Why Is It So Important To Use Animated Videos for Your Business?

28 February, 2018  

Animated videos have become one of the most powerful tools for your marketing endeavors. Their power lies in the fact that they can tell the story of your product, in a matter of just a few seconds, and in a fun and engaging way! 

Unfortunately, their benefits are either misunderstood, ignored or underestimated. Being aware of what they can bring to the table is the first step to making great use of their power, so let us introduce to you many of the things you may not know about these amazing marketing resources!

Video marketing guide for 2020

A lot of people will watch it and it’s shareable

When it comes to consuming online content, people will definitely choose to watch a video over reading a chunk of written text. This has been proven by the amount of people (80%) who will watch a video in its entirety, in comparison to the number of people who will read a whole blog post. 

You will definitely share something that you watched and liked. Recent reports indicate that videos can make up to 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. A solid video sets a fertile ground for instantaneous word-of-mouth marketing, by encouraging almost 76% of users to spread these videos around their friends and family circles. 

By producing an amazing marketing video, prospects will watch it and they will also share it throughout their social media networks. In other words, it’s your own audience who will work as exciting marketers for your company!

Animated videos are also cheaper than other types of videos. For live-action videos, you need a whole set of logistics that will demand more money: you need to cast actors, scout for locations, program a schedule for the shooting, contract a crew, rent or purchase equipment, develop post-production and even in some cases you also need to hire animators and graphic designers… and that’s a lot of money!

Animated videos stick to your memory to make an impact -and to engage you! 

Explainer videos have the tendency to last a long time, just because the chances of remembering something that you watched on a video are so much higher than remembering something that you read via text. The rationale here is not that complicated: our minds are meant to process an image 50,000 faster than a group of written words. Our brains also have the capacity of keeping that information more effectively than anything they have read on a piece of paper: the information stored under a minute of video is equivalent to around 1.8 million words

Explainer videos also have the power to convert something that has been made for promotional purposes into something that is compelling. This is what “engaging” means, after all: compelling someone who’s watching you do something will be beneficial to your brand. Your viewers may not follow your call-to-action strictly, but they will find out more about your product and they will feel closer to your brand. This means that they may not purchase your product at that moment, but it is very likely that they will do that in the near future. 

Just keep in mind that you need to design characters that are fun to watch, use the colors of your brand wisely, and take your story directly to your audience’s hearts. You can manage to do all of this by making a custom animated video, which will end up being very beneficial to both your audience and your company. That way your visitors can identify with your brand, they will get closer to your offer and they will follow the route towards making the decision of buying your product. 

You can watch this explainer video we produced to explain how you can use the colors of your brand to create brand awareness:

Google and YouTube just love animated videos

You can turn marketing videos into enticing pieces for Google. And you better do that, just because Google is the most important search engine of them all! Just be careful enough to include a succinct description of your video, make up a catchy title and also incorporate convenient tags.

Please have this in mind: a website with a video on it can attract as high as 2 or 3 times more monthly visitors, and they will double their time spent on that site, generating an increase of 157% in traffic coming from search engines. Also, that same website with a video on it, in comparison with another with only written text, will multiply the average number of linking domains by three.

Explainer videos can indeed become attractive to Google. These videos offer the added benefit that, since they have been created by considering what the audience needs, telling a story that features characters relatable to your viewers, then they will have the ability to be engaging for potential customers!

ebook: Explainer Videos, the Ultimate marketing tool

YouTube is another search engine to consider, so you also must make an effort to make your explainer video attractive for it: 25% of consumers, according to recent data, have confessed that they do research on YouTube on a product they’re considering to buy. That’s why almost 75% of marketers are conceiving wise tactics on keyword tagging in YouTube, creating some specific entries when people search for content.

Videos are already popular with viewers. The thing is that, if you have marketing videos on your site, it will make it even more remarkable! Viewers could run into your video -without even looking for it! A wonderful advantage of having your animated video on YouTube is that it can end up acting as an autonomous marketing unit. Your viewers can have a very good idea of your business after looking at your video -without having the necessity of visiting your website first!

Gain more familiarity on the power of YouTube and learn how to gain a good ranking there, by downloading and reading an eBook we have made on this issue!

If you want more conversions and sales, then you can do no wrong with animated videos!

It is no mystery that marketers consider video content as the generator of more conversions than any other type of material. Businesses that employ videos for their marketing campaigns, get around 40% more traffic coming from search engines than other businesses that don’t. Here’s another awesome fact: websites with a video on their landing page can generate conversions of up to 80%!

The explanation for producing higher conversions and sales is not that difficult to explain: explainer videos have the ability to go straight to your audience’s core. If you managed to create interesting and attractive characters who can tell a powerful message through animation, then your video will connect your story and your viewers. That fixture will clear the way for making your brand trustworthy. And this is quality that will inspire your audience to purchase your product. In conclusion: a custom, excellent and touching video will generate more sales.

All of these great facts and features are making a huge statement: marketing videos pave the way for higher conversions and sales, so you better get good at counting bills, because that’s what you shall be doing if you make a killer animation video!

Your Email marketing will be enhanced with the aid of animated videos

Don’t underestimate the power of Email marketing: it will surely generate more traffic to your site if you use it well. The relevance of this fact is even enhanced with this wonderful data: the incorporation of a good-looking animated video will increase traffic by almost 50%, which will offer the added benefit of improving the rest of your marketing devices. And stay with me for this other gem: the mere addition of the word “video” in an email subject augments click through rates by almost 65%!

All of these triumphs can be achieved by following these tips: put your video at the end of your emails, next to your signature; create a YouTube channel for your business, and add one video on a regular basis and embed it in any section of your website that you can. We also strongly recommend that you create a video that can tell the story of your company in a brief, clear and fun way. This generic video does wonder when introducing your business to whoever’s watching!

This nice video of ours illustrates perfectly how your business can include one video similar to this one in its Email marketing campaigns:

Let’s put it all under one paragraph: it is highly important that you use animated videos

Your business matters deeply to you, so you need to gain awareness of the relevance of having explainer videos in your marketing campaign. Their properties are hugely beneficial for your business: the content they show will definitely be absorbed by your audience, and they will share it and will get engaged with your story; they’re way cheaper than other videos; they will become great partners with the most important search engines; they will fill your cash machine through higher conversions and sales, and they will give you a hand in your Email marketing campaign. Don’t take it lightly: using explainer videos is highly relevant, so please act accordingly!

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