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The Advantages Of Motion Graphics Explainer Videos


Are you thinking about video marketing for your next campaign but you don’t know what the best format to start with is? We can help you out! In order to easily explain a puzzling idea and raise audience’s engagement, motion graphics explainer videos are an excellent option both for visual attraction and for marketing purposes. Read on to understand in depth why this kind of animation is a great option to deliver complex concepts with good engagement results. Let’s start!

Videos 101

Video is one of the most widespread and consumed online languages because it’s easy, fast and attractive to users. But you probably know that already. in particular, animations are a very effective and popular tool in the marketing world when someone needs to communicate a product or service in a simple and friendly way. And motion graphics are one of the most popular animated explainer videos. For more details, this video explains the different styles of animated videos and their characteristics.

Since ancient civilizations, graphic design has been a part of human culture to explain visually difficult ideas, which is easier for our brains to understand. And today we’re very fortunate to have modern technology to enhance graphic design. And that’s what motion graphics are!

In general words, this format refers to graphic design in motion. And, as we mentioned, they’re great to deliver complicated messages in an easy and direct way. Click on this video for more insight on this!

Main features of Motion Graphics

What are the most outstanding features of motion graphics? You already know they’re a good tool to use to communicate difficult ideas, but let’s review what features make them remarkable.

  • Their technique makes it refined and formal.
  • It also has greater synthesis power than other styles, making it very useful to inform about hard information like numbers, statistics, and more.
  • It uses a variety of colors to achieve educational purposes.
  • Education, entertainment and attraction are key attributes.
  • It can transform boring content into a fun and engaging message .

The Best Explainer Video Types

There are at least three vital elements to highlight the advantages of motion graphics, besides the features we’ve outlined above.

#1. Visual Attraction

Considering that visual methods are the most effective to educate audiences, this style is very popular in the marketing world. Diagrams, illustrations, infographics, are common resources to make difficult information easier to understand. It also makes them more noticeable and appealing. Can you imagine the power of graphics combined with animation? Used strategically, our information can be accessible to a wider audience and make them more engaged with your content.

#2. Live Design

Animations also play a key role in this format, it’s not only about graphic design. Motion Graphics videos bring life to static designs by animating them. And including motion in visual content is essential to pass out difficult business ideas and make it more understandable.

#3. Combination with other video types

The missing elements in this format can be complemented by combining elements of other styles. For instance, motion graphics can lack a warm or human touch sometimes. If you have the need to add some emotion to your video with a delicate story or characters, a good option is to mix motion graphics with other explainer video types. We’ll explain this later.

When to use Motion Graphic Videos

What is the most appropriate style for your business’ needs? Maybe you’re still not sure if Motion Graphics is the right video type, since there are so many options. To evaluate the best answer, it is useful to consider these questions.

What’s your company’s image?

Is it ‘professional’ or more informal? Professional businesses can benefit a lot from a motion graphic animation types.

Are you looking for a sophisticated video?

From all the explainer video types, motion graphics are the most elegant. They can provide you with the formality that other video styles can’t.

Do you need to communicate complex information easily?

Figures, statistics and various numerical data can be assimilated in a simple way through motion graphics videos, more than any other style.

Do you need to make boring educational content more attractive?

In educational terms, motion graphics videos can achieve excellent results by awakening curiosity and interest. We know images are great learning tools, imagine what colorful, vibrant and moving images can do.

Is your company B2B or related to complex and specific information?

Technical information, financial data and educational content in general can take full advantage of this style of communication. You can keep your audience’s attention and gain their trust in a fun and also accurate way.

Motion Graphics and other video styles

Motion graphics videos can be combined with other explanatory videos to make them more charming and warm. Videos in general are very flexible and there’s no need to stay with only one style 100% of the time. Combination can make your video more interesting and fun. Let’s take a look.

Motion Graphics Video + Live Action

What live action videos sometimes can’t achieve can be achieved by motion graphics. Imagine what both styles together would be able to do. By combining them, you can develop a more efficient communication that a single style could never do. Take a look at this example we’ve done for Stocks in Value:

Motion Graphics Video + Character Animation

Many times the human factor is necessary for your company’s communication goals. And to do this, you can merge motion graphics videos with fun characters to make it more approachable and engaging. This is a good example of this mix:

Motion Graphics Video + Whiteboard video

All whiteboard videos require some kind of motion graphics. To make all the camera movements and hand animations, it needs a motion graphics specialist, so they can make sure it will be amazing. Take a look at this example of whiteboard video with motion graphics:

At Yum Yum we have developed customized videos following the specific needs of each client. So if you haven’t decided yet which style is the best for your company, just get in touch with us and we can figure something out for you.


In this article, you’ve learned why motion graphics videos are the best solution to explain difficult complex facts and ideas in a simple, elegant way. Even if your company is B2C or B2B, Motion Graphics videos is the most effective video type out there with a great ability to explain any type of information in just seconds. Still not convinced of the power of motion graphics videos? Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these amazing examples of motion graphics.

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