The 10 YouTube Video Marketing Statistics You Need for 2022

20 November, 2020  

Who hasn’t been trapped at least once by YouTube’s gripping rabbit hole? It always starts innocently with one video, a handy tutorial maybe. And before you know it, it’s past midnight, and you’ve been watching funny dog compilations for the past two hours!

But that’s the thing with YouTube – It’s incredibly useful, entertaining, and addictive. Add to that its immense video library where 2 billion users spend hours browsing for content, and you’d be hard-pressed to find another digital environment more fitting to share original videos, engage audiences, and boost online exposure.

That said, to master this great platform like a real pro and build a competitive YouTube brand presence, it’s imperative to stay on top of the latest numbers, statistics, and overall trends – which is why we’re here today!

We’ve put together some of the most important YouTube video marketing metrics that you need for 2022 — handpicked to give you valuable insight on how people are using the platform, their preferences, and how your business can take advantage of that!

Video Marketing Metrics 2021

People love watching videos on YouTube on a daily basis

We wanted to start with this one to give a clear picture of YouTube’s immense power: Every single day, people watch over one billion hours of video, generating billions of views (source).

Whether it’s for discovering new artists, keeping up with the news, entertaining themselves, or learning something new, YouTube is the go-to destination for watching, commenting and sharing videos. So, it goes without saying that your brand needs a presence on the platform.

Now, with video being audiences’ preferred type of content, chances are you already have several pieces under your belt. With that in mind, a simple but effective strategy is to create a YouTube channel that you can use as a “secondary website” of sorts; to centralize your videos, market your products, and give your brand more exposure.

For example, you can start by setting up different playlists according to users’ needs or common interests, like developing a Customer Service hub with tutorials and FAQs. Or you can also upload your product videos to showcase how they work, share customer testimonials with positive reviews, etc.

What’s great about YouTube is it provides a robust analytics panel that you can use to monitor your content’s performance, understand viewers’ preferences, and adjust your channel’s strategies according to that.

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Users are increasingly active on YouTube

According to Alexa, YouTube users visit each day an average of 9.1 pages and browse for about 16m 36s (source). Two figures that have been growing by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years.

These increasing levels of user activity on the platform speak volumes of how engaging YouTube is. Something that goes hand-in-hand with its effective algorithms, as they suggest it’s users precisely what to watch next and keep them longer on the site.

All in all, people are more than willing to click around to explore channels and discover new videos. For business owners and creators, this means that YouTube is an ideal ecosystem that provides accessibility to a broader and highly engaged audience.

Take into account, though, that you’ll be competing against a lot of videos, so optimizing your pieces is not optional! Make sure to use relevant keywords, write a compelling title and an informative description (keywords included), customize your thumbnail image, add tags, etc.

Mobile is king on the platform

As more and more people use their phones to do just about everything, it’s no wonder that around 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices (source).

This video marketing metric for 2022 demonstrates why businesses should keep mobile optimization top-of-mind when setting up their campaigns and developing their pieces – for both marketing content and paid advertising. (More on this in a minute.)

For example, thumbnail images play a huge role in defining whether viewers click on your videos or not. So, it’s vital to design them according to mobile screens and make them eye-catching, enticing, and understandable – especially if they include text.

The same goes for your video titles – they can’t be too long or super wordy because mobiles display fewer characters. So, prioritize short, clear, and persuasive titles that hook viewers right away.

Entertaining educational content is big hit on YouTube

Of all the many different types of content available, the top four categories watched by YouTube users are comedy, music, entertainment, and “how-to(source).

The last category can be of particular interest for brands since it reveals that viewers rely a lot on YouTube to learn new things. Meaning that, by sharing industry-related educational videos and tutorials, the platform can effectively help them foster trust and build authority.

Now, let’s not forget that entertainment is clearly another great driver of engagement on YouTube. So, you need to make sure that your videos are engaging and original as well as useful – or, as YouTube itself likes to call it, create “edutainment” content.

A huge benefit of the platform is that it doesn’t matter how specific or unique you might think your knowledge is; there’s a niche for it. And someone will find your videos worth their attention and time. Just don’t forget to keep them relevant and fun to watch!

YouTube’s premium ad boost ad recall & purchase intent

A new study revealed that ads on high-performing videos – AKA, YouTube Select – drive a lift in ad recall of 112% (source). On top of this impressive video marketing metric for 2022, we also have that these premium ads show an average increase in purchase intent of 53%.

