Top 15 Product Demo Video Companies to Keep an Eye Out For (With Examples!)

A fantastic demo videoor ‘product demo’ for short – can often be the difference between a potential customer committing to a purchase or subscription or walking away.

It only makes sense when you consider that well over 230 million people in the US alone are buying things digitally, and a video is the next best thing online shoppers have to a hands-on experience.

But behind every successful product video production out there, there’s a talented, creative studio working hard to create assets that help other companies achieve their eCommerce goals.

So, we’ve compiled a shortlist of 15 such product demo companies – along with some of the best product video examples of their work – to help and inspire anyone looking to add a demo video to their marketing toolbelt.


How to Identify a Skilled Product Demo Video Company

As powerful a conversion tool as these pieces can be, not every product demonstration video works the same. What’s more, not every product demo company out there can make one that actually helps you sell more!

There are a handful of essential qualities no marketing content can do without, and nowhere are they more important than in a demo video. It is not enough to present your product, but you have to do it in a way that resonates with viewers and prompts them into action!

So, as you look for and consider the work of different product demo companies out there, here are some key aspects you might want to pay attention to:

  • Production Quality: A provider’s portfolio should give you a solid idea of the overall quality of their content and tell you if it aligns with what you want for your piece.
  • Communication: Creating a fantastic video demonstration requires a lot of back-and-forth. Making sure you can communicate swiftly and clearly with a provider is vital.
  • Uniqueness: Awesome demo videos stand out from the crowd, so any company you consider for the job should be able to create entirely customized pieces from the ground up and without the need for templates or rehashing assets.
  • Experience: It never hurts to check a provider’s feedback on previous jobs. It helps get a sense of how they operate and what previous clients think of it.
  • Pricing: A product demo video will be directly tied to the perceived quality of your product, so templates or cheap assets are unadvisable. However, a company that charges a lot is not guaranteed to deliver a worthy product either. Shop around and compare pricing structures to find a high-quality service that can work with your budget.

These key aspects will let you know you are in good hands, and signal the level of quality a company like ours can produce. Such as this video we made for our friends at Fonoa!

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Top 15 Product Demo Video Companies to Keep an Eye Out For!

  • Yum Yum Videos
  • BX Films
  • Veracity Colab
  • CRFT Video
  • Kyro
  • Casual Films
  • Rocketwheel
  • Slon Media
  • YDraw
  • Sparkhouse
  • The DVI Group
  • Brandefy
  • Picturelab
  • ShootYou
  • DemoDuck

#1 Yum Yum Videos – Product Video Production Company

Self-promotion aside, rest assured we wouldn’t figure on this list if we weren’t proud and confident about the work we do for our clients here at Yum Yum.

Every video we produce starts from a focus on our clients’ ideas and core message that we then turn into a visually captivating, creative, and most importantly, effective marketing piece designed to remain in your customers’ minds even long after they watched.

Thanks to an incredibly talented and experienced team, an adamant drive to meet and surpass the industry’s high-quality benchmark, and tons of caffeine, we’ve been successful in achieving and maintaining that standard. Providing each of our clients with:

  • Fully customized demo video production services that fit their needs.
  • Top-notch production quality across the board (visuals, animations, sound design, etc.)
  • A detail-oriented production process with adaptable timetables to fit your schedule.
  • An unmatched price-quality guarantee for every video we work on.

Thanks to those elements, we’ve been able to partner up and work alongside hundreds of recognizable brands from across the globe, including household names like American Express, Walmart, Red Bull, McKesson, and DocuSign… to name a few.

But you don’t have just to take us at our word! We love to let our work and clients do the talking for us whenever possible. Check out this sample from our video portfolio:

And this cool product video we developed for our friends at Accelerant!

So, if you are looking for a unique, compelling, and effective product or explainer video that makes a difference, get in touch! We can certainly help 😉


#2 Bx Films

An outstanding concept-to-consumer agency located in the Bay Area, Bx Films focuses on telling stories from people and brands that move the world forward. Their work on demo video pieces is remarkable, with shooting and editing techniques well above industry standards.


#3 VeracityColab

With over a decade of experience, the folks at VeracityColab are well acquainted with product demonstration videos. With a production process that revolves around storytelling and audience-driven scripts, they can certainly create a product video that stands out.


