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What Are Motion Graphics And When Should I Use Them?


If you need to translate a complicated concept into a simple one, but you don’t know what kind of video format you should chose, then this article will make your life easier. The answer is: Motion Graphics. Why? Because it’s not only striking in terms of visual attraction but it can also lead to an increase on your engagement. We will go through this video style and analyze why it’s the best option to explain an idea while it can also enhance your marketing strategy. Let’s take a look!

Understanding Motion Graphics

Up until now, you probably know about all of the fantastic benefits that video content can add to your marketing plan. For instance, promotional animations are a very efficient tool to circulate your idea in a short, simple and compelling way. And motion graphics are today, the most popular video style to strengthen a campaign. Take a look at this explainer video to understand better the variety of video styles and their attributes.

Since the beginning of human culture, graphic design has been a resource to explain complicated messages through visual representation. Today, we still use a graphic design but with the addition of technology: and here’s where motion comes up! That’s right, animation has been an important advance for traditional static design.

This style refers mainly to putting the graphic design in motion. And, thanks to its features, it’s the best option to explain intricate ideas in a simple and clear cut way. Check it out for yourself with this example!

Key Features of Motion Graphics

As we explained, motion graphics are all about explaining difficult concepts and hard information. But there are several explainer video types so, what’s so distinctive about it? Let’s take a look at motion graphics’ main features and advantages so you can get a deeper understanding.

  • Elegance: it looks more sophisticated than other kinds of explainer videos.
  • Formality: it can have that “serious” appearance that corporate businesses look for.
  • Bright colors: it uses vivid color palettes combined for educative purposes.
  • Simplify: it has an amazing power to synthesize complex ideas and hard data like statistics, charts, numbers, and more.
  • Fun: It can turn boring content into an entertaining and fun video.

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One Of The Most Outstanding Explainer Video Types

Apart from all the features we named above, we would like to point out 3 key traits about motion graphics that other explainer videos lack.

#1: Stunning Visuals

Up until now, you’re quite informed about the key role that visual content plays in the abstraction process of simplifying concepts. Since we were little, visuals have been the main technique to learn difficult things. And nothing changed when we got older! Graphics like charts, drawings and layouts are much more understandable and memorable than any long and boring paper. And think about all the possibilities that the combination of graphics and motion can bring you! This style is helpful to keep your audience’s attention while showing them hard info in a fun and attractive way.

#2: Live graphics

We know that graphic design is important and it’s also the origin of these videos, but animation is just as important! Because it can bring life to static graphics, and they wouldn’t be as effective without it. One of the most beneficial assets of this video style is its ability to explain complicated concepts with animated graphics. In this way, your viewers can learn everything about your product in a matter of seconds!

#3: Mixing with other explainer video types

Mixing motion graphics with other types of explainer videos is another possibility if what your company needs is to add some emotion or storytelling to the video. Motion graphics itself might be a little bit cold sometimes, that’s why you can take advantage of two different video types to get that warm and human touch to the graphics you’re showing. For example, adding an animated character will make it more fun, attractive and more engaging. We’ll go through this later.

When Is It Appropriate To Use A Motion Graphic Video?

Despite now having a lot of information about motion graphics, you might still have some doubts about if it’s the correct video style for your needs. Take a few seconds to ask yourself these questions before deciding anything.

  • Does your company have a “formal” and “professional” profile?

If the product or service you’re selling requires a professional tone in your communication, then you should consider including motion graphics to your marketing plan.

  • Do you want your video to look sophisticated?

With motion graphics, you can do that, more than with any other video type. Because it’s in their essence to look formal and elegant.

  • Do you need to make hard information more attractive?

Motion graphic videos are the best tool to deal with hard data like numbers, charts, and graphs. So if your company needs to communicate this kind of concept and make it more attractive for the audience, motion graphics is the way to go.

  • Do you need to pass out difficult ideas but still be educative and appealing?

Images are more powerful in the learning process than text, that’s no news. Can you imagine how much more you could achieve if those images were in motion? That’s why motion graphics have a great synthesizing capability and allow you to be highly educative while still being attractive and fancy.

  • Is your company more connected to hard data such as financial or IT?

Then motion graphics are for you. Even if your company is B2B or B2C, this video format can help you to turn abstract information into a more understandable and appealing type of content, making it more engaging but still educational and accurate.

Combine Motion Graphics With Other Animation Types

There’s no need to stay with only one video type. Motion graphics videos are very flexible and that’s what makes them special. They can be merged with other explainer animation styles so you can get both benefits in one. Take a look at these examples:

Motion Graphics and Live-Action

Live-action may lack some animation features, but combined with motion graphics, they can be unstoppable! The combination of live-action and motion graphics can communicate abstract concepts in a way that other videos individually cannot. Watch this example of a mixed video:

Motion Graphics and Character Animations

As motion graphics may lack a human touch that many brands require, a good solution is to combine it with funny characters which can make your video more appealing and engaging. Here you can watch an interesting example:

Motion Graphics and Whiteboard Videos

You may have noticed that every whiteboard video has some digital animations, it’s not fully handcrafted although sometimes it looks like it might be. That’s because it uses motion graphics to carry out the movements of the camera and the drawing hand. Here’s a sample of how motion graphics can be used in whiteboard animations:

We’ve crafted a lot of different explainer videos throughout Yum Yum’s career. Each one is different and customized to satisfy every client’s need. If you are prepared to start your first video for your company, contact us so we can help you with the best style to suit your business.

To wrap up

Throughout this article, we’ve explained what motion graphics are and how this technique can uplift engagement without losing the audience’s attention. Besides, we went through all the features and benefits you can find in motion graphics and its spectacular power to transform intricate information into a clear and simple message. And that’s what makes this style so popular among other explainer videos. On the other hand, if you need to include features from other videos, it’s totally possible because motion graphics are very versatile and you can combine them with elements from other styles with ease.

Do you want to see it in action? Watch this striking motion graphics videos!

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