15 Best Video Recruiting and Onboarding Examples of 2024!

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If you didn’t already know, video recruiting is an extremely effective resource to bridge the gap between a business and its current and potential employees. Not only can it help communicate culture, values, and expectations on a more personal and engaging way, but also save time and reduce costs for both the company and the recruits. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg!
However, if you’re still not fully convinced of the benefits of these videos or simply don’t know where to start, watching other people’s work for inspiration can be a good strategy.

I’d like to give you a hand with that, so, in this piece, you will find everything you need to know about recruitment videos and their many benefits together with a list of the best examples you can learn from to create your own.

I know how challenging it can be to recruit qualified candidates for your company, so I’d like to share an interesting option with you. Simply watch this video we made for Built-In, a recruitment solution for tech companies!

Now, without further ado, let’s get started!


What Is Video Recruiting? 

Video recruitment is a strategy that brands can use to improve their transparency and increase awareness of their organization. To do so, they use video content built around the core business itself. 

The ultimate goal of recruitment videos is to promote a brand as a whole and invest potential candidates in the brand’s vision. However, there are several other aims you can pursue with them as well, such as:

  • Presenting yourself as an expert in your niche.
  • Attracting qualified job candidates.
  • Training and providing safety guidelines to your staff.
  • Introducing your organization to investors and other business leaders.

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Why Do You Need to Give Video Recruiting a Chance?

Other than to help you achieve all the goals I’ve mentioned above, here are other excellent reasons why you might need to include recruitment videos in your marketing strategy:


1. Video Recruiting Provides an Easier Way to Share Information

Some people might enjoy reading written content such as a blog post on your website, but you will find that most customers react better to visual information delivered through videos. In fact, people are more likely to play your video than read through a wall of text to get the same information because it’s quicker and demands less effort on their part.

2. Seamless Distribution Across Many Platforms

You might’ve noticed that viral videos spread like wildfire, and that’s because this type of content is very easy to share across different channels such as social media. You can distribute your video recruiting content online or through your company’s vmail.

3. Improve Social Media and Search Engine Visibility with Recruitment Videos

By distributing your videos through social media and posting them on your website, you can easily improve online visibility. People can interact with your social media video production and increase your engagement rates and reach, and search engines can index your content and boost your agency’s website traffic. 

4. Build a Closer Connection with Both Candidates and Employees

With video recruiting, you can deeply enrich your company’s branding. This type of content adds another dimension to your marketing efforts because it allows you to show both candidates and staff who are the people behind the firm’s name and what they’re like in terms of personality and values.


Best Video Recruiting Examples

If you’re in the early stages of planning your video marketing strategy, you might find yourself a bit lost regarding the type of content you can cover in these videos. So, here are the recruitment video examples you can get inspired by.


1. CSIS Intelligence Officers — Recruiting Video

If you were looking for information about a unique position you didn’t know much about, what would you rather do: Read a wall of text that doesn’t really tell you anything? Or watch a video that shows you what the job is all about?

If you choose the second option, you’re not alone. After all, this video recruiting piece by the CSIS got half a million views and 591 comments on YouTube. What made this piece particularly effective is how there’s a thorough description of what the position involves and the requirements to do the job complemented with visually-interesting footage to actually show the viewer what all of that means.

Transform your traditional recruitment ad into a recruitment video. Break down all the information the candidate needs to know about the job and the requirements while using engaging visuals to reinforce the message and drive the point home.


2. Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher, one of our customers, created this recruitment video focused on the company’s values and culture. This piece is not recruiting for a specific role, but rather enticing the viewers to check their open positions by explaining how they can make a difference, build a great career, and be themselves in the company.

What’s more, having a real person, and the Senior Vice President & President of TF on top of that, delivering the message, makes for a more authentic video that can better reach the audience and make a connection with them.

Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there and be the star of your own video recruiting piece. More often than not, it’s that human touch what makes a person decide to apply for the position!

If you’re curious about the video we worked on with Thermo Fisher, you can watch it here:


3. Fiverr — Another Generic Recruitment Video

Most video recruitment content follows a similar script, and Fiverr has chosen to draw attention to that fact and produce a unique piece that highlights the organization’s sense of humor.

In this parody of the typical recruitment video, you wouldn’t know exactly which brand is being showcased until the very end. However, this example does a great job of creating enough of an impression that viewers won’t soon forget about the brand.

So, don’t be afraid to show your sense of humor in your video recruiting. More often than not, that’s what will set you apart from the competition and catch your audience’s attention.


