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10 Amazing Examples of Animated Ads to Inspire You in 2021

Cartoon ads are one of our most beloved types of videos online, and there are plenty of reasons why! They are fun, beautiful to look at, and they can deliver a lot of relevant information in creative, engaging, and effective ways – IF you do them right, at least.

And the best part? Audiences can’t seem to get enough of them! Just take a look at one example and see if you don’t love them too:

The thing is, though, that there’s a lot that goes into making animated ads that hit the right spot with viewers. So today, we are taking a peek behind the curtains into a handful of animation advertising examples to see what makes them effective and hopefully get a few animation ideas from these great ads.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

What Is an Animated Ad?

Simply put, animated ads are short commercial cartoon videos meant to promote a company’s products or services.

This type of advertisement is frequently displayed through television or digital channels, especially through social platforms like YouTube and Facebook. There, animated videos can be showcased as in-banner or in-stream ads. In the first case, the ad consists of a banner with an embedded video, whereas the latter term refers to an ad that’s played inside an organic video post.

10 Amazing Animated Video Ads Examples to Get Inspired By

While there’s plenty to discuss surrounding the topic of cartoon advertisement, let’s start by going over a list of some great cartoon ads and see which animation ideas you can get from them!

  • How to Play CATAN – The Most Adorable Overview Ever” – Catan, by Yum Yum Videos
  • June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride” – Lyft
  • Work, simplified.” – Slack
  • Able” – Cartoon Advertisement by Yum Yum Videos
  • Health QB” – Summa Health
  • “What Would Christmas Be Without Love?” – Erste Group
  • “The Place You Want to be” – Volkswagen
  • Air Reinvented” – Nike
  • “Anthem” – MailChimp
  • Rick Baker: Monster Making Mix-Up” – SyFy Channel

#1 “How to Play CATAN – The Most Adorable Overview Ever” – Catan, Animated Ad by Yum Yum Videos

No, we didn’t choose the lovely title, and we aren’t just trying to pat our own back! 😉

It’s just that we are really proud of the work we did with this animation advertising piece and genuinely feel it earns a spot on this list! Here’s why.

Our friends at Catan GmbH approached us looking for a cartoon advertisement about their world-renown tabletop game Catan. One that introduced the basics to new audiences but did so in an equally compelling and entertaining way!

Long-story-short, we ended up giving the protagonists the ability to “jump inside” the game and experience its elements from a first-person perspective! That original animation idea lent all other aspects of the video that magical, relatable, and dynamic feel that only cartoon ads can capture!

Plus, the Catanimals just look too cute, don’t you think?

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#2 “June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride” – Animated Ad from Lyft

This cool advertisement animation from the popular app and vehicle service Lyft follows an “animated short” style, and we just adore the attention to the details that were put into every frame.

The animated commercial is as charming as it is compelling, as it tells the viewers the heartfelt story of June, a lovely grandma that uses Lyft’s services on her way to get a new car and… Well, we won’t spoil the rest, but it’s worth a watch!

The overall design, animation, and the way it weaves its story are just impeccable across the board. And it incorporates the brand into the story in a way that stands out just by how non-invasive it is!

Animation advertising at its best.

June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride

#3 “Work, simplified.” – Animated Commercial Video from Slack

The popular business communication platform Slack is no stranger to great animated ads — or great ads in general! But “Work, simplified” continues to be one of our all-time favorites!

It’s one of those video ads examples that stand out for their “simple complexity” and economy of story, leveraging visual communication to its fullest.

The use of a continuous take/camera panning combined with elaborate backgrounds and compositions work marvelously to convey their message. There’s neither voice-over nor on-screen text, and yet you can’t watch the video and not get what it’s saying!

Best of all? The piece isn’t even long! It only asks for less than a minute from the viewers’ time, and it doesn’t overstay its welcome — just an all-around good advertisement example of animation done right.

Work, simplified. | Slack

#4 “Able” – Cartoon Advertisement by Yum Yum Video

This is one of our all-time favorite animated ads we’ve worked on.

With it, we focused on leveraging the power of motion graphic videos, using energetic transitions and meaningful visuals to convey not only the information our client needed to be covered but to do so in an attention-grabbing that kept viewers engaged.

The complex yet easy-to-read graphics help compliment the point the narrator is carrying across, and the company’s message is delivered in a way that reinforces the key takeaways even during a cursory look. Moreover, the script was developed in much the same manner, using alliteration to make the peace even more memorable!

