How To Close A Deal With Video Content

25 October, 2017  

Video is an amazing tool to help you close more deals: not only is it great to educate your target audience and generate awareness, but it’s also a key ally to stand out from competitors and gain your customer’s love, to the point they pick you out as their vendor. In this article, we’re going to share with you some killer tips on how to close a deal using video content, plus some effective video types you cannot leave aside if you aim at raising sales. Here we go!

How to use video content to close deals

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Implementing An Inbound Marketing Strategy

Some years ago, marketers used to struggle a lot to gain their customer’s attention, but now the scenario is completely different: it’s much more effective to attract prospects rather than to “pursue” them. The logic behind this is “inbound marketing”, through which you can get better and faster results, regardless of whether you’re implementing it by yourself or through an agency (you can find out more here about the difference. In this video you can get the big picture of what this technique is about:

So inbound marketing is about generating specific tailored (and useful) content for your audience, based on their specific needs (which vary from stage to stage of the buyer’s journey). Let me be clear on this:

  1. Awareness Stage:  at this point, your prospects know that they have a problem, they are “aware”, but still need to put it into context. Making a good first impression is vital at this stage so you can quickly get their attention.
  2. Consideration Stage: at this stage, your prospects understand the problem and are looking for the best alternatives (products or services) to solve it. It’s your time to show them how your product can make their lives easier!
  3. Decision Stage: the prospects are fully prepared to make their final choice. They are compiling all the available information about the different vendors till they finally make up their minds. It´s your key moment to persuade them and close the deal!  We’ll talk about this specific instance in the upcoming paragraphs.

Video Content Is Your Key Ally For Closing Deals

As part of your inbound marketing strategy, you can resort to many different formats of content marketing to nurture your leads and visitors. But, guess what? Nothing can compare to video content! Video is the most enticing, attractive, memorable and ultimately, effective, tool you could think of! It offers you amazing benefits no other format can bring. Take a look:

People adore videos

The great thing about video is that it’s fun, entertaining, attractive and engaging, all in one! People love watching videos and you need to take advantage of that. It’s not only very useful to quickly grab their attention, but also to persuade them to take the action you want them to take. In other words, it’s a fantastic resource to close more deals. Just take a look at this data: 76.5% of marketers and SMB owners that have used video marketing said that it has a direct impact on their business. Are you going to be part of the game too? 🙂 Moreover, from the customer’s perspective: 74% of users who watched an explainer video to learn more about a product/service finally bought it, and 77% of consumers said they were convinced to purchase a product/service by watching a video. Are you going to lose your chance? 🙂

Video is scalable

A sales rep can be a good choice if you want a more personal approach when contacting leads. But have you considered that a video can be a great complement in that sense? Video is scalable – this means you can post it to any platform you want (website, landing page, newsletter, etc.) and it will work 24 x 7, full time. You develop it once and then it´ll do all the work: deliver your key messages over and over again and persuade the viewers with enticing content.

A tremendous power of synthesis

Did you know that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words? With this in mind, you can imagine that video has a huge synthesis power. And this is due to the perfect mix of visuals, animations, music, voice-overs and some other key elements only video has. From the viewer’s side, both auditory and visual senses are involved and this increases its engaging power a lot. And hey…it’s not “we” that are saying it, it’s the consumers themselves! –  4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

Triggering different emotions

Video is engaging per se, and this has a clear explanation: the movements, voices and body language that the viewers watch on screen generate different emotions in them. Emotions play a key role in video marketing and there are many reasons behind this. Just check out this article in which we explain the scientific explanation of it.

ebook: Explainer Videos, the Ultimate marketing tool

How To Close a Deal With Video Content. These 7 Effective Video Types Might Help!

Some video types work better for the awareness stage, some others for the consideration stage… But if you want some key information on how to close a deal specifically, you’ll love the next list. Check it out!

#1. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are generally used for the consideration stage of the sales funnel, but they can also be a good alternative for the decision stage, as they communicate what you do, how you do it and why customers should pick you out. All this in less than 90 seconds! By mixing attractive and cool images and animations,  catchy music and a compelling voice-over, you can communicate your business idea in a brief, fast and straightforward way. Check out this video we developed for Gigtown so you can have a clear example:

If you include a strong Call To Action at the end of your video, in addition to the emotional power video has per se, your chances of closing a deal with your prospects increase a lot.

#2. Testimonials

Customer testimonial videos help you build trust towards your brand. The power that online reviews and opinions have is outstanding! Just for you to know, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. In this sense, a testimonial video can work great to build confidence and encourage your prospects to strike a deal with you.

Watch this compelling testimonial:

#3. Case studies

Just like customer testimonials, case studies give you the chance to tell your prospects how good your product is at solving a specific need…in the words of their peers! Completely different than you bragging about your brand. Customers appreciate other peer’s opinions a lot  and if you give your case study a good structure (by referencing the context/problem, the solution and the results) you can raise conversions and sales.  

#4. Product videos

A product video is a good resource to give some useful information to your potential customers before they purchase your product. And this is vital! Keep in mind that they need to see your product in action to gain confidence. So developing a demo of the main features and functions of your product can give them that extra “push” they need till they finally click the “buy” button 😉 Consider using different animation techniques to meet that goal (such as live action, screencasts, etc.).

#5. FAQ videos

These videos compile a list of  frequently asked questions your prospects may come up with before purchasing your product. It’s your big chance to offer them all the valuable information they’re looking for! Producing a helpful video with these answers can place you in a remarkable place towards competitors and encourage them to pick you out as the their vendor.

#6. Company videos

Company videos or about us videos are a good tool to bring “life” to your brand. They work great for setting up an emotional bond with your audience, which is vital to generate confidence and willingness. Show who you are and what your company represents (sharing culture, values, beliefs, etc.), appeal to different emotions (such as humor, empathy, nostalgia, etc.), and you will see the results!

#7. Behind the scenes videos

Behind-the-scenes videos are another awesome tool to connect emotionally with your audience. The difference with company videos is that these ones are more “hand-crafted” but, again, the idea is to show the essence behind your brand/company. Setting up this emotional bond is essential to drive your viewers in the direction you want.

At Yum Yum we have produced thousands of marketing videos for companies of every type, size and industry. If you need help developing your marketing video you can count on us! Just get in touch and we’ll get back to you ASAP!  No matter the type of video you need, or for which stage of the sales funnel, we can give you a hand. Watch this brief video to learn more about how we work and feel free to reach us!


Video stands out as the best format to persuade your audience and guide them to take action. By setting up an emotional bond and getting the most out of their amazing benefits, video can quickly grab your prospect’s attention, keep them entertained, educate them about your product and help you gain a special place in their minds.

In today’s blog post you’ve learned how to close a deal using video content and, more specifically, which video types work best to meet this goal. Hope you’ve found them useful! We’re eager to know if you recommend any other video type to close deals with prospects. Share your experience with the community!

Finally, don’t forget to surf our Resources section to get more training on video production. See you later!

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