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Top 10 Healthcare video production companies of 2019

If you ask most marketers what’s the one thing that they shouldn’t miss in any strategy, you’ll often get the  “video content” answer.

Most people watch videos for everything these days, from entertainment to learning, and even to inform their decision making. So, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that video content is one of the best assets healthcare companies have at their disposal.

With delicate subject-matters often involved and an overabundance of competition, healthcare-related businesses really stand to gain from all the benefits video brings to the table: increased engagement, boost in trust, brand humanization, boost in traffic… the list goes on. 

By the same token, a bad piece can severely hinder your marketing efforts, or worse, deliver the wrong message to your potential customers. Since we understand that getting that right fit can be a challenging ordeal, we’ve put together a list with some of the best healthcare video production companies on the market right now.

Hopefully, you’ll find a few alternatives equipped to bring your important message to life!

How to Make the Right Choice

The right video can add to the organizational storytelling of your institution by doing things like explaining your organization’s services or displaying patients sharing their experiences with the care they received.

However, for those videos to work, you have to pick providers with the necessary expertise and experience to convey your message just the way you need. Medical marketing videos and healthcare educational videos can be tricky to produce. There’s a careful balance to keep between hooking an audience’s attention and the industry’s gravitas. And it takes skills to inject some lightheartedness when a healthcare topic calls for it.

So, choosing a highly-skilled healthcare video production company to work on your video is paramount, but how can you pinpoint who the best healthcare video companies are from the endless alternatives out there?

While there’s no straight formula for it, we believe there are a few aspects that should inform your decision:

  • Quality and expertise: The right fit should have experience in the healthcare industry, and their portfolio should reflect it. You want companies that know the niche and have created high-quality videos for it already.
  • Communication: There are few other industries where clarity is so vital as it is in healthcare. Aim for companies whose communication channels keep you involved at all stages of the process.
  • Customization: Your institution is unique in many ways, and your medical marketing videos should be too. The right provider should take your health organizations’ values and core message, and use them to brand your videos effectively.
  • Feedback: Comments, reviews, and feedback from past clients is always a great way to learn more about the providers you might be considering to work with.
  • Price: With the cheaper alternatives you always risk sacrificing quality and missing the mark, but the most expensive ones don’t guarantee quality by price alone. Find a company that can deliver top quality working inside your budget.

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The Best 10 Healthcare Video Production Companies Out There

With those considerations out of the way, it’s time to take a look at that list and hopefully get you on your way to finding the right provider for your company.

  • Yum Yum Videos
  • Thinkmojo
  • Sandwich Video
  • Epipheo
  • Demoduck
  • Kyro Digital
  • Blend
  • Rip Media Group
  • Talkingtree Creative
  • Room4 Media

As you will notice, the list includes medical video production companies of all kinds, from some that specialize in animated videos to others that feature other styles. The idea is to ensure you have enough variety so that you find exactly what you need!

#1 – Yum Yum Videos

While it might seem disingenuous at first, we promise you we wouldn’t put ourselves on the list if we didn’t truly feel like we earned it! We’ve accrued a wealth of experience working with companies in the healthcare industry, and know our way around it.

Our focus is animated explainer videos, and we are not shy to say we know what it takes to make a truly great, unique piece: 

  • All our videos are fully customized to our client’s needs.
  • We deliver some of the highest quality standards on the market.
  • Our video production process is smooth and efficient.
  • Our price-quality offer is unrivaled.
  • Our integrated video marketing strategy works toward making pieces that further your marketing goals.

All staples of our work that hundreds of companies from all around the world have had a chance to experience firsthand. From small startups to big brands like Walmart, McKesson, and Docusign.

But we are more than happy to let our work do the talking for us whenever we can:

And, in case you are wondering how our clients feel about working with us and our process, here’s a testimonial from our friends at Phelps.

#2 – IdeaRocket

IdeaRocket is a great video production company with extensive experience in the healthcare sector. They have a good vision to overcome challenges and have worked on quite a number of campaigns for private and non-profit organizations.

#3 – Sandwich Video

When it comes to live-action videos, it’s hard to get better than Sandwich Video, definitively one of the best healthcare video production companies doing business right now. They base their work on funny scripts and a tight video production process, and also offer video distribution services through several channels.

#4 – Epipheo

Being one of the oldest in the business has to account for something, right? Well, if Epipheo is any proof, yes! Their experience comes through in their production team’s know-how and their overall process. Having worked on everything from ads to educational videos, they should definitely be on your shortlist.

#5 – Demo Duck

The folks at Demo Duck believe that a great script is the only path that leads to a great video. And it shows. That’s why this Chicago-based company focus their work on the script development, that has all their production team meeting with you to brainstorm all kinds of wild ideas. 

#6 – Med-Men

This video production company comprises a team of specialists with deep knowledge in healthcare video and medical animation. Their experience covers TV spots, live event broadcasting and online video and it’s one of the few teams devoted entirely to healthcare institutions.

#7 – Wyzowl

An experienced video production company with hundreds of videos under its belt, Wyzowl is also a great choice for your medical videos. That’s because they have experience in the niche, a knack for customization, and a thorough research process to get you the video you need.

#8 – Rip Media Group

Though their expertise in healthcare videos might be limited, the medical videos they’ve produced are great enough to earn them a spot here. Rip Media Group is a marketing firm that offers content marketing services along with video production for all kinds of companies, from startups to large enterprises.

#9 – What a Story

This video production company understands that creating good videos calls for a combination of marketing, branding, and effective visuals. What a Story can make any video shine with the use of animation that catches the eye coupled with a marketing angle.

#10 – Room4 Media

If you’re looking for a full marketing agency capable of offering high-quality video production services, content, and social media marketing, then Room4 Media is for you. They specialize in serving small clients in the healthcare and medical fields as well as in retail.

There you have them! 10 healthcare video production companies you shouldn’t miss out on. All of which are excelling in quality, expertise, and services.

And while we can’t speak to how the others on the list do it, we can tell you that for us at Yum Yum Videos it’s all about a focus on our clients’ needs. We go to great lengths to ensure our clients in the healthcare industry rely on us to best communicate what they need their audiences to hear, and do so in the best way possible.

From branded videos to introducing the institution’s services to educational videos that explain complex treatments or bring awareness to important issues, we firmly believe that creating one-of-a-kind videos is the key to flawless results.

That’s why we keep a close eye on the details of a project and take every piece of feedback our clients give us to create the piece they want, as well as the piece they need.

For that, we have a streamlined and efficient process that delivers results. If you want to know more about how we do it, we made a neat video going into more detail about it!

Are you considering healthcare video production companies for your next video? Then get in touch and let’s see how we can help!

To Sum Up

Medical video production is a challenge. 

Creating videos for the healthcare industry requires you to balance a lot of elements in the air in order to produce the results you want. From the specificities of the healthcare industry to the generalities of video production concerns. 

That’s why it’s important to count on a healthcare video company with the necessary skills to bring your project to life! As you look for the right fit, check out the companies we’ve shared with you in this list, we promise you won’t regret it.

Good luck!

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