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5 March, 2018  

You’ve probably heard about how enriching an animated marketing video can be to enhance your marketing strategy. The thing is that, to get to a highly enticing, persuasive and memorable video, you have to allocate focus and dedication to developing the script (this task has its unique peculiarities, believe me). And, what’s more important to know: the script is a key element during the video production process, so if you want to get great marketing results, it’s vital to do things the right way. With this in mind, in today’s article we have some premium content to share with you: a free eBook on how to write an animation script for your business! Keep on reading and discover more!

How to write an animated video script eBook

Animated Marketing Video Script: Basic Concepts

Let’s start by understanding what the script is: basically, it’s the message you want to convey, what the voice-over says in the video. We mentioned that it’s one of the most important elements in the video production process. Why? Because it sets the foundation for the rest of the stages of this process.

Bear in mind that to get to an amazing animated explainer video, it’s important to find a balance between the content (the script) and the form (the camera angles, images, animations, soundtrack, etc.). And also, you have to keep in mind that the main essence of a script is to communicate how your product can help your target audience and what specific problem it solves. That should be your main goal. It’s not about talking about your brand or product, but about focusing on the problem your prospects have and how you can address them.

In case you haven’t seen a script before, here you have an example of an animated video script to keep on hand.

ebook: How to write a script?

Learn How To Write An Animation Script

We have developed a special eBook on this topic. In the following paragraphs, we will share some of the main points it covers, as some kind of summary and also, for you to have the big picture on which type of concepts you can follow in the eBook.

#1. Focus on your target audience

First thing you have to do is have a clear idea of who you’re targeting. Have a deep understanding of your target audience, so you can then focus your marketing video on them. This way, you will generate a strong identification towards the story you’re telling.

Let me give you some guidelines: try to answer these questions to have a clear approach of who you’re targeting: What do they usually wear? What do they look like? What’s their style? What’s their job? What are their favorite activities? Which places do they like to visit? Where do they live?

Try to answer these questions in a concrete way, and also any other points that might be useful to better define them.

With all this data, you will be able to outline your buyer persona, and this is extremely important in many senses: first, you will be able to customize the script according to their specific characteristics. Secondly, you will be able to craft the characters based on that particular profile of “buyer” (you will do this in the “storyboard stage”). Also, this will let you give your characters a special personality and mood (again, aligned with your prospects’ characteristics). All these points will be vital to make the viewers feel represented by those characters on the screen. As a result, you will grow trust and empathy towards your brand. And this will have a direct impact on your conversions and sales rates. Interesting, right? Now you can see why knowing your target audience and focusing on them is a must 😉

#2. Stick to the classic script structure

When writing down the script, it’s important to stick to the classical narrative structure – do not think about improvising! Just follow this logic: a beginning, a middle and an end. Following this line will help you  write it down and, additionally, it will make the video much more engaging, coherent, understandable and also memorable.

In video production, these 3 “acts” are called something different: we talk about the what, the how and the why. See below…

Act #1. The What

To start, you need to explain to your target audience what problem your product solves. This way, you will quickly grab their interest and keep their attention till the end. Focus on the problem you approach, don’t talk about your product or brand yet. There will be time for that 😉

Check how we’ve made it happen in this video:

Act #2. The How

Now that your audience knows what problem you solve, you have to let them know how your product can help them. This section usually starts when the logo appears or the brand is mentioned in the video.

In this example, this happens at minute 0:20. Check it out!

Act #3. The Why

Now, the most “salesy” part of the video! It’s time to tell (and influence) your target audience about why you’re the best alternative in the market to solve their problem, in comparison to competitors. You have to focus on persuading them on why they should pick you out as their vendor.

animated video script tips

Here you have another example to identify the 3 “acts”.

#3. Keep it short

As you may know, there is a deep connection between video length and engagement. So you have to focus on getting the most out of the time: to deliver your key messages, while also keeping your viewers entertained till the end. Huge challenge! A key tip in this sense is keeping your video under 2 minutes. Talking about explainer video production specifically, we can say that the optimal length for an animated marketing video is 90 seconds.

And how can you know how long your animation script should be? Consider this: 160 written words equals one minute of video. So write 240 words to get to a 90-second video! Piece of cake! 😉

#4. Make it simple and straightforward

Attention spans are really short these days – only 8 seconds! In this context, focus on making a simple, clear and straightforward script. Don’t try to include every single detail in one single video! Just pick out the most relevant information and forget about the rest. You will then have the chance to use other complementary marketing initiatives to pass out that information to your prospects (sales calls, marketing campaigns, content marketing initiatives, etc.).

Check out this video and see how we clearly explain how the product works, in a simple and direct way:

#5. Include a compelling Call To Action

At the end of your video, it’s important that you include a compelling and strong Call To

Action. This way you will guide your viewers in the direction you want, to take the next step in your sales funnel. Make sure the CTA is enticing, persuasive, irresistible,…and, some important advice: include only one CTA per video, to avoid misunderstandings. If your marketing strategy requires more CTAs, then make different versions of the original video, with different calls to action. That’s the best strategy we suggest!

Take a few minutes to review these additional recommendations on how to include call to actions in your animated video.

And now…a promise is a promise 🙂 We invite you to download our free Ebook on “How to write a script for an explainer video” to get the full version of these guidelines (in there, you will find a bunch of additional tips and tricks). Don’t miss it!

Bonus Track

I want to share with you some additional tips on how to write an animation script that is appealing and memorable:

  1. The right tone: in your video, you should use a tone that resonates with your audience. Also, picking carefully a custom narrator, the cast, the dialog type and some other key elements will make a big difference.  
  2. A bit of humor: if your product “allows it”, consider adding a dose of humor to your video. It will certainly make it more fun to watch! But, please, don’t force it: if humor does not fit with your video, just dismiss it.
  3. Benefits, instead of features: remember we said that you shouldn’t be too salesy. A piece of good advice in this sense is talking about benefits, instead of features. Try to turn each feature into a tangible benefit that your customers may take advantage of.

When making a script on your own, at least a first draft of it, we always suggest that you hire a professional explainer video production company to write the final version. Keep in mind that they have all the experience, skills and technology that this type of video requires. At Yum Yum we always focus on making custom scripts for each of our clients. This way they can optimize their marketing results, getting to a video that captivates and persuades their audience in the direction they want. If you also need help with your animation script, drop us a line and we’ll be glad to join you!


An explainer video script plays a key part in the whole video production process – precisely, it sets the basis for each stage. Writing it the right way requires focus and dedication to make it highly enticing, attractive and memorable.

In today’s blog post you have learned some golden tips on how to write an animation script for your business, and you got access to some complimentary tips and tricks in our special eBook. Now it’s time to start working on your next marketing video script! Why not review these tips to get to a perfect animated video? Enjoy them! 🙂

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