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5 Amazing Examples of Animated Ads to Get Inspired By


Animated ads are one of our most beloved types of videos online, and there are plenty of reasons why! They are fun, beautiful to look at, and they can deliver a lot of relevant information in creative, engaging, and effective ways – IF you do them right, at least.

And the best part? Audiences can’t seem to get enough of them!

The thing is, though, that there’s a lot that goes into making animation advertisements that hit the right spot with viewers. So today, we are taking a peek behind the curtains into a handful of advertisement examples to see what makes them great, and learn from the companies behind them.

Let’s get to it, shall we?


First Things First: Why Make Awesome Animated Ads?

Animation is powerful; nobody’s arguing that. Animation advertising can resonate with any type of audience and deliver any type of message. However, these videos’ versatility has nothing to do with magic and doesn’t happen by accident either. 

Then, what is it about advertising ads like these that make them so compelling for both audiences and businesses? 

  • Customization & Flexibility: To start with, animation itself provides an unparalleled amount of freedom when it comes to bringing ideas to life – allowing your creativity to expand into avenues that other formats would make either cost-prohibitive or outright impossible to delve into. Flying dragons? Child’s play. Set fire underwater? Sure! Time travel? Let’s just hit 88 miles per hour and we are there.
  • Conversion Rates: Animated ads have proven to be extremely effective in terms of generating leads and conversions. A well-placed ad integrated into your overall marketing strategy can facilitate critical transition points in your funnel, and make it much more likely for people to commit to a purchase decision.
  • Pricing: As with the rest of your marketing efforts, what you can and can’t do is dictated by your budget. Reaching professional-level standards of quality is much more cost-effective through animation, as a similar video done with live-action footage can easily cost three times as much!
  • Appeal: Well-made animated ads are quick to grab viewers’ attention – which can be a game-changer when you are focusing your efforts on social platforms and similar fast-pace, online distribution mediums.

And that’s just to name a few!

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How to Make an Animated Ad that Works?

So yeah, working with animation advertising itself will open a lot of doors to convey your message exactly the way you want to. Doubly so for those that call for visual aids – like charts or diagrams – or those revolving around abstract concepts, made much easier to understand via animation.

However, from a general standpoint, there are five essential aspects you need to make well-made animated ads stand out and deliver results:

  • Quality: Whether consciously or unconsciously, people online judge the reliability of your product or service by the quality of your content. Making sure that your video makes the right impression through a highly polished animation advertisement is crucial
  • Targeting: Generic ads are quickly forgotten. Effective pieces are built with a clear target audience in mind. That way, you can tailor its elements to resonate with the specific crowd it’s trying to appeal to.
  • Branding: Effective advertising ads use intelligent branding techniques – like color usage and logo placement – to reinforce its message and subtly-but-effectively promote the company’s image.
  • Rhythm: Ads that work usually have flawless pacing, a rhythm that times the action and story just the right way to keep audiences entertained and engaged throughout.
  • Message: Even if all other elements are on point, ads that lack a clear message, or fail to convey it thoroughly, usually fall flat from their intended purpose.

And if you are looking for great 2D animated adverts like these, give us a call!

5 Amazing Examples of Animated Ads to Get Inspired By

Now that we know what to look for in these types of live-action, and animation advertising ads, it’s high time we went over the actual list:

#1 Rhombus Network – Yum Yum Videos

#2 ESPM – LeCube

#3 Microsoft Cloud – Microsoft Internal

#4 A Car Wish – Demo Duck

#5 Square Dashboard – Thinkmojo

Let’s see what makes these advertisement examples so great!

#1. Rhombus Network – Yum Yum Videos

Not to toot our own horn, but we are really proud of the work we did with this vid, and genuinely feel that our animation advertising work earns its spot as one of the advertisement examples on the list.

The folks at Rhombus provide an oracle that connects smart contracts to real-world data, accompanied by a slew of desirable, A-tier features for their clients. As you can imagine, it’s not a product that you can readily picture in your head the first time you hear about it.

#2. ESPM – LeCube

"Um olhar ESPM" - Curso de Graduação 2015

There are plenty of reasons to include this beautiful video for ESPM as one of the animated ads on the list. 

Yes, you have a seamless combination of live-action stop motion with beautiful animations. See how this advertisement example does a fantastic job of using every on-screen second to reinforce its goal.

However, we feel that LeCube’s most prominent achievement here is their skill to bring such an abstract concept as “creativity” to life in a short video, even before connecting it to the institution in question.

As for the studio behind it, LeCube is an award-winning international animation advertising company based in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo that works alongside leading-tier advertisement agencies around the world.

#3. Microsoft Cloud – Microsoft Internal

Hybrid cloud flexibility.

While others might shy away from keeping their message as simple as possible – especially in the tech industry – Microsoft depicts here how to do simplicity right.

At first glance, it might seem that there’s little “remarkable” with this advertisement example, but therein lies its brilliance.

