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19 January, 2018  

If you have just developed your marketing video or if you’re crafting your video marketing strategy, this blog post is for you. We’re going to explore some of the most popular and effective promotional channels to distribute your video on, while you also learn some valuable tips to do it the right way. Keep on reading and get some killer tips on video content distribution!  

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Video Content Distribution: What You Have To Know

As you may know, video content can enhance your marketing strategy like no other resource: more online visibility, more brand awareness, better SEO, more conversions and sales, … This amazing resource has gained great popularity in the last few years, and it will certainly stay on this track – not by chance, video marketing will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.

In the huge world of video marketing, you have to know that some marketing videos are easier to distribute when compared to others. Due to their essence, their usefulness, or some other factors, they are more versatile than others when it comes to promoting them.

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Let me share with you a few examples:

Educational videos

Educational videos are meant to solve a specific problem your target audience may have. They are a great way to educate your viewers while also positioning your brand as a reference in your niche (you will be providing them with valuable content or, in other words, with the answers they need). Nowadays, people access the Internet to look for specific answers to their questions. Giving them valuable content that meets those needs is a great start – people tend to spontaneously share content that was useful for them. Result? Free promotion! 😉

Here you have an example of what an educational video should look like:

Videos featuring a dose of humor

Fun content is always a great move. And if you make it in video format, even more so. People love watching fun, enticing and entertaining videos. By including a dose of humor you can engage them even more, and make the video more memorable. What’s better: if they enjoyed watching your content, they will certainly share it with their peers. Check out this funny video:

How to videos

In the same line of educational videos, how to videos offer a solution to a specific problem. This way you can get to a special place in your target audience‘s minds: you can show them a specific explanation, training or process about “something” you do or your product deals with, and this way you will become the answer they were looking for. Once again: if they find your content useful they will certainly spread the voice.

Explainer videos

Animated marketing videos are a good mix of information, fun, and education, all in one. They combine custom characters, stunning animations, alluring imagery, a compelling voice-over, and some other interesting resources to get to a highly persuasive and memorable video. This is also a highly shareable format and it’s very easy to distribute. 

What if your marketing video is not any of these? No problem! No matter the type of marketing video you have (or are about to develop), you can find the perfect mix of promotional channels to give it the right amount of distribution. Here we will share some ideas…

7 Channels For An Effective Video Distribution Strategy

To gain greater reach, we suggest that you promote your video on as many channels as possible, BUT: always remember that you have to pick out those that meet your specific marketing goals, buyer persona and type of product/service. You can resort to organic channels, paid channels, or both. See below!

Organic channels

  1. Your own network

To start, you can send your video to your current subscribers – many marketers don’t even think about this, but this is a great first step to promote your video “from scratch”. Implement it!

  1. Social media platforms

You can produce a catchy and enticing video and “seed” it in different social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, and many others, you have a wide range to choose from but, please, make a wise choice. Pick out the ones that best fit your marketing goals, type of product and target audience. This way you can quickly get likes, comments and shares and gain greater reach.

Undoubtedly, YouTube stands out as a great option when it comes to social media channels: it’s the 2nd largest search engine on Earth, and also the 3rd largest social network. So, take advantage of that! Competition is tough out there, so make sure you set up a wise video SEO distribution strategy by downloading our free eBook on How to rank number #1 on YouTube. There you’ll find a bunch of tips to optimize your SEO strategy and get to the first positions in its ranking.  

Tip: don’t miss these suggestions on how to pick out the right social network for your marketing videos.

  1. Social groups and forums

You can also resort to groups on social media channels. Make sure they gather the target audience you are aiming to. This is a great way to get in front of potential customers that are truly interested in what you have to say. As you can imagine, this increases the chances of your video being liked and shared. Another option is posting your video in niched-forums. Make sure that the ones that you choose are active and relevant to your niche.

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  1. PR tactics

PR techniques are not dead at all! Get in touch with key media referents, such as editors, reporters, producers and journalists to offer them some specific corporate material, or even a press release featuring your video. If you work on these relationships on a regular basis you can get interesting results.


  1. Blogs

First thing: you should post your video in your own blog. This is a must. This way you will generate more engagement from your audience which will benefit your SEO efforts. Additionally, post it on third-parties’ blogs, such as key bloggers, influencers, etc. You can also write some guest posts featuring your video to collaborate with others through valuable content, while you also drive traffic to your own website.

Paid channels

  1. Paid ads

By using tools like AdWords and AdSense you can get good results in quite a short period of time (shorter than driving traffic organically, for instance). There’s no magic behind it, but the good thing is that with these tactics you can target a specific audience, track results and make the necessary adjustments to your ad campaign, in a fast and practical way.

  1. Paid content promotion

You can also pay  third-parties to promote your content. You can resort to options like StumbleUpon, Reddit Ads, or Outbrain, just to name a few. You can also promote it via Twitter ads, Facebook ads or YouTube ads. You have a bunch of alternatives out there!

Keep in mind that this is just a compilation of some of the promotional channels you can resort to (besides websites, landing pages, email marketing campaigns, and more…but we’ll talk about them in future blog posts).

6 Key Tips To Optimize Your Video Marketing Campaign

Now that you know which channels you can use to distribute your video, let’s dive into another key point: how can you get the most out of your video marketing campaign. Because you can make the perfect video content distribution mix, but if you don’t have an eye-catching and “findable” video, everything will be in vain. So all hands on deck! Follow this checklist:

  1. Thumbnail: pick out an inviting, catchy and representative thumbnail for your video. It has to be 100% aligned with the content inside, while also being attractive! Don’t miss these tips on how to leverage the power of video marketing thumbnails.
  2. Video hosting platform: choose the video hosting platform that best suits your needs: analyze what branding options you want, the tracking and analytics tools you generally use, and some other factors before making the final choice. To start, check out these top 5 best video hosting for businesses.  
  3. Call To Action: when producing your marketing video, don’t forget to add a strong and compelling call to action at the end! This is vital to guide your viewers to take the next step in your sales funnel Make sure it’s aligned to the goal of your video so you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign.
  4. Title: pick out a compelling, attractive, descriptive…-and also brief- title. This will help you get your viewers’ attention and encourage them to press the “play” button. Avoid misleading your viewers with a tricky title that does not represent the true content. This could be highly detrimental for your image!
  5. Keywords: research the keywords and longtail keywords that come up frequently in your niche and add them to the title and tags of your video. This will help you get in front of the right audience in Google and YouTube queries.
  6. Best channels: remember to pick out the promotional channels that best fit with your specific business, strategy, and product. Not every channel is for every business!

If you’re thinking about developing a marketing video, at Yum Yum, we have wide experience and can give you a hand with that! Just drop us a line and tell us about your needs. One thing’s for sure: we will make it fully custom to meet your specific requirements, giving it the best quality and caring about each single detail of the video production process. You can watch this video to see how we work:


After developing a marketing video, you have to carefully choose the promotional channels that will give you greater reach and visibility. In today’s blog post we have compiled some of the most popular and effective promotional channels and platforms out there, so you can take them into account for your video content distribution strategy. Moreover, we have revealed some key tips that you should implement to maximize its effectiveness. Hope you find them useful!

Till our next blog post, take some time to review our Resources section to get some exclusive content on video marketing. Enjoy it!

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