10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Marketing Cartoon Video

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Considering how effective a video marketing strategy can be, it’s no wonder video content is a fixture in most companies’ marketing portfolios! However, video marketing in itself has quite a broad spectrum of tools for you to leverage according to your specific goals and needs. And among those, few are as versatile and useful as marketing cartoon videos!

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With immediately attention-grabbing visuals and flexibility second to none, these pieces have a lot to add to most marketing pushes… But why is that?

It’s a fair question. One that we’ll be tackling in detail today at Yum Yum Videos!

Join us as we explore ten different reasons you’ll want to add marketing strategy cartoons to your inbound marketing repertoire!

It Makes Sense by the Numbers!

And what better place to start than with a few data-backed facts about corporate videos, like animated explainer videos and whiteboard animations?

For starters, take animated explainer videos’ popularity among business owners; 80% of interviewees stated having had invested in explainer videos in the past. A huge number, to be sure, but not really surprising when you stop to consider that about 95% of people online have watched explainer videos to learn more about a product!

Not surprising, then, was that the majority of those same owners chose animated explainers as the type of videos that generated more Return On Investment, with a whopping 92% of them claiming to be satisfied with their videos’ ROI.

These are by no means new numbers, but the latest in a strong uptrend that continues to grow as marketers and customers engage with marketing cartoons and video content in general.

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Flexible Budget and Pricing

Another big argument for favoring marketing cartoons has to do with the budget you have for your strategy.

Online, people tend to judge the quality of your product or services by the quality of the content you deliver to them. This means that whatever pieces of media you are putting out to promote your brand should be nothing short of top-notch.

Well, live-action videos tend to cost significantly more than a marketing cartoon video of similar length and scope.

Actors, sets, professional recording equipment, props, on-site production crew… All these things add to the challenge – and cost – of live-action videos. And yes, you could try to produce pieces with a shoestring budget, but then you risk rubbing your audience the wrong way and presenting a lackluster corporate image that can be really harmful when first impressions are concerned.

On the other hand, professional-level animation made by an experienced studio allows you to produce top-tier pieces at much more manageable price points.

Extensive Customization & Versatility

Marketing cartoon videos let you get creative and then some!

With live-action, you are not only restricted by budget but also by what can be feasibly accomplished by actors and producers. Cartoons share none of those challenges.

Are you trying to illustrate the inner workings of your product? Put a show on the screen of it disassembling, becoming partially translucent, or growing to be building-size so that the viewer can walk in and see it for themselves!

Appealing to an audience with a fondness for fantasy? Why don’t you make your marketing cartoon’s protagonist a charming, talkative dragon?

When you are talking animation, your imagination – not the sky – is the only limiting factor. And such versatility is a powerful tool you can use to engage your audience and appeal to their preferences in ways that other video formats simply can’t match.

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Seamless, Organic Branding

No marketing video can reach peak effectiveness without solid branding backing up whatever its message happens to be. Regardless of what you are trying to say in any given piece, viewers need to know that it came from you – and remember it! – or your efforts will often amount to little.

The thing is that, more often than not, effective branding should go unnoticed. Overtly pushing your brand on your viewers’ faces will turn them quickly from your content, defeating its purpose.

It’s a delicate balance that often makes branding on live-action pieces challenging, but on marketing cartoons, branding is not only simpler and more seamless but often much more effective as well.

Branding elements – like your company’s logo and color palette – can be used as part of the animation to subtly and subconsciously reinforce your message and the company’s image. All without sacrificing the piece’s quality or taking away from your core message or purpose for the piece, but rather adding to it instead!

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Effective Characterization

Effective characterization and generating empathy are two surefire ways to make your marketing videos shine in your audience’s eyes, and marketing cartoons have them in spades.

Animation allows you to craft and customize your video’s protagonists to a T, which means that you can tailor-make characters that help viewers see themselves reflected on.

From a character’s aesthetics to looks, behaviors, and even attitudes, marketing cartoons give you all the tools to help viewers feel represented. Which, at the same time, goes a long way to make your pieces even more appealing, engaging, and memorable – generating empathy and projecting the feeling that you truly understand your audience’s problems and care to help them solve them (more on this later!)