#4 CRFT Video

As a self-stated “design-driven” animation studio, this New York-based product video production company does a great job creating product video pieces that stand out! With distinctive and creative styles and approaches, they are certainly worth taking a look at.

#5 Kyro

This company stands out for its client-focused approach – something that we here at Yum Yum can definitively get behind! With a robust, cooperative philosophy and an emphasis on getting to know their clients and their audience, Kyro can make a really impressive product demo video content.


#6 Casual Films

A company specializing in compelling short films for global businesses that doubles down as video consultants whose expertise lies in corporate communications. With a lot of experience in the medium and a brilliant team, Casual Films can undoubtedly make a memorable demo video!


#7 Rocketwheel

A somewhat smaller team than the previous entries on the list, Rocketwheel is more than worthy of its inclusion. With outstanding product video examples under its belt, the company has more than proven it can do the job and do it right.

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#8 SLON Media

A well-rounded marketing video company, SLON has worked hard to produce visual content for social, web, and mobile platforms that stands out. With a lot of creativity and tech know-how behind every project, they are adept at making product demo videos that get people’s attention.


#9 Ydraw

With a very streamlined process, Ydraw’s production revolves around three key aspects: A good product, a great video, and an effective distribution campaign. By following that philosophy, they’ve grown really used to streamlining product video production with the demo video style; to great success.


#10 Sparkhouse – Product Video Production Company

Based in Orange County, California, Sparkhouse is a reliable video production company that aims to fuse the art of filmmaking with the new trends and tools of the digital age. Just like the rest of their portfolio, their product demonstration pieces showcase creativity and bold storytelling worth your attention.


#11 The DVI Group

Having started as a video production company, DIV is now a strategy-driven video communications agency that continues to put out fantastic marketing pieces, including product demo videos optimized to capture attention while delivering information effectively.


#12 Brandefy

An award-winning, Los Angeles-based full-service production video production company, Brandefy has worked on TV and web video campaigns that produce results. Like us, they understand the power of good stories and make sure every demo video they work on has a narrative to support them.


#13 Picturelab

With many effective, engaging, and clever marketing videos under their belt, Picturelab is definitely worth checking out. A full-service provider with a streamlined end-to-end production process, the company is well acquainted with the demo video style and how to make it work.


#14 Shoot You

A product video production company with bases in NY, London, and Amsterdam, Shoot You has an incredibly experienced staff and a track record that goes over two decades. Working with both B2B and B2C pieces, their skills in demo video production is exceptional, and their work earns a spot among some of the best product video examples we’ve seen.

#15 DemoDuck

With a firm belief in videos’ power to humanize a brand, promote products, and educate customers, DemoDuck’s pieces tend to work well as well-rounded marketing pieces. Their work on product demonstration and demo video production is a great example of that fact.


And there it is! An optimized list with some of the best product demo video production companies you can find on the market. Each of which is more than equipped to bring your demo video to life in creative, impactful, and effective ways!

And while we can’t speak to the rest, we can say that at Yum Yum Videos, we manage to do so by focusing on our client’s goals from the start.

We focus on getting to know our clients – and their customers’ – needs, as well as the products involved and the core message they want to get across. It’s an approach that allows us to fully customize every product video we work on, ensuring their expectations are met and surpassed!

All in all, our priority is to deliver a compelling, high-quality product demo. One crafted through keen attention to detail and ongoing collaboration with our clients.

The results? Charming demo videos full of personality and optimized to deliver results.

But enough reading for now! If you are still curious about our product video production process, why not watch this lovely video we made, going into further detail on how we make videos that taste different?

How Much Does a Product Video Cost?

A lot of factors come into play when it comes to product video production pricing. That said, the price of a high-quality product video usually sits between $2.000 and $15.000 per minute of video.

It all depends on the level of quality you are going for. A single freelancer can potentially work on a single video, but more professional pieces might require the work of a video production company.

Wrapping Up!

A professionally made, fully customized, compelling product demonstration video can be a game-changer in most marketing campaigns. That much is evident in this day and age, where most customers make purchases online long before interacting directly with a product.

But the only way to get a video like that is by partnering up with skilled product demo companies that know what they are doing and excel at their execution!

And while you won’t find each and every one of those talented teams on this list, it should still help you begin your search and prove to be an asset in helping find some of the best product video examples and connect with a provider that can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Best of luck!

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