How Long Does It Takes To Produce A Customized Explainer Video?

2 April, 2018  

If you are thinking about including an explainer video in your marketing strategy, then this article is for you. Because first, you will need to plan your production timeline, a high-quality video requires dedication and, as everyone knows, time is money. Videos are so popular today that only last year, 81% of businesses used video as a marketing tool. That’s why today we will break down the whole process to create an animated explainer video, to understand how it’s done and how long it takes to make it.

Most animated videos take from 4 to 8 weeks to produce if it’s custom made. On the other hand, template videos can take just a few days because they are not made from the ground up but instead, they use pre-designed graphics. In summary, timing is always determined by the quality of the video and the availability of the video company.

So stay tuned to learn everything about the production process and timelines. We will briefly explain how long it takes to make a high quality animated video that will surely change the game for your business.

We will explain each stage of the process:

  1. Script
  2. Storyboard
  3. Voiceover
  4. Characters and graphics designs
  5. Animation
  6. Music and sound effects

First things first, let’s see the pros and cons of custom made and template videos, and why it’s important to invest in tailored content for your brand.

How to make an animated video

The difference between Custom and Template Videos

The first step in video production is to understand the difference between custom made videos and templates because it’s a key factor in terms of time and quality. Template videos are quick and cheap, you might even have it one day, but they are not custom made for your brand’s identity. This format is produced with library elements of predesigned graphics. For example, they grab a predesigned character and add it to a predesigned background that they have probably used in other videos before. This is a quick process because they don´t create something specifically for your brand or your target audience. Usually, the final product is a low-quality video, with hard animations and bland characters, that don’t represent your business.

Check out this example of a template video:

On the contrary, a custom made explainer video can fit your business’ needs and speak to the right audience. The production may last from 4 to 10 weeks because they are specifically created to suit your brand, so your audience can identify with the story and trust in your product.

Here at Yum Yum Videos, the whole production process can take around 8 weeks. Sometimes it can be made in only 5 weeks, but for an extra charge because that will demand the team to stop doing other jobs to finish it sooner. Finally, the result will be a high-quality animation with stunning visuals that you can’t get with a simple template video. And the key in any marketing strategy is to make an impact, right?

Check out this client’s review on their custom video:

We can tell, the custom video production process may be more complex but it’s definitely worthwhile. Why? It can increase engagement because the viewers can feel identified with the story. Of course, template animations can be quite cheap, but the results will be dull and low quality, leading to a bad image for your brand.

Still, maybe there are some video companies that can produce custom videos in just 2 or 3 weeks, but be sure it’s high quality so you can catch your viewer’s attention with great and entertaining content. You must have come across low-quality videos around the web, do you watch them till the end? Also, your brand and product are reflected in the quality of your content. A bad animation can make the audience think your product is also that bad. Now you know why it’s worth it to invest in high quality and customized animation.

How an explainer video is produced

So as we explained, a custom animation can take from 5 to 8 weeks since it demands an entire team, including animators, screenwriters, art directors, actors, among others.

Here is a brief explainer video about Yum Yum’s production process.

To explain it better, we’ve outlined these categories: Script, Storyboard, Voice Over, Character and Graphics Design, Animation and finally, Music.

#1: Script

First, you need to meet with the video company and they will ask you for a brief that describes your objectives, target audience and other information about your product. After a few days or a week, they will contact you to hand you the script. If there are corrections to be made, it can take a bit longer. This part of the production is essential because it defines the layout and nature of the video. If you’re interested in scriptwriting, you can learn more with our free e-book “How to write a script for an explainer video”. Otherwise, you can hire a professional writer but it’s always helpful to know the basics of scriptwriting when planning a video marketing campaign.

#2: Storyboard

After writing your script, everything is ready to start the storyboard. The goal is to get a preview of the video. Similar to comic strips, storyboards are frame by frame drawings of everything that happens in the video. In this way, you can check if the story works before diving into the whole production process. This can take anywhere from one week to three. Take a look at this storyboard sample.

#3: Voice actors

Now that the script and storyboard are approved, the voice actors can narrate the off-screen lines. For this, we work with professional voice actors, specially selected to meet your target’s gender, accent, and age. As voices are the human touch of the video, it’s an essential part to provide the video with the tone and deliver the right emotions. For more information about voice-overs, click on this article we’ve written.

#4: Graphics

As we explained, custom videos require graphic elements designed specifically for your brand. Background illustrations, characters design, and other graphic elements are made inspired by your brand and the target audience you want to aim for, the idea is to make it appealing to them so they can relate with the story you’re telling. Graphics usually take a week to finish, this part of the process is vital to make your video stand out with fun and cute elements. Learn more about animated characters and their importance in video marketing in this article.

#5: Animation

Now that all your characters and background elements are designed, it’s time to bring them to life! At this point, the video production company will animate all the actions that were drawn in the storyboard. This can take up to 2 weeks, or more depending on the complexity, it’s a job that needs to be done with delicacy because the movements are what make a character credible and alive. Organic moves give the entire animation a human touch that can make it relatable, it’s not an easy task. However, a stunning animation will result in a high-quality and refined video.

#6: Sound FX

The final touch in the animation is to add music and sound effects. Soundtracks play a big part in the tone you want to deliver. They can provide a variety of emotions like excitement, relaxation, dreaminess, melancholy or more. It’s what can make it memorable in the audience’s mind. The soundtrack process may be done in a week. Fun and catchy music will really make the difference between a regular video and a great video.


In this quick guide, we’ve outlined all the steps to produce an amazing custom made video. In general, it can take from 5 to 8 weeks if it’s a high-quality animation as we described. It starts with a good story, shaped in a script, a storyboard, then the voiceover actors can record their lines after the characters and background elements are designed, then the animators can do their job and finally, music and sound effects are added to give the final touch. And to achieve all those stages, an entire team of professionals is required. So 5 to 8 weeks is not too much afterward, right?

On the other hand, you can go for a template video if you want something faster and cheaper. But be aware that the results will not be the same and you might end up throwing away your money with a low-quality video that doesn’t relate with your audience, making them lose interest and displaying your brand as low quality as well.

We know all of this might sound a bit complicated, but don´t panic. At Yum Yum Videos we’ve done tons of customized videos with great results for more than 300 companies that were trying to expand their business.

If you have any other inquiry on customized videos, feel free to contact us, we’re glad to help you out!

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