Overcoming Short Attention Spans

Thanks to their visually compelling nature and straightforward structure, cartoon marketing videos can help you consistently overcome the short attention spans that most audiences engage content with.

Nowadays, most customers don’t have the time – or inclination – to read lengthy texts or sit through extensive and often confusing explanations. Take the average prospect getting ready for work or school. They have a smartphone in their hands, they’re scrolling through their feed and find/play your video.

A short, visually interesting piece is often more likely to keep their attention long enough to deliver your message in situations that extensive texts or complex content couldn’t compete!

Marketing cartoon pieces have customers’ convenience at their core. They are designed to be concise and intended to be consumed whenever they get a chance, wherever they are.

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Post-production Flexibility and Adaptability

Hands down, one of the most desirable attributes of a robust marketing strategy, cartoon or not, is versatility. And animation allows you to keep tweaking and tinkering with your piece long after you’ve entered the post-production process.

Giving you a lot more opportunities to get the video just the way you want it! And the truth is that no live-action video can’t truly match this flexibility.

Say you arrive at the final piece and need some changes to account for how your overarching marketing approach has changed during your video production. Late-stage changes and revisions in live-action pieces can be hard to accomplish, with scheduling conflicts and prohibiting costs.

Animated marketing cartoons do away with these problems. All the pieces of the puzzle are readily available at all stages for the animators and illustrators to tweak and switch as needed.

Emotional Investment

Few marketing pieces can truly be compelling without forming some sort of connection between the content and the viewer. The good news is that the right piece of animation can help you build such a relationship!

We already touched upon characterization and how representation is a great way to engage your target audience. But it actually goes beyond just that.

Marketing cartoons can help you illustrate your audiences’ problems in ways they can instantly relate to and get them emotionally attached to the actions, challenges, and experiences being portrayed in the piece.

If Hollywood has taught us anything, it is that lively animated situations paired with eye-catching visuals can have powerful, sudden effects on an audience. Not only capturing our attention but submerging us into the action and getting us invested in the outcome.

An animated cartoon that reflects your audience’s own challenges are likely to stick in their minds long after they stop watching and keep resonating with them as they look for a solution.

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Visual Simplicity of Marketing Cartoon Videos

Another HUGE point in marketing cartoons’ scoreboard comes from visual simplification, as animation allows you to tackle and explain complex subjects and abstract environments in ways that people can easily relate to and understand.

These videos provide an approachable medium that excels at leveraging visual metaphors and charming depictions that help lessen learning curves. This makes them particularly valuable to businesses that often struggle to present products when using traditional methods (such as the tech industry).

Say, for example, that you provide a tech solution that helps with environmental preservation through green website hosting. Even when your message is powerful and important, most people might even be unaware of the industry’s challenges and the impact that traditional hosting has on the environment.

A well-designed animated piece can provide a story that presents all the critical context necessary for your message – and product – to have the impact you need, and do so in a way that anyone, tech-savvy or not, can understand!

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Distribution Ease

Lastly, there’s the important point of delivery and distribution of your piece.

Marketing cartoons can be used anywhere. More specifically, you’d be hard-pressed to find a distribution channel where a relevant animated piece wouldn’t make a great fit!

For you to get the most out of your marketing videos, you’ll want to deploy them in different contexts. You can host them on a YouTube channel, for example, as a fixture of something your company offers, but that’s just the start.

You can build entire landing pages around your animated videos or use them as the centerpiece on your home or product website. Moreover, marketing cartoons tend to perform particularly well when paired with email marketing pieces, as their short and entertaining nature tends to attract attention with ease.

All in all, a well-made, professional-level animated video is a marketing tool you won’t run out of opportunities to get the most out of.

Wrapping Up

When it’s all said and done, there are plenty of reasons – and then some – to want to introduce animated cartoons to your marketing strategy.

If you want to get inspired for your own animated cartoon video, check out some video marketing examples, and if you don’t know where to start, remember there’s lots of video marketing agencies that can help you with the process  😉

Whether you are looking for flexibility, easy implementation, or just a budget-friendly medium that doesn’t sacrifice quality, marketing cartoons present a fantastic opportunity that most business owners and marketers can’t afford to ignore!

So, if you were struggling to find the “right tool for the job” for your next marketing push, give these videos a shot. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

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