different kinds of videos if you want to successfully guide your prospects to the purchase phase.

But in order to know which videos (and how many videos) to use, you need to know your audience from head to toe! Their needs, their pain points, and every single stage in their buyer’s journey.

With this info, you’ll know exactly what their questions and needs are, and how you’ll answer them with video. By using great video content in your marketing strategy, you’ll be boosting conversions and sales in no time!

So, if you’re ready to create the best videos for your brand, let us know! At Yum Yum Videos, we’ll be thrilled to help you meet all of your video marketing goals.

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