Able | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

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#5 “SumTotalCare” – Cartoon Advertisement from Summa Health

There are so many cool advertisement ideas in this piece from Summa Health that it can be difficult to focus on just a few to mention here. The creative imagery (of both visuals and the script), the dynamic perspective and camera work, the implementations of striking 3D-like 2D elements… the list goes on.

As you watch it, start by paying attention to three elements that make this an animation example worth watching: The on-point, easy-to-read character design; the scenery built with a minimalistic approach; and above all, how each scene ties to the next via well-thought-out, unique transitions…

Then – and beyond all those fantastic technical aspects – we want you also to take special notice of how this cartoon ad manages to convey a sense of positivity and optimism all the way through!

Definitively a worthy addition to our list of the best commercial cartoon ads.

SumTotalCare from Summa Health

#6 “What Would Christmas Be Without Love?” – Animated Ad from Erste Group

Around Christmas, many companies decide to commemorate the season with animated ads. And in 2018, the Erste Group, an Austrian bank, did an excellent job at it.

They came up with this heartwarming story about a hedgehog with… ermm, obstacles to make friends.

What has that to do with a bank? Well, this is a brand video. It’s the kind of advertisement that focuses on conveying brand values rather than sales pitches.

It’s worth noting that this sweet story will have been virtually impossible to tell without using animation advertising, since it’s set in a fictional world where animals take school buses and celebrate Christmas –hardly realistic, right?

As you are about to learn, that’s one of the key advantages of cartoon ads: in terms of storytelling, your imagination is the only limit.

Erste Christmas Ad 2018: What would Christmas be without love?

#7 “The Place You Want to be” – Cartoon Advertisement from Volkswagen

It’s unusual to find animated video ads examples related to the car industry, so we could say Volkswagen made a bold move going with this fun animated video. In retrospect, though, they couldn’t have made a better choice.

Taking a different perspective from most car commercials, they gave life and personality to a green beetle and told the story from its point of view. This way, viewers can easily immerse themselves in the story and understand how the Volkswagen service benefits their cars.

It was also a great way of explaining each step of their service’s process in an enticing manner while highlighting the quality and luxury of their service.

Animated ad: The place you want to be | Volkswagen

#8 “Air Reinvented.” – Cartoon Advertisement from Nike

Years ago, Nike redesigned some of its most iconic sneaker models and announced this big step – pun definitively intended – with an animated commercial video. They created this aesthetically pleasing piece that goes hand in hand with the brand’s urban style.

The best part of this animation advertising example is how well it honors previous sneaker designs. Pay attention every time a new model comes into the frame – do you notice how the visuals and music change depending on the style of the featured sneaker? Cool, isn’t it?

Nike Presents: Air Reinvented | Air Max Engineered Mesh

#9 “Anthem” – Animated Ad from MailChimp

This video ad example caught our attention with its beautiful visuals, but there’s more to it than just a pretty aesthetic. It’s an ode to entrepreneurs – the niche MailChimp specializes in.

What’s interesting about this animation idea is that the script focuses more on viewers than on the brand itself. Far from giving a sales pitch or even mentioning what their service is about, MailChimp puts on its customers’ shoes and sends an inspirational message to them. With these types of cartoon ads, an audience can become closer to a company and its values, hopefully bringing about customer trust and loyalty.

Anthem I Mailchimp

#10 “Rick Baker: Monster Making Mix-Up” – Animated Commercial Video from SyFy Channel

To round out the list, let’s look at one of the most original video ads examples – both visually and technically – via this cool cartoon advertisement from the SyFy Channel.

The piece’s narrative is built around the story of how Rick Baker – a Hollywood legend in the visual effects and costumes arena – created his first monster mask.

It is a quick, funny, and personal story – which makes it instantly charming and relatable – and that alone could make it a worthwhile watch. However, we want you to pay special attention to the tempo of the piece.

This cartoon ad’s pace is kinetic, but the unique art style and streamlined visuals make sure the viewer is never left behind. Moreover, the minimalistic style, combined with a monochrome black & white style and traditional animation, all work together to create a more robust final product!

Rick Baker: Monster Making Mix-Up | Origin Stories Podcast | SYFY 25

Why Make Awesome Animated Ads?

Animation is powerful, and few people nowadays would argue that. Moreover, animation advertising can resonate with any type of audience and deliver any kind of message.

That’s the main reason why most businesses are adding commercial cartoon ads to their overall marketing strategy. You just need to find the right approach for you!