The company uses solid symbology to support its script every step of the way, employing uniform graphics that illustrate their ideas without becoming a distraction. Oh, and about that script? Tight, well-paced, and straight to the point without overselling the narrative – Just. Right.

As for the company behind it, what else can be said about Microsoft’s animation advertising and marketing department? Their experience clearly comes through in this animated ad, creating a video that serves its purpose to the fullest without wasting any time or resources.

#4. A Cars Wish – Demo Duck

In animation advertisements, you don’t need long dialogues or grandstanding to make a lasting impression, which earns this vid by the company Demo Duck, its spot here.

Within just fifteen seconds, the company combines visual storytelling with beautiful 3D animation to convey a clear message that promotes Wheels for Wishes’ mission. Subtle branding, effective communication, and a strong conclusion that doubles as a clever call to action.

It’s a cleverly executed piece, as expected from an experienced company like Demo Duck, who has been creating explainers, educational, and animated ads for years. Always raising the bar with quality content.

#5. Square Dashboard – Thinkmojo

Square Dashboard – A Bright Idea :30

Another perfect advertisement example of combining different styles to get a unique and distinctive ad.

In this beautiful piece, you get introduced to Square Dashboard’s solution in an effective, yet subtle way. By combining 2D animation advertising, stop motion, and live-action, Thinkmojo is able to capture the benefits behind the product they are promoting and bring them to life. 

Short and sweet, this vid uses a lively color palette with a lot of contrast to make sure they make an impression on the viewer. An effective tactic that Thinkmojo, with a long experience in creating exciting and fresh ads, uses to its full potential.

Top 3 Advertisement Examples from Yum Yum Videos

Before you leave, though, we wanted to show you a few of our best examples of animated ads. So you can get to know our work a bit better. Hope you like them 😉


Even though we are proud of every animation advertisement we work on, Catan holds a special place in our hearts as fans of the game.

The company approached us looking for advertising ads for their board game. One that could teach an audience what the game is all about. So, we came up with the idea of having the main characters (the players) be able to get inside the game world. Experiencing everything from a  first-person perspective and interact directly with the other characters and the environment. It is a great advertisement example of combining storytelling with creativity to make innovative pieces.

Collaboration Squared

Our animation advertising for Collaboration Square is an excellent example of implementing dynamic, meaningful visuals to establish a non-verbal communication with the viewers that reinforces your message.

Notice how the visual storytelling elements are closely tied to the script and the ideas it delivers. The main principle with any 2D animated advert is to leverage the power of visual storytelling to the fullest. Transforming the core premise of your piece into a visually entertaining video that keeps audiences hooked all the way through.


We love this video we made for our friends at DocuSign because it presented a cool challenge we often encounter doing what we do: How to turn complex ideas or products into easy-to-follow, charming videos that capture a company’s brand.

By combining a highly refined script that leaves no room to waste, a clear and cute art direction, and the appropriate sound design cues to frame it all, we take a complex product – like a platform for digital transactions – and make it appealing for its intended audience.

Why Choose Yum Yum Videos as Your Animation Advertising Company

Because our priority always lies in fulfilling our client’s needs. And that applies to any specific marketing goals they are pursuing, the products they sell, or the audience they are trying to connect with. When we work on animated ads, we customize every element from the ground up to make sure that that primary goal is always being achieved! That makes every video we work with truly unique, even though we tend to handle pretty abstract or complex topics regularly.

We believe that the only way to get top-of-the-industry results is by keeping a close eye on every detail of the animation advertising. So we work with dedication and care while listening and implementing our clients’ feedback to align the video with their expectations, and then exceed them. Whatever your video happens to be about, we want you to walk away completely satisfied with the results! So, if you are looking for help to bring your video to life, reach out and let us be a part of it 😀

The Talent Behind the Videos

With different styles, directions, types of messages, and executions, it might take a moment to figure out the shared commonality between these animation advertisement examples. But one common thread here is that all these videos have a skilled video company behind them!

Choosing the right company to bring your advertising ads to life is a crucial aspect of the video-making process. As a rule of thumb, you want companies that:

  • Display quality and expertise in their past work.
  • Have good communication channels.
  • Have no issue with the customization and giving your video your own particular flavor.
  • Are open to feedback at all stages of the process.
  • Have an exceptional price-quality balance.

It is the recipe we’ve used on every project we’ve worked on.

The results? Fantastic, customized videos that represent our customers’ brand uniqueness! Every. Single. Time.

Wrapping Up!

Animated ads are bigger than ever.

With interactions through social media occupying more of a central role in digital marketing, creating advertising ads that grab audiences’ attention is essential to stay relevant. And if that piece is of the highest quality and is able to resonate with your viewers, the results will show it.

With many animation styles and an abundance of approaches to take, animation advertisements can deliver on your marketing needs. If you use it right, that is.

The advertisement examples we saw today will undoubtedly give you a good idea about what to look for, as you begin planning the video your brand needs.


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