In case you’re wondering, YouTube Select is a program that recently replaced Google Preferred ads. Basically, it offers brands content packs called “lineups”, each tailored according to the brand’s marketing needs. The main goal is to help them extend their campaigns’ reach by placing their ads on relevant channels, content categories, and videos.

Clearly, these are numbers hard to ignore, especially if you’re planning on investing part of your advertising budget on YouTube. So, you might want to consider using these premium ads to take your strategy to the next level, as they will impact more effectively on your brand lift metrics and can help you increase your conversions.

YouTube is becoming a powerful tool for brand discovery

In terms of usage, research shows that 90% of shoppers have discovered a brand or product through YouTube (source). Yes, that’s right – 90%!

On top of that, according to the platform’s creators, a lot of online shoppers (70%) say they’re open to learning about products and brands with YouTube videos, especially at the beginning of their buying process.

Both of these staggering video marketing metrics for 2022 reveal something exciting: YouTube is far from being just a platform that users go to when they want to be entertained; it’s also turning into a discovery and inspirational search engine for curious potential buyers.

All in all, this shopping behavior confirms that YouTube is a fertile ground that can help brands connect with top-of-the-funnel prospects. Therefore, you should cater to them with the type of content they expect during that stage – that is, videos that will help them understand how to solve their problems or needs. For such purposes, educational videos, explainers, and branded pieces are the way to go!

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YouTube videos can influence purchase decisions

Besides holding great potential of becoming a search engine for brand and product discovery, YouTube can also drive sales. Around 68% of users say they watched a YouTube video to help them decide whether to buy a product or not (source).

Based on this YouTube video statistic, it’s clear that the platform can play a defining role in every step of the purchase process. So, it’s critical to expand your strategy to drive metrics beyond the awareness stage, and start sharing videos on YouTube to influence the decision-making process!

For example, customer testimonial videos, product demonstrations, and company stories are the types of marketing videos that can engage highly interested shoppers and encourage them to close the deal.

People respond better to relatable content

Understanding what people expect from your content can really help you develop better-targeted videos. That being said, for YouTube users, video relatability is 60% more important than production quality (source).

This video marketing metric for 2022 primarily suggests that what really makes people tick and respond positively is content aligned with their interests, values, and stories. And for that, brands should know their target audiences like the back of their hands.

Doing so will make your videos more effective, increase their organic view count and overall reach. But, most importantly, it’ll help you build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your subscribers.

In conclusion, people online want to feel some sort of connection, doubly so from brands they like. Keep your pieces authentic, human, and make sure they address topics that will resonate with your target audience’s experiences.

YouTube users accept watching longer videos

Defining a video’s ideal length can be a tricky business – If it’s too short, you might not get your message across like you should. And if it’s too long, there’s a chance viewers won’t feel encouraged to watch it.

All things considered, a recent report shows that YouTube videos’ ideal length is up to 10 minutes long (source).

Mind you; it’s all going to depend on your target audience and, above all, the type of video you develop – It’s not the same watching a tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet as learning how to play a song on the guitar.

All in all, even though brevity is a video marketing currency these days, it’s evident that YouTube audiences are more prepared to engage with longer, more in-depth pieces. You can take advantage of that and use the platform to upload interesting and compelling videos that explore topics in more detail.

Mobile ads have impressive performance

Before we wrap things up, here’s a final and very interesting YouTube video metric to plan your 2022 – YouTube mobile ads are 84% more likely to receive attention than TV ads (source).

Now, let’s highlight that attention paid to an ad is significantly correlated with crucial brand metrics. Meaning that more attention translates into higher ad recall, brand awareness, recommendation, and consideration.

So, for advertisers trying to decide where to spend their budgets, YouTube mobile ads might be a very good alternative. Considering their impressive performance and the fact that more and more users are accessing the platform via mobile, a targeted, well-implemented video ad campaign for mobile can help you capitalize on your efforts big time.

Parting Thoughts

When it comes to sheer volume of video content consumption, YouTube is the dominant force by a far stretch. Whether it’s for pure entertainment, educational purposes, or to find inspiration for the next purchase, people keep coming back to the platform for more!

For marketers and content creators, this means that YouTube provides a unique and effective environment for video-powered campaigns. Helping them to boost brand awareness, engage users, and ultimately encourage them to take action.

But understanding the platform’s ins-and-outs is imperative to use its resources wisely and make your efforts count. Hopefully, these b2b video marketing metrics and YouTube video statistics will provide clear indicators on trends and user preferences to help you guide your strategies.

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