7 Types Of Video Content To Improve Your Sales Cycle

24 November, 2017  

The sales cycle is one of the main points in any video marketing strategy. It’s not enough to do it ‘just ok’, though; it has to be the best! So, as marketers, we’re always looking for new ways to improve the process, and the most effective way to do this is by using video content.

Why? Because video content is one of the most effective types of content out there. It’s what’s shaping the present and the future of online marketing!

So, if you want to boost your sales, you need to use the best type of content you can produce. But also, you need to know your sales process from A to Z.

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Let’s Talk About the Sales Cycle

Your Sales Cycle is basically the backbone of your marketing strategy.

With it, you will know exactly what kind of interactions your audience wants to have with your brand, and how to meet them with the right content.

But how? Well, basically because it is a repeatable list of interactions that your sales team should have with your leads, in order to successfully close a sale.

It’s a strategy, an outline, a plan of the processes that need to take place. It’s defined by three main stages — awareness, consideration and decision.

  • Awareness Stage

The awareness stage traces the first contact between your prospects and your brand. In this stage, they’re just becoming aware of a certain problem they have. They’re doing research about it, looking for information, and that’s exactly what you should deliver.

Video content that educates, that gives relevant information and that’s useful to your prospects.

  • Consideration Stage

The consideration stage is the middle of the process. Now, you have qualified marketing leads, and these leads are ready to start considering different options to solve their problems.

These leads are more informed, about the challenges they’re facing and about your brand and product.

This is great because you want them to choose your brand! But you want this decision to be an informed one.

  • Decision Stage

This is the stage in which your prospects will make the awaited purchase decision!

Right now it’s the best moment to use video in a way that will answer all the final questions your leads may have, and also boost brand trust.

It’s so important to be aware of these stages! Because if you know your prospect’s needs, you’ll be able to deliver the exact video content they need, and like this you’ll be improving your inbound marketing strategy.

So, in order to improve your inbound marketing strategy, and also your sales process, you must learn how to use video content! And what’s more important — how to use it right.

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Using Video in a Smart Way

Let’s talk a bit about why you should be using video. And how to use it in an effective way!

Video content is so much more engaging and interesting than regular content. You see, YouTube claims that video consumption is rising 100% every year, and that’s incredible. But that’s not all. 90% of online users claim that videos are influential in their decision process.

So, video content will definitely improve your sales process. The trick here is this: knowing that different types of video will work better for different stages in the cycle!

If you know which types of video you can use for every stage, then you’re one step closer to having the best sales process! Let’s see how.

Improving the Sales Cycle with Video Content

As we discussed before, there are different types of video content. Each type will work best for a specific stage of the cycle!

Let’s look at some situations that you can improve upon by using video.

#1. Awareness Stage

First, in the awareness stage your prospects are just becoming aware of a certain problem they have. And what do they do when they have a problem? They do research about it!

During this stage, you must be there to provide the answers to the questions they’re looking for. Not only will you be saving your sales team a lot of valuable time, but you will also be offering valuable and interesting content to attract new audiences.

During the awareness stage, your way to go is to use informative videos, like these two:

  • Educational Videos

Educational Videos help you deliver valuable information to your customers. This is the kind of content they’re looking for!

These videos are highly shareable and interesting for your leads. Why? Because with them, you’re going to be answering the exact questions they’re looking for! This way, you’ll also be attracting new traffic in an organic way.

Let me show you an example!

  • How To Videos

How To Videos will use an educational approach to teach new things to your audience, in an engaging way. Your audience loves to learn new things! So, use this in your favor.

Answer their questions. Also, use these videos as a chance to introduce your product (without being too ‘sales-y’, yet). Introduce it as an example of the right way to solve their problems. By doing this, you’ll be paving the way for the second stage!

#2. Consideration Stage

The second stage is the consideration stage. Right now, your prospects are now more aware of your product, and they’re considering it between different options that might solve their problems.

So, if you want to stand out from the rest, your same old sales pitch might not be enough! It’s time to spice it up with some great video content.

  • Product Videos

With product videos, your goal is to show, not tell! You’re going to show your product in action. One way to do this is to show a real person using your product, and show how it works, but it doesn’t always have to be a live-action video!

Use your imagination: you can use animated marketing videos for this, or screencast videos (which are great for showcasing digital products or services).

How to make an animated video

  • Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are the cherry on the cake of online videos! It’s a type of video content that works great for the consideration stage, because it will turn any complex concept into a simple and fun one.

An explainer video uses great storytelling and animation techniques, to create a story that will engage your audience.

This way, you’ll be able to introduce your product to your prospects and explain why they need it, all in a couple of seconds.

It’s also very versatile too, because there are various types of explainer videos. Let’s take a look at one example!

#3. Decision Stage

During the decision stage, your leads are about to make the purchase decision. If they haven’t made one yet, it is because they still don’t have enough trust in your product or your brand.

To boost brand trust, it’s crucial to use the right type of video content. It’s time to give them real reasons to trust your brand and product!

It will be simple, but only if you do it the right way.

  • Customer Testimonial Videos

Do you want a type of video that is powerful and boosts brand trust? Then you need a customer testimonial video.

This type of video will give the validation your prospects need in order to make a purchase decision.

Why? Because you can repeat a million times that your brand is amazing, but your prospects may not believe it, if it’s just your brand self-promoting itself. What they will believe is real client reviews, just like them, confirming that your brand is, indeed, amazing.

So, let your happy customers do the talking. Let me show you an example:

  • FAQ Videos

With FAQ Videos, you’ll be able to answer any last doubts your leads may have.

To make this kind of video, you can try to record some interviews with your team, in which they answer those frequently asked questions.

  • Company Story Videos

With Company Story Videos, you’re showing the real people behind your brand. This way, by telling your story, you’re trusting your leads, and they will trust you in return.

These types of videos are great to create a strong brand image. Remember, you want your video to be authentic, so ditch the script in this stage! The more natural and real, the better.

Let’s sum this up!

So, your sales process is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy! It’s the backbone, the main plan of the interactions between your brand and your leads.

It breaks into three main stages, awareness, consideration and decision. In each one of these stages, your leads have different needs, and you have to meet those needs with the right kind of video content.

For the awareness stage, use videos that educate your audience, giving them the information they need. For the consideration stage, it’s time to spice it up! Improve your sales pitch with useful videos that show your product and its benefits. And, for the decision stage, close sales by building brand trust.
At Yum Yum Videos, we know how important it is to have the best quality video content to improve your sales cycle! This is why we have the best team of professionals to help you create content that’ll boost your sales. Do you want to know more? Then we’d love to hear from you!

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