How To Make The Best Product Demo Video For Your Business

17 September, 2018  

Product Demonstration Videos are some powerful pieces. They explain your brand and your product or service in just a few seconds and help you catch your audience’s attention in a quick way. Like this one!

So, if you are wondering if this type of video could help enhance your marketing strategy, the answer is Yes. It can boost conversions and attract qualified leads, besides many other benefits that we’ll mention soon. BUT…

As with everything in life, product demonstrations have to be done right to actually do the trick.

But don’t fret! We got you covered: today, we’ll show you how to make an awesome video demonstration, and we’ll tell which are the best product demo video services out there. Let’s get to it, shall we?

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Why You Need a Product Demo Video for Your Business

A product demonstration is one of the best ways to give prospects a nudge to the last stage of the Buyer’s journey.  

You see, a video demonstration not only explains what your product or service does, but also points out how it can solve the customer’s pain point and why it is the best solution.  

It sounds simple, right? And yet, you’d be surprised at how beneficial a product demonstration can be. Just take a look at the facts!

  • It can increase conversions. 8 out of 10 people have bought a product after seeing a video about it. 
  • You can get your message across in just a matter of minutes, lowering the chances of people clicking away from your content.
  • A product demonstration video ensures that your audience fully understands your product or service, resulting in more qualified leads.
  • Using video can give you a presence on YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, and the platform that 55% of customers consult before buying a product.
  • Video is the type of content with the highest ROI.

See? Adding a video demonstration into your content strategy can be one of the best choices you make this year. And in all likelihood, it’s a decision you will want to repeat again and again!

How to Make a Great Product Demonstration Video

Not every video demonstration manages to succeed! There are certain steps you need to take in order to make a great one. Let’s take a look!

1. Start With the Product Demo Script

The first step is to create the product demo script. Scripts are the backbone of any kind of explainer video: they will give you the structure for the rest of the piece.

A demo script should always be short and straight to the point: You want your audience to watch the video all the way through, but viewers have a short attention span, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

What we can do is keep our videos short  ―and for this, you should keep your demo script short as well. Here’s the magic number: 240 words in English makes for about 90 video seconds, which is enough time for you to explain your product or service without anyone losing interest in the story. 

Another tip for product demo scripts is to focus on solutions instead of features. Of course, it can be very tempting to describe every little asset of your product or service, but you’ll find other occasions to do that – instead, try to explain which problems it can solve, and how it does this effectively.

This will engage your audience, and it will help them understand why your product is so valuable.

For your product demo script, the best thing to do is to use a simple narrative arc with a beginning, a middle, and an end. In this case, these three main points should answer these questions: what, how, and why.

Use the power of storytelling to show:

  • What your product or service does and the problem it solves;
  • How it solves it in an efficient way;
  • And why your customers should choose your brand over the competition.

Finally, always finish with a clear Call-To-Action. Your audience should walk away knowing exactly what the next step is.

One final caveat before we move on: don’t include multiple CTAs in one video. If your marketing strategy really needs it, you could create two or three versions of the video, using different Call-To-Actions in each one.

2. After the Demo Script Is done, It’s Time for the Storyboard!

Once the demo script is done, it’s time to create the visual sequence for the video. This is known as a storyboard, and it’s usually made of a series of frames representing the video’s key moments paired with a description of the scene and the script. Let’s take a look!

In this example, you can see each frame representing a crucial moment in the video. There’s a description of the animation just below each image, and further down, the dialogue or narration for that specific moment.

It’s not hard to make a storyboard, but it can be tricky if you don’t follow a detailed and strict order for the frames + descriptions and voiceovers. But don’t worry! We’ve created a lot of storyboards, so we’ve got some tips for you:

  • Number each frame consecutively. This will help you keep a nice order of what has been done, so nobody on your team forgets any key part of the product demo video.
  • Measure the voiceover (VO) in each frame. Make sure that it’s not too much narration for that particular scene.
  • Write down a clear description of what’s happening in each frame, even if it’s redundant. This will help you avoid potential misunderstandings during the illustration and animation stages.

And that’s it! You are now ready to create an awesome storyboard that helps you envision your product demonstration video.

3. Model Your Characters After Your Audience

During the demo script + storyboard phase, you’ll give shape to the story you’re going to tell. Now it’s time to choose the faces of your video: the characters. These little people can help you get your message across in an engaging way and keep your story moving forward.

But that’s not all they do! They should also help your audience identify with your message. That’s why it’s vital to use a protagonist that’s modeled after them (or, at least, after your buyer personas).

In case you’ve forgotten, buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your customers that help you have a clear idea of who you’re targeting with your message.

Buyer personas are really fun to make! You can add them demographic and sociological details, and give them names and occupations.

Then when the time of building your character comes, you just have to base it on your buyer personas. Since they’re representations of your audience, there’s a big chance that your actual audience will identify with them! They’ll feel instantly connected to your video demonstration, which is a great advantage for your brand.


4. Forget About Templates!

High-quality videos are essential to get real results. So forget about using templates!

There are lots of video templates on the internet, and some of them can be very affordable. In all likelihood, they have already been used by plenty of other companies, so there are many identical videos out there.

