The Marketing Power of Video Series (And How to Use It!)

28/01/21         Author: Florencia Oliveto         9 min reading

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Rome wasn’t built in a day… and neither was any content strategy that works.

Like anything worth the effort, building an engaged community around your content takes time. It’s not so much about sparking interest in your brand but about nurturing it little by little.

The problem is that engaging an audience one post at a time can be exhausting for many content marketers. Even worse, their efforts may result in 15 minutes of fame rather than a long-term, sustainable impact.

Luckily, video series marketing can be a great solution to these problems.

A video series strategy revolves around producing video content regularly under the same tone and style. And while it sounds simple, it can be a powerful tool to build a close-knit community around your video content.

Want to know how? Well, let’s dig into why and how serialized videos can be the best content marketing decision you take this year!

What Is a Video Series?

A video series consists of multiple videos created with the same style, tone, and purpose. It often revolves around a particular area of interest closely tied to your industry.

Some series can be educational, others informative, and others are quite salesy, but all of them should strive to entertain!

The reason? If a series fails to entertain, the viewer won’t want to come back for more. That’s crucial in video series marketing since the audience usually remains the same throughout the whole series, unlike other video strategies in which it might fluctuate from video to video.

These assiduous viewers are more than just casual spectators. They engage actively with your content by subscribing, liking, sharing, and leaving comments. Thanks to the series, they may grow a liking to your brand and hold it in high regard.

More importantly, they may help others do so as well!

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The Marketing Benefits of Serialized Videos

Ok, this strategy sounds awesome. But you might be wondering, is there really any difference between creating a series and posting different videos regularly?

Oh yes, there is.

For starters, the production process. A serialized production becomes part of your routine, being easier to carry out. Many essential decisions, such as the premise, planning, and distribution, would be taken on day one, so all that’s left to do is keep the wheel turning.

This way, you don’t have to rack your brains thinking about what on Earth to post next. You just take a single premise and dig further into it during each episode!

Another big difference is the audience. As said earlier, a video series audience is usually more involved in your content than your average viewer. But even more important, their relationship with your brand goes beyond commercial transactions.

They connect with your brand on an emotional level, feeling both trust and empathy. This has a tremendous impact on their buying decisions, as no matter how economical or excellent your competition’s products or services are, your audience will instead go with a brand they can empathize with.

Take, for instance, the next series by Sephora. If you look down at the comment section, you will find tons of people writing to the hosts, who are also the company’s Beauty Directors, as if they knew them. When these people purchase a Sephora product, they aren’t just buying from a business – they are buying from Myesha and David.

.sephoras holiday gift edit episo

What Should Your Series Be About?

Video series marketing isn’t limited to a single type of video. The truth is that you can create serialized content from every video style– it all depends on your audience’s interests.

That said, it’s always a good idea to look for inspiration. So, let’s explore some video styles that are commonly seen in series and see the benefits they can bring about:

Explainer Videos

A series of explainer videos can be ideal for when you are covering complex topics. Whether you are offering educational content or merely describing your value proposition, explainers can deliver your message in a simple and fun way.


Companies often use explainer series when their product or service has multiple uses, like DocuSign! This brand needed to explain the different industries in which their app could shine – so they did an explainer video per each of them! In the following case, they touch upon life sciences, but they also created videos about the insurance field and the real estate business, among others.

Talk Shows

It’s common to find series revolving around talk shows, especially among companies that offer consulting services and wish to show their expertise. And really, it’s not hard to see why they go with these videos: talk shows provide an easy and low-cost solution to businesses who are trying to get into video series marketing while also being highly informative to the audience.

Producing a talk show is slightly simpler than creating other video types since you don’t need to film complicated camera moves or hire a bunch of actors to have an ok interview. All you need is a host and a guest – which, in turn, makes their roles way too important.

They both are people you need to select with extreme care, as they can make or break the entire talk show.

Not to put pressure on your hosts, but the show depends significantly on their charisma and ability to connect with guests and ask on-point questions. The guest also plays a vital role, as they should be people your audience actually wants to hear.

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How-to Videos

You simply can’t go wrong with a how-to video.

On top of being entertaining, how-to videos are helpful. They educate viewers in a practical sense, so your audience is bound to appreciate this sort of series. In fact, these videos are known for attracting tons of organic traffic.

You can create a series of tutorials regarding a process related to your industry or showing how to handle your product or service correctly. The latter how-to video style can attract both potential buyers and current customers who need help leveraging your product or service, killing two birds with one stone.

The next how-to video series is meant to teach Spotify artists how to triumph within the platform. Cool, isn’t it?

.welcome to the game plan

Documentary series

This format is becoming more popular every day.

Docu-series productions often start with a solid premise in mind, but the final result depends significantly on how the action unfolds, remaining unknown even for the video makers.

These series are far from being promotional – more often than not, the brand’s name is hardly even mentioned. However, they do tend to be quite emotional, so they excel at striking a chord with viewers.

Docu-series are a great option if you are embarking on a project you want your audience to know about or if there’s a story that resonates with your company’s values.

Take this documentary series by MailChimp. It’s called ‘Second Act,’ and it revolves around people who quit their lifetime jobs to become entrepreneurs. The series is far from covering email marketing automation, the company’s area of expertise. That said, it does resonate with many startups’ owners – the public MailChimp tries to appeal with this series.

Do You Need a Video Series?

Not all businesses can afford to create an in-house studio for regularly producing video content. A great alternative then is to partner with a video production company that you can comfortably work with without having to ask anything twice.

That video company can be Yum Yum Videos.

Having a flexible production process, we can adapt our workflow to your time needs. We really hate to disappoint our clients, so you can bet we’ll deliver right on time.

Producing the first video episode can take us up to 12 weeks, including however long it takes to modify the piece according to your feedback. Two weeks after that, you can be sure you’ll have the second episode in your hands. In two more weeks, you’ll have the third one, and so on.

Remember, our production process is adaptable to your time needs, so we can work on a different timeframe if you need a video sooner.

But this is not the only benefit we bring to the table! There are some other reasons why our production process can work wonders for creating your video series:

  • Our videos have premium quality.
  • We only build fully customized video content.
  • Apart from being flexible, our production process is highly efficient.
  • Our price-quality ratio is one of the best in the market.
  • We maintain a fluid communication flow, something vital for the long production process of a series.

We have more than a decade of experience working with different-sized companies, from small businesses to household firms like Fox, Walmart, McKesson, RedBull, and DocuSign – yes, we built their explainer video series!

But enough chit-chat. As video marketers, we believe in showing rather than telling. So, let’s forget about words for a moment and just take a close look at our latest reel. Do you like it as much as we do?

.explainer video reel 2023 yum yu 68

This is just a bit of what we can do. You can get a better taste of our work by visiting our portfolio, and while at it, don’t hesitate to ask for a quote! We’ll be happy to answer any question you may have 😉

One Last Thing Before You Go…

Video series marketing is one of the best – if not the best – content strategies for the long run.

Slowly but steadily, you can attract people keen on your industry and gain their affinity and respect.

Even better, these videos help you engage with your target audience beyond a commercial bond. They allow viewers to see you as more than just a brand, making it easier for them to empathize with your business and its ideals.

The only caveat about episodic content is not to expect instant results.

As we said earlier, this is a gradual process. So, don’t get disappointed if your first episode doesn’t deliver the results you are after – it is just your starting point! Your mission is to nurture the audience from there, shaping your content according to their interests along the way.

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