Top 10 Training Video Production Companies To Choose From!

One of the many reasons why corporate training video production is marketers’ most effective tool right now is that it allows them to effectively condense a lot of information into a short piece. It doesn’t matter how complex or technical the source material is, through video, you can make it understandable and entertaining. 

Something particularly invaluable for employee training processes.

As necessary as these programs are, they tend to involve a lot of data or not-so-fun material, presented in long and dry documents – Which, most of the time, ends up being more confusing rather than helpful!

However, if you invest in high-quality training video production services, you can provide an engaging new learning experience to your employees. Even more, you can develop their skills, boost productivity, and even inspire change in their behaviors! 

Today, we’ll introduce you to ten companies with the talent required to create fantastic videos that promote a better employee training process and development. Let’s go!

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Why Use Training Videos?

Whether you run a small tech start-up or a big multinational company, training your staff is paramount

With video being the most engaging type of content, business owners have the opportunity to make employee training a cool and actually valuable educational experience. So, before going over our list, it’s good to understand why you’d want to develop one of these pieces in the first place: 

  • It’s cost-effective: An effective training video can save you a lot of money. Unlike instructor-based training, you don’t spend resources on hiring and associated expenses. Plus, you’ll save your employees time by not making them attend a class, but by consuming the content at their earliest convenience! 
  • It’s scalable: It doesn’t matter if you have to train a small group or your whole company, video allows you to train them according to the same standards, without compromising quality or performance. 
  • It’s flexible: Whatever you need to teach, you can shape-form your content to best suit your purposes and make your message more approachable. This versatility translates into a lot of different styles – animation, live-action, and more! 
  • It’s memorable: It’s proven that we retain 95% of a message when presented in video form, compared to 10% when reading via text. This means that, through video, you can explain everything your employees need to know and ensure a more effective overall process with longer-lasting results! 
  • It’s accessible: Video can be always available to your employees. For example, if you create short explainers, whenever they need to refresh the information, they can check them in no time. Ultimately, this will save your employees’ a lot of time and prevent them from making mistakes!  

Top 10 Corporate Training Video Production Companies

Now that we are on the same page about what these videos can bring to the table, it’s time to go over our selection of training video production companies

  • Yum Yum Videos
  • Skeleton Productions
  • Epipheo
  • Clum
  • Demo Duck
  • Explainify
  • Switch Video
  • Thinkmojo
  • Wyzowl
  • Sandwich Video

#1 Yum Yum Videos — Corporate Video Production Company

Ok, granted, that’s us, and we know how this looks! But we genuinely believe we are one of the top companies you can work with in this regard! We wouldn’t include us on this list otherwise.

We are very proud of the team of writers, animators, marketers, and designers we’ve assembled over the years. We love animation and making explainer videos! And we think that combining those two elements, alongside hard work and professionalism leads to training videos second to none.

Here’s why:

  • Each one of our videos is fully customized to our client’s brand identity and marketing needs.
  • We offer outstanding quality of video and polish.
  • We’ve perfected our corporate training video production process to achieve the best results every single time.
  • We deliver a top-notch, price-quality guarantee
  • We were once a growing business too, and understand the challenges of employee capacitation! This is why we also provide an integrated video marketing strategy to help you expand and thrive!

This awesome recipe led us to work with hundreds of companies from over 20 different countries, including brands like (name drop alert!) Walmart, McKesson, Red Bull, and more! 

But, in case you want a taste of what we can do, our work can speak for us 🙂 

We also know how important it is to have comments and reviews of previous customers to gauge what it’s like working with a video company. Here’s what some of our customers think about working with us!

#2 Skeleton Productions

Skeleton Productions is a creative video agency from the UK. Apart from training and internal communication videos, they also offer promotional, corporate, and animated video productions. Their broad services involve a three steps process that includes video strategy, production, and marketing. Triple threat!

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#3 Epipheo

Since 2009, this production company has developed all sorts of videos: animated explainers, branded content, and e-learning and training videos. As they like to say, they use video content to create epiphanies and bring clarity to the viewer. Something highly important when you need to train or share knowledge! Cool!

#4 Clum

Based in Cleveland, Clum is a training video production agency that mostly develops live-action pieces, especially for non-profits, eCommerce companies, and tech start-ups. They are a big team of 20 people known for their original and creative pieces. 

#5 Demo Duck

The team behind Demo Duck develops many types of videos: explainers, customer testimonials, commercials, and internal communication videos, especially for the healthcare and education industries. Even though Demo Duck mostly produces cool animated pieces, their portfolio also includes live-action projects. 

#6 Explainify — Corporate Video Production Company

This company shares a lot of attributes you’d look for in robust training video production companies: great production quality, sensible delivery timelines, and a proclivity toward meaningful storytelling. Each piece they work on is built around these attributes, and each can greatly benefit a corporate training video production.

#7 Switch Video

Having a lot of experience in the field, switch video is able to create clear, effective, and relatable training video productions. Using streamlined styles that keep the bulk of the viewer’s attention where it belongs: with your message. The company is also well known for its communication pipeline, keeping clients appraised of progress at every stage of the process, which overall leads to a more manageable production process.

#8 Thinkmojo

If there’s a common through-line in this company’s videos, is their effectiveness at taking complex topics and making them relatable – an important feature when we are talking training video production.

Often combining live-action with animation, their talented staff is able to deliver fantastic pieces.

#9 Wyzowl

This company has plenty of experience working not only on training video production but all kinds of promotional videos as well. They excel at effectively incorporating client feedback while keeping flexible turnaround times. Which makes them a worthy inclusion in our training video production companies’ list.

#10 Sandwich Video — Corporate Video Production Company

With a primary focus on live-action and fun storytelling, the staff at Sandwich Video knows how to keep viewers engaged – a boon for any training video production project.

Their content tends to appeal to emotion – usually via humor – which leads to engaging and relatable pieces that are quick to capture viewers’ attention.

And there you go! Our ten favorite corporate training video production companies that can really help you transform the way you instruct and connect with your staff! Each of them is the definition of expertise and quality. 

Here at Yum Yum, we’d also like to tell you that our inner drive is to help the companies we team up with achieve their business goals – which is why we focus on our client’s needs from the get-go! Whatever the message you want to deliver is, and the audience you are targeting, we’ll be dedicated to creating the most effective and original video!

We also understand that no two companies are the same! And we strive to ensure our videos showcase that uniqueness. And while our formula to make the best-animated videos has many ingredients, attention to detail is what makes it all come together! It’s what helps us bring life to your brand’s voice and personality through gorgeous pieces. 

However, we don’t forget that no one understands your company more than you do! From start to finish, throughout the whole video production process, we listen to our client’s feedback every step of the way. Making sure to clear your doubts and, most importantly, use your valuable input!

But, in case you are wondering how all that plays together, we made this cool video about our video production process. Check it out!

So, if you are thinking of developing a professional training video production, don’t waste another second and contact us today! We are eager to hear everything about your project! 

The Takeaway

Achieving your business goals is determined to a large extent by a successful, smooth, and effective internal communication and training process. Why? Because it helps you share important information, align your teams, and develop your employees’ skills. 

The right training video that educates your staff doesn’t have to be boring, expensive, or time-consuming! With a successful program, you can make sure to deliver vital information and keep your employees up to date in the most engaging, fun, and educational ways!

And while there are others out there, if you are looking for the best ones, these five should be at the top of your “to check out” list!

Good luck!

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