Video content is getting more popular (and more important!) every day. If your content can’t stand out from the crowd, then it won’t help you improve your sales, and it won’t convince anyone.

You see, video content ―as any other part of a marketing strategy ―is an investment. But if your product demonstration is not actually yours, then it won’t serve its purpose. You’ll lose what you’re investing, even if it’s as little as a cheap template you found online and a couple of hours worth of work.

Always go for a video demonstration that represents your brand’s spirit, and that’s made to fit your brand’s specific needs.

5. Customize It!

And how can you make an explainer video that’s unmistakably yours? Three magic words! (Okay, just one): Customize, customize, and customize.

Make a product demo video that looks and feels like the rest of your content, brand identity, and communication style. Your customers should recognize it as a part of your brand – even when the video is out of context!

You can do this in many ways. One of them is to use your brand’s colors! Include them as the main colors in your video’s palette, like we did in this video for DocuSign:

Always reinforce your brand’s identity when creating any kind of video – but especially a product demonstration. This is what will give your product the reliability you need to close a sale!

6. Share Your Product Demonstration Video!

This step is not strictly part of your video’s production process, but still, it’s as essential as the rest, so it bears mentioning.

A carefully planned distribution strategy is what makes your target audience come across your product demonstration video. That’s why it’s vital to do thorough research on your audience’s digital behavior. 

Things as simple as knowing which platforms and devices they use the most, and which influencers they enjoy, can put you ahead of your competitors. Not to mention being familiar with the keywords they are looking for on search engines.

The idea is to meet your customers where they are, so adapt your social media and SEO strategy to your target audience’s behavior and increase your video demonstration’s visibility!

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Which Are the Best Product Demo Video Services

You’ve just learned the basics of a video demonstration production, but there’s actually an extra step that can define your video’s quality and effectiveness. We are talking about choosing the right product demo video service.

This is no minor decision. In fact, there are several aspects to be considered before making this kind of choice, just have a look:

  • Quality.  It’s vital to choose a product demo video service whose quality matches your expectations, so make sure to check the company’s portfolio before making a final decision.
  • Customization. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: customization is a critical aspect of any successful video demonstration, so don’t compromise it! Pick a product demo video service that creates fully customized pieces.
  • Price. Oftentimes, a cheap service translates into a poorly-crafted or generic piece. That said, a high cost does not always guarantee top-quality. Try to find a product demo video service whose price matches its quality.
  • Communication. Don’t you want to be informed of what’s going on with your video’s production? Then pick a video company that remains responsive throughout the whole process! 
  • Feedback. Checking out previous clients’ reviews on a product demo video service can help you make a more informed decision.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a video company, and it can definitely be a stressful decision. But don’t fret! To help you out, we’ve created a list of the best product demo video services out there. 

#1 Yum Yum Videos

Yes, we’ve put ourselves on the list. And no, it’s not because it’s our blog (well… not just because of that). 

We sincerely believe that we offer the best product demo video service, and it’s not hard to see why! Just take a look at what we bring to the table:

  • We have a first-rate production process that can be adapted to your company’s needs.
  • Our video demonstrations’ quality is outstanding, one of the best in the market.
  • We create 100% customized video demonstrations.
  • We ensure a fluent communication during the whole production cycle.
  • We offer the best price-quality guarantee.

On top of that, we’ve worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the world, such as Fox, McKesson, Wal-Mart, Red Bull, DocuSign, and the list goes on.

Sounds too good to be true? Just check out our latest reel and see our work’s quality with your own eyes!

So, if you are looking for a product demo video service that meets your needs, just drop us a line! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have 😉

#2 Demo Duck

Demo Duck takes pride in its team of curious professionals. They have been around since 2011, and during that time, they’ve managed to create over a hundred videos.

They work with both animation and live-action, but regardless of the technique, their video demonstrations always have a neat and thought-out aesthetic.


#3 Sandwich Video

This company not only creates product demonstration videos, as it recently started making TV commercials as well. Most of their projects are live-action, but they do work with animation from time to time.

Now, if we had to mention this product demo video service’s greatest asset, that would definitely be their creative and funny scripts. They are almost like their trademark!

#4 ThinkMojo

No matter how complex a video demonstration’s topic is, ThinkMojo strives to make it sound simple, and they often nail it! 

They work with different-sized companies, and just like us, they assure that every one of their projects is done “with purpose and intention.”

#5 Switch Video

Switch Video certainly has an extensive portfolio ―after all, they’ve made over 1,200 videos

This product demo video service delivers great-quality videos, and their communication flow is said to be as smooth as ours.

Summing Up…

Customize your content, create characters that behave like your buyer personas, tell a story that focuses on solutions instead of features, have a well-thought-out demo script and storyboard, and pick the right video company. This is the secret formula for product demonstration success!

It’s vital that you know what’s best for your brand – and these tips are definitely what’s best. It’s a lot of work, but the result is worth it. Remember: Video demonstrations are an investment, but they’re an investment worth making! After all, they’re the kind of content with the highest ROI in the market… So, the sooner you start creating your video, the better!

And if you need a hand with that, you can always write to us – Here at Yum Yum Videos, we’ll be happy to help.

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