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5 of the Best Examples of Animated Video Advertising

13 August, 2018 Share

Animated video advertising is one of our favorite things to do at Yum Yum Videos! And there are a lot of reasons why we love these videos so much: they’re fun and beautiful, and they communicate all kinds of complex messages in a simple way.

There’s no doubt about it: animation is powerful! Animated advertising is loved by all kinds of audiences, and works great for any type of message. And the reason why these videos are so versatile has nothing to do with magic, really.

So, why are animated videos so powerful?

Let’s start from the beginning: You get the power to bring any concept to life. Again, it isn’t magic – it’s the power of creativity! Animated situations can help you set fire underwater, travel through time, or bring a product to life… and anything else you could possibly think of!

You can also explain abstract ideas in a better way. Anything that might need a chart or a diagram – like stats, logistics, or any other abstract concept, is so much easier to understand with animation.

And last, but never least, with animation you can really connect with your audience. By using the power of storytelling, and including characters shaped after your buyer personas, you can create a video that will speak directly with your audience!

This is why we’re so fond of animated video content – but specifically animated advertising! Today we bring you our favorite animated ads of all time, so you can fully understand the magic of animation. Let’s start!

1.   Cartoon Network

We love this video made by Cartoon Network to celebrate their 25th anniversary in Latin America! Look at how they managed to make a great advertisement by using the right animation style and their brand colors.


2. Apple

Apple is widely known for creating content that’s always aligned with their brand’s guidelines – every detail is always perfectly designed, elegant and cool, but most of all, they encourage creativity and artist’s collaborations.

So when they needed to make an ad to promote their new computer, the iMac Pro, they went for the animated approach, of course. So they asked different artists to create the best animated advertising videos– this one is our favorite:

3. Costazul

Welcome to the rabbit kingdom! For this video, we created a magical chocolate world to promote the Easter season in Costazul, which is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Brazil.

This video advertisement that we made for Costazul was featured in their campaigns for local TV, and we had a lot of fun creating it! In this case, you won’t find characters modeled as the buyer, but instead, lovable bunnies that will steal the hearts of every Costazul customer.

4. Tortilla Land

Remember what we said before, that with animation anything is possible? Well, this is our proof. For this cute TV commercial we brought tortillas to life, and also guacamole, cheese, cilantro… All reunited for a funny dance in a Tortilla Life.

Why did we do that? Not only for the fun of it – because it was really fun – but also because by giving personality traits to everyday products, we were able to put the brand in a very special place: the hearts of its audience.

Take a look for yourself!

5. Habitissimo

Habitissimo is a spanish online platform that connects service providers with potential customers, all with the common goal of making homes better. It provides a lot of professional services that go from construction to plumbing.

So, what was our challenge? We needed to communicate the best part of home renovation: to have a home that’s not only great, but Habitissimo-great!

We did it, of course, by creating characters modeled by Habitissimo’s buyer personas and creating a story around them. This story also told the clients how to use the online platforms to hire different services, so we used the power of animation to explain a difficult concept in an easy way!

And look how nice it turned out:

Let’s wrap it up!

Animated advertising has been used for many years, and it will continue for many more – there’s a magic to it (even though you now know that it’s not magic!). In any marketing strategy, animation is the secret ingredient that will make audiences go wild: they’ll feel engaged and develop an emotional attachment to your video and, therefore, your brand.

This emotional attachment is not only linked to the fact that animation is cute. It’s also because it reminds us of our childhood: every single person in your audience watched cartoons when they were younger, so they’ll always be more inclined to love animated videos.

The best part is that there is not only one animation style – there are many of them! And you get to choose to make an advertisement for your brand in the style that will suit you the most.

If you’d like to know what the best video styles for advertisement and explainer videos are, then take a look at this guide!

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