4. Google — Google Interns’ First Week

What better way to entice potential applicants than with success stories of current staff? In this recruitment video, Google placed the spotlight on five of their summer interns and let them share what it was like to work at the agency and what the experience meant for them.

By following this video recruiting example, you can plan a piece focused on video storytelling that allows you to showcase your agency’s culture and values while giving applicants all the information they need about the open position and your business’s operation.

Basing your video on success stories can make your message more appealing to like-minded audiences and give them that last nudge to apply for the position, just like a video testimonial.


5. Amazon Service Video Recruiting

If you own a BIG company, or simply offer a wide range of services, there’s no better way to showcase and explain them all than with a recruiting video. Just see how, in this example, Amazon breaks down all their services in just 2 minutes! 

The company also shows clear examples of what each service entails and what it looks like from the point of view of the customers and the employees. This is key to help viewers better understand what a brand has to offer and the potential the different services and areas have to offer.

Leverage recruitment videos to share all the services you have to offer and help potential candidates understand your company better.


6. General Motors — Employee Benefits at GM

It’s always a good idea to produce a promotional video that highlights the benefits that employees can enjoy by working in your firm to entice them to apply or, at least, to look for more information.

Here is one of the best video recruiting examples I’ve come across in terms of that. The reason why it caught my eye is that it features real staff members who explain their favorite employee benefit along with the impact it’s had on their lives. The result is an authentic and relatable message that the viewer can easily connect with.

Having your employees deliver the message for you can make your recruitment video more genuine and make the content more appealing to your audience.

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7. Delta Airlines — What to Expect Interviewing to Be a Delta Flight Attendant

The uncertainty surrounding the hiring process of a business can often be the reason why some people choose not to apply for an open position even though they’re fully qualified for it. When tailoring your video recruiting to potential staff members, it might be a good idea to provide insight into the interview process and address any concerns the applicants may have along the way.

This piece by Delta Airlines is, without a doubt, one of the best recruitment video examples out there because it delivers a thorough account of the interview process from the point of view of three different applicants. Each of these people had their own unique experiences, so they can provide specific tips on how to prepare for the interview.

Think of it as educational video production, and ensure that your recruiting video has all the information your audience will need to get through the hiring process without issues and address any potential doubts to encourage them to apply.


8. Netflix — Netflix Culture: Freedom and Responsibility

You’ve probably seen many recruitment video examples that merely enumerate a firm’s values and briefly explain its culture. The unfortunate truth is that those crucial aspects of your brand will come across as just empty words unless your viewers are able to see exactly what you mean by them and recognize the impact they might have on their lives.

In this piece, Netflix’s key staff members from all around the world explain what the brand’s values mean to them and what they look like in practice both in their work and their lives. By harnessing this video marketing technique, words can take a more concrete meaning.

Video recruiting can help you convey abstract concepts such as your firm’s core values accurately and in a way that potential applicants will find easier to understand.


9. Prime – Prime Video Is Hiring

I really like this video recruiting example by Prime because of its simplicity and straightforwardness. It begins with bold text on the screen inviting people to “build the future of entertainment” with the company, then plays very short snippets of some of the content you can find on Prime, and then lists the 3 areas that have open positions.

And the cherry on top—the clear CTA (call to action) at the very end, directing people to the website where they can apply for the different open roles.

Sometimes, less can be more, and you don’t always need a huge budget to make an effective recruitment video. You just have to be smart on how you present your company and think of ways you can entice people to check your open positions.


10. Starbucks — Helping Coffee Farmers Adapt to Changes in the Environment

Knowing more about your organization and the origins of your products’ ingredients and materials plays a key role in enriching your brand and building a closer connection with your customers. Video recruiting can help with that, too, allowing you to showcase the process your product undergoes before it reaches a store’s shelves.

In this very short recruitment video, Starbucks shows the audience where they source their coffee beans from, as well as the challenges the farmers are currently facing and the corporation’s efforts to help them. This way, they can highlight the importance that sustainability and the community’s well-being have for them.

What’s more, by combining live-action shots with different animation styles, they made the video more interesting and visually appealing.

Video recruiting videos can help you communicate to your viewers that your brand is much more than the final product you’re selling and share with them all the thought and hard work that’s put into it. And if you want to add a unique touch to them, you could combine them with an animated advertisement.


11. Amazon Jobs — Trainer Onboarding Video


Here, we have a recruitment video for recruit trainers. Pretty meta, huh? That aside, this is a clever example because it’s a combination of video recruiting with the popular “a-day-in-the-life” type of video.

