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5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Cartoon Marketing Video


You already know the great benefits video content can bring to your marketing strategy, right? And have you heard about the huge power animated characters have to boost the bond with your target audience even more? Well, in today’s blog post we are going to share with you 5 key reasons why you should use a cartoon marketing video (and their lovely characters) as part of your video marketing strategy. Join us!

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One Of The Most Popular Styles

You have a huge range of alternatives to connect with your audience through video marketing (about us videos, testimonial videos, explainer videos, product videos, among many others). Obviously, depending on your marketing goals and the stage of the sales funnel in which your customer is in, you will use some of them, and discard others.

If we talk about animated marketing videos in particular, they are a very interesting option to get to your customers with your business idea, in a quick, engaging and attractive way. Among the wide variety of explainer video styles, cartoon animation videos are known as one of the most popular styles. The great thing about them is that they are made to bring emotion and personality to your brand. In this style, the storytelling technique plays a key role, as it will help you deliver your message by making use of a stunning cool story that persuades your customers to take the next step. The characters represent the true essence of your story!

Here is a fantastic example of what a cartoon marketing video can look like:

Understanding The Engaging Power Of Animated Characters

You know that cartoon videos are widely chosen by many marketers out there, to the point that they are one of the most popular explainer video styles. But what makes them SO special? Why do they have a unique engaging power to quickly grab your audience’s attention? Let me share some good reasons behind this.


Animated characters soak through the screen and make the viewer feel the same feeling that they are experimenting, whether it is joy, happiness, anxiety, or any other (depending on the story, of course). So, keep this in mind: by using animated characters you will generate strong empathy in your viewers, who will be really interested in learning how the character solved their problem (which is, by the way, their problem too). We suggest that you review this article to learn some more details about the connection between emotions and video marketing.


When viewers see that the characters are really similar to them in characteristics, looks, behaviors, and attitudes, they will feel represented by them instantaneously. This is great to make your video even more appealing, engaging and memorable! At the same time, you will be generating trust towards your brand, as they will perceive that you truly understand their problems and want to help them out.


Want to enhance the engagement of your video? Then try adding a dose of humor! And hey…animated characters can help you a lot in this matter! The great thing is that you have a wide range of alternatives to make it highly funny and catchy – just let your imagination flow! Include whatever you want: crazy scenarios, ridiculous metaphors, unbelievable circumstances…take advantage of that! Remember that with this type of video, you can explain any concept while you also entertain your audience and make them have fun. And this is not something that you can find in a standard recorded video. Keep that in mind!

When Should You Go With A Cartoon Animation Explainer Video?

So far, we have gone over the main benefits that this particular style offers you and have seen some lovable videos that -I’m sure- have already triggered your imagination about your next video.

So, it’s a great moment to do some kind of recap and ask yourself: when should you pick out a cartoon animated video as the right choice? Consider making one of them when:

  • You want to make a video that is super short, let’s say, under 60 seconds. Remember that with a cartoon animation marketing video, you can deliver your message in a simple and fast way.
  • You want to give your brand a more personal and human touch.
  • You want to entertain viewers by adding a  dose of humor.

How to make an animated video

5 Great Reasons For Choosing A Cartoon Marketing Video

As you can see, animated characters are the true essence of this type of video. The amazing feature they have is that they give you the possibility to “humanize” your brand like no other type of video can do.

At this point, you probably have a clear idea of whether you need a cartoon marketing video or not. Despite this, we want to share with you 5 unique features and benefits this style has so that you can truly understand its potential and consider it to complement your marketing strategy:

  • Nostalgia: animated characters have that special ability to bring back fantastic treasured memories from our childhood, stocked in our hearts: fun, joy, amusement, freedom, ….and with cartoon videos you can deliver your business idea by making use of such a lovable resource. One thing’s for sure: you will make your viewers feel really comfortable and immersed in the story you’re telling. Animated characters bring back positive memories!
  • Customization: animated characters can also be fully customized to meet your marketing goals. If you (or your video production company, better said) take the time to tailor the design and characteristics of the characters to your target audience, you will make them feel emotionally closer to the story that is being told. In a way, the viewers will feel connected by those characters and will assume that the video was specially developed to meet their needs.
  • Flexibility: another great benefit that these types of marketing videos have is that they can be used both for B2C and B2B companies. For B2C companies, they are great to enhance a personal connection with the audience (they connect to real people with real emotions). And for B2B companies they are also a perfect choice as they provide them with that personal/human approach they usually lack. Did you think that it was impossible to generate such a thing in the B2B industry? Forget it! You can also trigger emotions in B2B companies!
  • Promotion: animated characters also help your brand stand out in quite a natural way. This is: people usually love certain animated characters just like you could have loved Spiderman, or Batman, or Scooby-Doo when you were a kid 🙂 And the trend in this sense is that they feel so emotionally close to those characters that they feel encouraged to share the video with their peers spontaneously. Free promotion for your brand
  • Versatility: cartoon animation is a very versatile style. Have you ever thought about combining the best of two worlds? Try mixing a cartoon animation with motion graphics, or cartoon animation with whiteboard animation. You will get awesome results!

5 Tips to Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Cartoon Marketing Video

Now that you know the terrific benefits that animation has for your video marketing strategy, learn how you can get the most out of it.

  1. Customization: work on a 100% custom video and you will get amazing results in terms of engagement, identification and empathy. These tips on how to customize your marketing video might help a lot!
  2. High quality: it’s also important that you give your video the best quality. In this sense, make sure you hire a professional vendor that can assure you with the best results. Check out these recommendations on how to choose the right explainer video company.
  3. Length: make your cartoon video last between 60 and 90 seconds. That’s the ideal length it should have! It’s the perfect timing to pass out your key messages while also keeping your audience’s attention.
  4. Voice-over: choose a native voice-over talent that speaks the language of the audience you’re aiming to. This will make your video highly professional, credible and with a special personality.
  5. Colors: yes, your animated marketing video should be colored, of course (remember that the psychology of color plays a key role in video marketing). Don’t forget to include the colors of your brand palette! This will help the viewers understand that your brand is behind that unique selling proposition 😉 Look at how Gigtown made this happen with the orange in their video…

At Yum Yum Videos we’ve been working with explainer video production for many years. We have worked for different clients from different industries and can help you with your next video too. If you need our help, get in touch and we’ll be glad to guide you!


You have learned that cartoon marketing videos are one of the most popular styles out there in the market. They are not only a great option for B2C companies, but also for B2B enterprises. It’s just that they have some unique features that make them highly engaging, fun and catchy!

We have given you many valuable reasons for the fantastic benefits that cartoon marketing videos offer. Of course, to get the most out of them, you need to follow some basic guidelines…so make sure you apply the tips we’ve just shared! 😉

Finally, visit our blog for more valuable information on video marketing trends, stats and news!

Stay tuned!

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