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You Need So Much More Than Just a Video to Succeed with Marketing


I’m sure you’ve heard it already: Video content is here to stay. It’s the golden tool of every marketer right now. According to recent statistics, using video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%! So, I think you’re probably ready to jump on the bandwagon!

Before you go and jump in, let’s talk for a moment. Yes, video is amazing. But you need so much more than just a video to succeed with marketing.

explainer video contentWhat you really need, before using video, is a solid strategy. Otherwise, your marketing efforts, your time and money will go to waste, and this is the last thing that you want. You need to play your cards right.

How can you do this?

Well, there are many types of video content out there, I’m sure you know that! How-To Videos, Educational Videos, Explainer Videos… and, for example, inside of the “explainer video” category you have whiteboard videos, motion graphics videos, cartoon marketing videos, and like these, there are a lot more! But not all of them work well for every part of your marketing strategy. There’s the catch.

The secret is this: To succeed with your marketing strategy, you must know your prospects like the back of your hand. This is so you can deliver the best video content, when they need it the most.

It’s time that you learn how to use video content as a tool to make your customers move forward in the sales funnel. You can do this by pairing your video content with a successful inbound marketing campaign.

A Video for your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Do you know what Inbound Marketing is?

It’s basically about attracting your customers in an organic way: creating tailored content so they’ll come to you, instead of you going out there to fight for their attention.

And one of the best tools you can use to boost your inbound marketing strategy is video.

Why? Because video content is engaging, attractive and interesting. Also, it’s one of the most versatile marketing tools out there: there are many marketing video styles and types, and choosing the right ones for your marketing strategy is crucial.

Choose video, as it’s the most effective marketing tool right now. But choose it wisely.

What you need is to identify the different moments, or steps your buyers take when they find your product and until they make the purchase.

This is called the buyer’s journey. Let me explain.

how to use video for inbound marketing

The buyer’s journey is the active process that your visitors go through, from lead to customer. There are three stages of it, awareness, consideration and decision; and there are specific types of video that will work better for each one of these stages.

As you know, there are lots of types of videos, but today we’ll talk about seven of them. Let’s go!

Seven Videos for your Buyer’s Journey

Awareness Stage

First, we have the awareness stage, which is the first step of your buyer’s journey. Here, at the beginning, first impressions are essential.

Your prospects have come to you in need of answers, whether it was through social media, search engines or the recommendation from a friend. Now that they’ve come to you, it’s time to catch their attention with the right kind of video.

  • Commercial Ads

A commercial ad is a video that expresses your brand’s values and spirit. It’s a video with an engaging story that will catch your prospect’s attention effectively.

By presenting your prospects with a fun video that showcases your values as a brand, you’ll be giving them a great first impression. They’ll be willing to find more about you!

Here’s an example, an animated commercial we made at Yum Yum Videos, for Tortilla Land:

  • Educational Videos

An educational video is content that offers real value to your leads: you’ll be giving them information that will help them solve their problems and, actually, make their lives a little bit better!

During the awareness stage, your prospects are admitting that they have a problem that needs to be solved, and with an educational video you’re showing them that you can help them with it.

Let me show you one of our educational videos:

You see? With an educational video, you’re telling your future customers that you’ll be the one solving their problems and answering their questions.

Consideration Stage

During the consideration stage, you’ll be letting your prospects know how they can integrate your product into their lives, and make their lives better in the process.

Right now, they’re considering the options they have (this means, buying from your company or the competition), and it’s your job to show them why your brand is the best choice.

  • Product Videos

With a product video, you’ll be showing your prospects how great your products are. It’s the moment to show your product in action: a video of your product being used and effectively solving other people’s problems, will make them identify and connect with your brand and your product.

And, yes, a real person showing a product can be really powerful, but it’s not the only way to make a product video! It can be an animated video, or even a screencast video — this is a digital recording of a screen paired with an audio narration (perfect if your products are digital).

  • How-To Videos

How-To videos are a great way to answer your lead’s questions and doubts in an entertaining and fun way. Use these videos as a chance to educate your audience, like the product video: talk about your product and how to use it and explain how it can solve their problems…

Look at this example!

The Explainer Video Production Process

Be helpful to your customers, and remember to make the video fun! A great way to do this is to make a cartoon animation how-to video (like the one I showed you!)

  • Explainer Videos

Explainer videos work great for the consideration stage. A good explainer video introduces your business to your prospects, explains to them what your brand is all about and lets them know why they need you. A great explainer video does that in just a few seconds in a fun and entertaining way!

Explainer videos are engaging and powerful.

Here’s an example for you, this is one of our animated explainer videos, by Yum Yum Videos for Gigtown:

Decision Stage

The decision stage is the moment of truth. Your prospects have already identified their problems, are familiar with the products that will bring them solutions, and are ready to make a decision. Will they choose you?

Well, it’s up to you (mostly). It’s your job to give your prospects a final little push, so they’ll make the right choice, choosing your brand.

  • About Us

About Us videos are the ones that will show your prospects why your brand is exactly the one they want to get involved with.

Why? Because they help you create a strong brand image. You’re going to show them the real people behind your brand, the real teams behind the product they like. This is extremely important, because people want to feel like they know the products they’re buying (or about to buy).

Look at this example from HubSpot:

The most important thing is to be authentic.

  • Testimonials

During the decision stage, your customers are moving forward with their research. Is your product better than the competition’s? Is it the best?

They’ll want to know the opinions from customers, just like them. This is because buyers trust their peers, more than anyone else.

Customer Testimonial videos work great as live action videos: your prospects will be looking at your customers’ faces and expressions; their emotions will really shine through!

As with about us videos, testimonials have to be authentic. Keep it human, you want your customers to give real answers.

Would you like an example? Visit our Testimonials page!


As you can see, you do need more than just a video, or just one type of video to succeed in marketing.

If you want to succeed with your marketing strategy, you must know your potential customers, what they need and the steps they take like the back of your hand.

Why? So you can deliver the best video content in the moment they need it the most.

The key is to use several videos, and to use them in a smart way: you must know your buyer’s journey from A to Z, and then use specific video content in every one of the three stages of the journey.

So, remember, video is the present and the future of online marketing! If you’re interested in how to use video content to get the best results, take a look at our free video course on Smart Video Strategy. I’m sure you’ll find it very useful!


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