Such an approach helps potential recruits actually see what their day-to-day life at the job site would look like, what tasks they’d have to perform, and how they’d contribute to the company. Moreover, this way they can easily picture themselves doing them! The piece ends with a short list of the requirements for the position and a CTA directing the viewer to apply, making for a thorough and overall effective piece.

Make people excited about the open position you’re promoting by showing them what their daily life and tasks would look like.


12. Princeton University — An Initiative on Blockchain and the Decentralization of Power

Video recruiting can also be remarkably effective when it comes to improving internal communications within your agency. When every member of your team is properly informed of their tasks and has a clear picture of your mission and vision, the firm can work like a well-oiled machine.

This employee onboarding video example shows you how you can update your staff on the latest business development, like the launch of a new piece of technology or product, without having to round them up for a meeting. As a bonus, you won’t have to hear any complaints about “this could’ve been an email!” 😛.

With this type of content, you can explain the development of the product, how it works, and the impact it might have on your employees’ work in just a few minutes while ensuring that your message is delivered and understood.

Use recruitment videos to complement your internal communications strategy and keep everyone in your agency updated on the latest news and developments.


13. Columbia University — Why Pronouns Matter

Recruitment and employee onboarding videos are some of the most effective tools you can have under your belt to get staff up to speed on the implementation of new policies because they offer a unique way of delivering information and aid in its retention and comprehension.

When it comes to addressing sensitive topics, like healthcare advertising or respecting a person’s pronouns, you need to ensure the tone of your video recruiting is tactful and successfully conveys the importance of the issue.

One of the best video recruiting examples in this matter is this piece by Columbia University because they give quick pointers on pronoun use and suggestions on how to implement this new policy. This example proves that animated recruitment videos can be particularly effective at raising awareness of an issue through storytelling, color, clever design, and animated transitions and compositions. 

You don’t even need to know how to make an animation, as there’s plenty of online software that can help you make simple animated video. Of course, there’s always the option of hiring an animated video company as well.

The versatility of animated recruitment videos can help your firm cover a wide range of topics regardless of their complexity and sensitivity in a thoughtful manner that will still make an impact on the viewer. So, don’t be afraid of experimenting with video graphics!


14. Adobe — New Employee Welcome Video

A person’s first day at a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience — there’s just so much information to digest and so much to learn! Fortunately, there’s a type of recruitment video called “onboarding videos” specifically designed to welcome new hires, walk them through the basics of their new position, and sometimes even take them on a tour of the office.

This short video recruiting piece just features the organization’s CEO and VP welcoming new employees and sharing the brand’s values and mission. However, something as simple as that can put new hires at ease and help their first day go smoothly.

Employee onboarding videos are one of the best recruitment video types you can incorporate into your strategy because they can help new employees feel welcome and get them up to speed on what they’re expected to do in just a couple of minutes.


15. The Home Depot — Thank You to Our Associates from The Home Depot

Your staff is a crucial part of your organization, but have you ever considered devoting a recruitment video to thanking them for all their hard work? Well, that’s exactly what The Home Depot did in this piece!

I believe that this is one of the best video recruiting examples out there because the message conveys appreciation for the employees’ work while showcasing the firm’s core values to the viewer at the same time.

Recruitment videos offer a great way of showing your staff how much you value having them in your business. This, in turn, will help show your audience that your organization is much more than just a logo.


Do You Need a Video Agency for Your Video Recruiting?

If you’re unsure about where to even start making your own employee onboarding video, then you could enlist the help of a professional video marketing agency, like ours! At Yum Yum Videos, our mission is to bring your message to life and connect your brand with your audience through fully customized video content. 

For over a decade now, we’ve provided video recruiting production services to a wide variety of startups as well as renowned brands. With the mission of helping them achieve their marketing goals with unique and compelling pieces that leave a mark, we’ve created hundreds of effective videos in a wide variety of styles. 

Let's Connect!

So, don’t hesitate to check out our portfolio and request a quote today. We’d love to discuss your project and give you a hand with your next recruitment video! 


Wrapping Up

Regardless of your business’ size and industry, you can definitely benefit from having your own recruitment video, as it can easily reel in potential candidates highly qualified for the position. As you might’ve realized by now, this is only possible because this type of content makes it easier for the audience to understand what the job is about and what qualities and qualifications they’d need to have to carry it out.

To get started, you need to research these types of videos and how they work, and then, look at how other brand are tackling their own recruitment video marketing strategy. Now, you can cross those off the list! What’s next is choosing the style you want to use: live-action, whiteboard animation, 2.5d animation, doodle animation, and so on. The final decision will be made depending on your goals, your brand identity, and your audience’s preferences.

You should now have all the tools you need to start producing your very own video recruitment content!

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