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What Is An Animated Infographic Video?


An animated infographic video is a brief video that delivers a business idea in a simple, engaging and direct way. It combines cool animations, appealing images, and a clear language to quickly grab the viewer’s attention. It informs the audience but at the same time it’s educative: in no more than 90 seconds, it compiles what the company does, explains how it can help the customers and describes why that product/service is the best option in that specific niche.

What Is An Animated Infographic Video? Done! Now Discover Its Main Characteristics

You already know what animated infographic videos are about. Now let’s explore what makes these videos SO engaging and compelling.

  • Short: these marketing videos pass out a business idea really quickly, in less than 90 seconds. Don’t miss these key tips on the specific length animated explainer videos should have.
  • Simple: animated marketing videos communicate a simple message by following the classical narrative scheme: first, the what, then the how, and finally the why.
  • Focused on the target audience’s needs: these videos are based on the audience itself and their specific problems. This generates a strong identification from them towards the company’s proposal.
  • Animated characters: these marketing videos can also feature animated characters that bring a good dose of humor, emotion, and personality to the story.
  • Branding colors: explainer videos generally include the colors of the brand’s identity in the backgrounds and landscapes, so as to generate quick brand recognition.

In this video, you can see that all these characteristics have been applied:

8 Key Advantages Of Animated Infographic Videos

You have probably watched many of these videos before. But now the difference is that you can truly understand what they are about, their special approach and their main characteristics.

Moving forward…it’s time to dive into another important topic for any marketer: how can these videos enhance your marketing efforts? How can you benefit from them? Check out these 8 killer advantages of animated videos:

  1. Your business idea, in a couple of seconds: animated marketing videos let you communicate what you do, explain how your product works, and describe why it’s such a good option for your customers… in just a few seconds!
  2. Visual and verbal learning: another huge advantage of explainer marketing videos is that they involve both visual and auditive sense. This increases their communicational power and has a stronger effect on the human brain. Review these 5 neuroscience concepts you can apply to explainer videos to learn more about this!
  3. Gain great online visibility: an animated video can help you attract visitors to your site and keep their attention. If they stay longer, your time-on-page rate will rise and Google and other search engines will “love” this: they will consider that your site is of interest to those visitors. Result? Your site will rank better in their queries. Additionally, a marketing video gives you the chance to be on one of the most important social networks at the moment: YouTube. Are you going to miss that opportunity? 🙂
  4. Generate brand awareness: if you use your brand’s palette in your marketing video you can reinforce your brand identity and also help the viewers identify that you’re the one behind that proposal.
  5. Drive your viewers to take action: it’s really easy to add a call to action in your marketing video. And this gives you the chance to guide your prospect in the direction you want in a very straightforward and compelling way.
  6. Boost conversions and sales: if you embed an explainer video above the fold on the homepage of your site, you can raise conversions dramatically, by 20% on average. Amazing, right?
  7. Increase shareability: people love sharing useful, attractive and educational content. Video is easily shareable on social media platforms, so this is another huge advantage to make use of!
  8. Fit the mobile logic: animated infographic videos are 100% mobile-friendly. This is really important as mobile video views are rising dramatically and will certainly continue on that track in the next few years.

Tip: take a few minutes to watch this brief tutorial and learn the most popular animated explainer videos styles. Which one best adapts to your specific case?

Integrating Animated Infographic Videos Into Your Buyer’s Journey

Before we finish this blog post, another key topic to analyze is: how can you integrate animated videos into your inbound marketing strategy?

Let’s start by reviewing this video to understand the concept of inbound marketing:

So, as you can see, inbound marketing relates to the concept of the buyer’s journey, also known as the sales funnel. In this process, your potential customers move forward through different stages until they make the final purchase. From a general point of view, there are 3 key stages they “rise to”:

  1. Awareness: the prospect is aware of a specific problem he has, but he still has to identify it clearly and put it into context.
  2. Consideration: at this stage, the prospect collects information about the different vendors that can help him with his difficulty.
  3. Decision: the prospect now knows what the best solution to his problem is. So he focuses on shortening that list of vendors to finally make the purchase decision, with “the chosen one”.

Now the question is: in which stage you should use an animated marketing video? At the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. Remember that at this stage, the prospect knows that he has a problem and is searching for the best alternatives that can satisfy that need. He is totally willing to listen to your proposal, what you have to offer and why your product can be a good choice.

With this in mind, these videos are a highly useful tool to nurture and educate your leads when they’re at that “research” phase. They are open to listening, so developing an appealing, engaging and educative video that has the answers they’re looking for can be a great move. It’s your big chance to be “considered” as part of the game, with a highly effective, persuasive and appealing format.

Understanding The Huge Power Of Customization

What does this point have to do with animated infographic videos? EVERYTHING! If you want your video to be highly effective, customize it. There’s no other option. Developing a video that is 100% aligned with your target audience’s needs and characteristics is vital.

So, by customizing your marketing video you can:

  • Gain points over the competition: customizing your video gives you a special place in your prospect’s minds. Remember that the web is full of animated videos but yours can make the difference by being adapted to that specific audience. They will notice that your video was specially made for them!
  • Trigger an emotional bond with your target audience: if you customize your marketing video, your viewers will feel represented by those characters on screen. This will set up an emotional bond and therefore increase engagement and empathy.
  • Improve your ROI: if your prospects feel captivated by your video, they will spend more time watching it, you will have more time to communicate your key messages, and you will also be growing trust towards your brand. All this is highly important to raise your conversions and sales.


At Yum Yum Videos we focus on producing 100% custom videos for each of our clients, no matter the marketing goals they have, the target audience they want to approach, or the product they want to sell. We always go for the best quality and best results: this goes hand in hand with customization, with making a video that the viewers truly enjoy. This is a premise to us in all of our productions. Get to know some more details about how we work by watching this brief video:

And, if you feel like working on an animated marketing video, just get in touch with us! We will focus on meeting your specific needs and getting to a great video that makes the difference in your marketing strategy!

In Summary

In today’s blog post we covered some frequently asked questions such as: “What is an animated infographic video?” “What are their main characteristics?” “Which benefits do they offer?”, and more. Now you have all the information you need to start thinking about your own explainer video, that one that can enhance your marketing efforts. We have shared with you a bunch of valuable tips to make a stunning marketing video!

Finally, we recommend that you download this free slide on “How to make an animated explainer video step-by-step”. It will help you understand the overall production process from the moment you start producing your video.

Stay tuned!

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