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10 Key Facebook Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know In 2019


With roughly 2.2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is without a doubt one of the most important social networks to include in your social video marketing strategy.

Its platform provides every tool you could possibly need to endear your brand in your customer’s eyes, and its clever design works marvelously to raise user awareness and engagement through shares and comments.

Thus, as we go into 2019 and video continues to develop as the most influential type of content online, there are a handful of important video marketing statistics that I feel every business owner and online marketer should be aware of, in order to seize the full potential that using video on Facebook brings along.

So, without further ado, here are ten video marketing statistics for Facebook you need to know for 2019.

Half a billion people are watching videos on Facebook every day

When you stop to think about it, the immense potential to reach your audience that Facebook brings to the table is quite frankly staggering. Having such a massive pool of active users engaging with video content on a daily basis means that the platform’s a fertile ground where your videos are likely to catch a lot of eyes without the need to use massive amounts of resources.

Facebook videos generate a lot more organic traffic than images

On average, Facebook videos receive about 135% more organic traffic and engagement than images. We already know that more people prefer video content above any other type online. Yet, the fact that this trend is backed by such huge numbers further highlights the need to take advantage of the platform by businesses of all sizes.

Native videos significantly outperform linked content from other platforms

Videos hosted natively on Facebook’s platform perform as much as ten times better than video content that is merely linked or embedded in posts. This is an essential piece of data to keep in mind when you are trying to optimize your content dissemination process. Even if you primarily host your videos elsewhere – like your website or YouTube channel – giving priority to host it natively on Facebook gives your videos better chances to reach broader audiences.

45 seconds to 1 minute is the Goldilocks-zone for length.

Length is one of the most critical video marketing statistics that both, content creators and marketers alike should pay a great deal of attention to. As the appropriate length for one platform might not be ideal for another, aligning your content with people’s preferences can dramatically increase your video’s performance. Facebook videos that remain within this timeframe tend to perform better than longer or shorter ones.

The first three seconds are crucial

In a combined study between Facebook and Nielsen, it showed that when it comes to the value of video campaigns, the first three seconds generate about 47% of its value and 74% by those who watched less than ten seconds. These video marketing statistics showcase the importance of the very beginning of your videos, and an equal amount of effort needs to be allocated in making them pristine, to ensure the long-term health and success of your overall campaign.

Branded videos keep seeing a massive increase on the platform

When it comes to using video for branding and outreach, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better platform than Facebook, and the numbers prove it. Sponsored content has been enjoying a straight uptrend over the past few years with massive increases. Between 2016 and 2017, views on branded content increased a staggering 258%, an impressive number that you should factor in for your strategy’s planning and decision making.

Live Videos are a goldmine of engagement waiting to be tapped

There’s no denying that live videos in all platforms are progressively becoming an even more powerful asset when it comes to social video marketing, and yet I think most people are unaware of just how good they are in terms of generating engagement. Not only do people spend more time watching live videos (three times as much, to be precise) but they also manage to create as much as ten times the average amount of comments than regular videos do.

Vertical video is also making the rounds on the platform

After the introduction of IGTV and Instagram’s massive push for vertical video content, most people think that this new trend is relegated exclusively to their platform. This is far from the truth. In reality, vertical videos are proving to be equally advantageous on Facebook, a platform whose younger userbase uses almost exclusively mobile devices. Some A/B testing studies have found that vertical videos can reach over 50% more people, and do so at lower costs while generating better post engagement levels.

Most videos on Facebook are seen on a mobile device

As it happens with the rest of the content online, mobile compatibility has long ceased to be an alternative and has become a necessity. Facebook’s videos are no exception. People are five times more likely to watch your videos on Facebook using a smartphone, so placing a lot of emphasis on user-experience oriented design for mobile platforms is fundamental during your video making process to ensure they perform as best as possible.

Visually descriptive content is not optional

Here’s a remarkable video marketing statistic for Facebook that few people are even aware of: as much as 85% are being watched with no sound. 85% is a huge number! And while one can speculate as of the causes for this occurrence, I’m more interested in what we, marketers and content creators should extrapolate from it. Given the high probability of your videos on Facebook being reproduced without sound, the need for effective visual storytelling and subtitles become fundamental pieces of the production process.

With 2019 coming around the corner, it is essential to keep an eye on the numbers to get an effective feel for the trends and the best ways to guarantee your content’s success.

As you plan and begin to work on your video marketing content for Facebook, keep these insights in mind and make the most out of them. As they will provide a much needed reliable footing for your content to achieve your goals.

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