10 Instagram Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

24 April, 2020  

How many times have you checked Instagram today? Once? Twice? Numbers being what they are, chances are, most of us would reply “a few” at the very least! Whether to share our brunch pictures or find the perfect pair of shoes, most people can’t get enough of the platform.

And that represents a huge opportunity for anyone looking to boost their marketing efforts through video!

However, staying on top of Instagram’s dynamic trends can get overwhelming, very quickly. So, to make sure you’re taking advantage of the platform’s full potential, we’ve compiled the most important Instagram video statistics you should be aware of in 2022. 

Check them out!

And – just in case you aren’t clued in to the power of a solid content marketing strategy – here’s a cool explainer video that lays it all out!

Instagram average daily usage is off the charts

We wanted to start with something to give you a clear idea of how powerful Instagram can be as a marketing tool. Around 60% of users log in at least once a day, and spend an average of 28 minutes browsing the platform!

These numbers combined are a good indicator of how engaging the platform is – a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down! All in all, active users are more willing to pay attention to your brand’s content, making Instagram a fertile ground to attract new prospects and build a loyal community.

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Instagram’s THE platform to reach out to younger audiences

Understanding social media demographics helps you determine what type of content you can create for a specific group of people. For Instagram, it seems they’ve found a solid niche: 71% of their active users are under the age of 35, with a rather even gender mix – 52% of women and 48% of men. 

These numbers primarily suggest two things: Most businesses can benefit from Instagram, whether its primary customer base is male or female. And it also shows that the platform is the perfect environment to capture younger audiences! 

Instagram Stories are a “must-have” in your strategy

500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. They are clearly the new rising star and these staggering Instagram video statistics show precisely that.

With Stories, businesses have at their disposal, a fantastic communication tool – especially when you consider that a third of the most-viewed Stories are from brands

Storie’s time limit allows those brands to be more dynamic, casual, and approachable. Encouraging audiences to interact more with your content. How? Well, the creative possibilities are endless, really. You can showcase new products, use them to get feedback from customers, and create “behind-the-scenes” videos to give your audience a peek inside your company…  the list goes on!

Instagram video statistics

Video content on Instagram get the most engagement

Even though it was originally designed as a photo-sharing platform, the trend has changed. Instagram users now seem to respond a lot better to video content.

In terms of interactions, these posts have the highest overall engagement rate – 38% higher than photos, to be precise. This means that, if you develop creative video content, your follower’s degree of involvement can increase big time!

Luckily, Instagram is a very visual content-based app that makes sure to give marketers a variety of features and tools to develop enticing content. Whether you share regular videos, live videos, stories, or longer pieces on IGTV, you should take advantage of Instagram’s potential and use it to improve your interactions. 

Branded hashtags enhance user interactions a lot!

Another way to get more eyeballs on your content and improve your posts’ interactions is by using hashtags. It’s stated that the ideal number is to add between 9 to 12. However, even having at least one branded hashtag on a post – photo or video – can increase engagement up to 12%! 

Customized hashtags also help you raise brand awareness and encourage user-generated content. So, whether it’s for a video ad, an Instagram Story, or a standard post on your feed, our recommendation is to spend a fair amount of time developing fun and branded hashtags 🙂

Instagram users LOVE How-to videos

Who hasn’t binge-watched tons of Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos on Instagram?

Simple step-by-step tutorials are Instagrammers’ preferred type of video content, followed by behind-the-scenes posts and news coverage. This is related to the fact that most engaging content usually answers a need or solves a problem. 

So, as video continues its onward march as the leader of all content, this Instagram video statistic paints a clear picture of where you should put your marketing resources to boost your Instagram engagement numbers. 

Brands do extremely well on the platform

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram users are very open to following brands. 

A survey made by the app’s creators shows that 90% of accounts follow one business on Instagram. On top of that, almost 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily to get more information about the brand, products, or services!

This means that the platform introduces a very healthy user-brand environment. Something particularly attractive for growing businesses that are trying to increase their social media presence and visibility.

Instagram video statistics

Instagram plays a big role in purchase desicions

Even though Instagram is well-known as a discovery engine for brands, it can also drive sales. Around 80% of online shopping enthusiasts say that the app helps them decide whether to buy a product or not. That’s huge, right? 

As you can see with this Instagram video statistic, the platform can play a key role in every step of the purchase process. So you need to expand your strategy to drive metrics further to the awareness stage, and start developing creative content for your next campaign to impact the buyers’ decisions too! 

For example, you should post content that promotes discovery, like targeted ads or testimonials. But also, focus on posting limited-time offers that help during the decision time. 

Instagram users respond positively to Instagram ads

It’s estimated that at least 75% of Instagram users will take action after watching an ad. 

This may vary according to who you are targeting, at what stage of the sales funnel they are in, and what action you want them to take. But it can be from checking your business profile and following your account to even purchasing something. 

Whatever that action might be, the bottom line is users respond (a lot!) to ads on Instagram, especially to one format…

Video ads are becoming the most popular advertising format on Instagram

Today, one in four ads on Instagram is a video. Even though 25% may not be that shocking, with video being the audience’s preferred type of content, this number is expected to increase. 

Even more so, the volume of videos uploaded on the platform has increased by four times from last year and there was an 80% increase in time spent watching videos on Instagram. 

As a response to that trend, Instagram is constantly rolling out new formats and features to optimize them. For example, Story ads have a lot of new capabilities, like interactive video carousels or shoppable tags.

Keeping both of these last statistics in mind, a wise marketing strategy can be to start spending more of your advertising budget on developing videos for Instagram. They can help you influence leads, sales, and grow your presence as well. 

The Takeaway

Long gone are the days when Instagram was just for personal use. On the contrary, it’s now a global platform where users like to go to discover new brands, get inspired, and shop! 

So, as you navigate this year and plan your next video marketing strategy, take into account these Instagram video statistics. They are a great starting point to understand trends, types of content that users respond to better on the platform, which can provide better results!

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