But if you are looking for a few more specifics, here are some aspects that showcase the power of cartoon advertisements:

  • Customization &Flexibility: To start with, animation itself provides an unparalleled amount of freedom when it comes to bringing advertisement ideas to life – allowing your creativity to expand into avenues that other formats would make either cost-prohibitive or outright impossible to delve into. Flying dragons? Child’s play. Set fire underwater? Sure! Time travel? Let’s just hit 88 miles per hour, and we are there. Something we think our list of good advertisement examples showcases marvelously!
  • Conversion Rates: Animated ads have proven to be extremely effective in terms of generating leads and conversions. A well-placed ad integrated into your overall marketing strategy can facilitate critical transition points in your funnel and make it much more likely for people to commit to a purchase decision.
  • Pricing: As with the rest of your marketing efforts, what you can and can’t do is dictated by your budget. Reaching professional-level quality standards is much more cost-effective through animation, as a similar video done with live-action footage can easily cost three times as much!
  • Appeal: Well-made animation advertising pieces are quick to grab viewers’ attention – which can be a game-changer when you focus your efforts on social platforms and similar fast-paced online distribution mediums.

And that’s just to name a few!

How to Build the Best Animated Commercial Videos?

So yeah, working with animation advertising itself will open a lot of doors to convey your message exactly the way you want to. Doubly so for those times when you need to incorporate visual aids – like charts or diagrams – or need to convey abstract concepts, made much easier to understand via animation.

An while you could write several books about all the elements that come into play on imagining awesome animation ideas and making great ads using animation, here are five we consider are vital:

Quality: Whether consciously or unconsciously, people online judge the reliability of your products or services by the quality of your content. Making sure that your video makes the right impression through highly polished animation is crucial.

Targeting: Generic ads are quickly forgotten. Effective pieces are built with a clear target audience in mind. That way, you can tailor its elements to resonate with the specific crowd it’s trying to appeal to.

Branding: Effective cartoon advertisements use intelligent branding techniques – like color selection and logo placement – to reinforce their message and subtly-but-effectively promote the company’s image.

Rhythm: Animated ads that work usually have flawless pacing, a rhythm that times the action and story just the right way to keep audiences entertained and engaged throughout.

Message: Even if all other elements are on point, ads that lack a clear message, or fail to convey it thoroughly, usually fall flat from their intended purpose.

And if you are looking for great 2D animated adverts like these, just get in touch!

5 More Animation Examples from Yum Yum Videos!

By now, you have a pretty good idea about what makes for awesome cartoon ads and have seen how several recognized brands are leveraging the medium.

But in case you want a few more good advertisement examples to add to your mind folder and inspire your animation ideas, here are some we particularly like from our very own portfolio. Enjoy!

#1 Collaboration Squared

This is one of the animation advertising examples we are most proud of. It leans more toward the explainer video feel and composition, but it never gets too technical or loses sight of the message. All in all, it is a lovely overview of the product but presented in a friendly and interesting way.

Collaboration Squared | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

#2 AirTM

This cool advertisement example is one of the most recent animated ads we’ve worked on, but it already earned a spot on our list. We just enjoyed it too much!

It’s worth noticing the fluid frame transitions, which give an airy sense to the piece – perfect for the traveling nature of a service like AirTM’s.

#3 Blume

The rich textures and details give depth and visual appeal to the video, providing the whole piece with an organic and natural feel that goes hand in hand with the company’s product and message – a total win-win.

Blume | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

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#4 Boscloner

The idea with this piece was to explain and present a complex tech solution but do so in a more laidback way that still kept with the product’s tone. So, we went with the secret agent angle!

The result was a fun, more casual, and entertaining animated ad that we think everyone can enjoy!

#5 The Spur Group

Here’s another motion graphics video we love! After an enticing introduction, this example speaks to viewers directly and conveys how they can benefit by having The Spur Group by their side.

The whole style of this animation advertising piece expresses seriousness and professionalism – aspects that most B2B clients look for in a company, don’t you agree?

The Spur Group | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

And remember, if you need a piece similar to these video ads examples, don’t be afraid to reach out for a quote. We’ll be glad to help you bring your ideas to life!

Wrapping Up!

Nowadays, commercial cartoon advertisements and animated ads are bigger than ever!

With interactions through social media occupying more of a central role in digital marketing, creating cartoon ads that grab audiences’ attention is essential to staying relevant. And if that piece is of the highest quality and is able to resonate with your viewers, the results will show it.

As we’ve seen in today’s animation examples, the variety of styles and abundance of approaches at your disposal makes the medium a powerful marketing tool. If you use it right, that is.

So, it’s time you take these cool advertisement examples and animation ideas for inspiration and begin working on your own!

If you can imagine it, you can bring it to life with cartoon advertisements.