Customer testimonials are short videos that show your client talking about your brand and the
experience of working with your company. They are a great way to generate trust with potential prospects and close deals.

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What are the benefits of a
Customer Testimonial Video?

85 % of consumers said they look up reviews before feeling they can trust a business and that is why using video testimonials to gain trust will be highly effective and is a must in any marketing strategy. These are some of the benefits you’ll get from Customer testimonial videos:

+ 85 % of consumers look up for reviews before buying
+ Generate brand Trust
+ Increase your sales rate

We go wherever they are in the world!

No matter where your customers are, we get there! At Yum Yum Videos we work with a team of professionals and travel around the world reaching your customers wherever they are! United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, you name it! You’ll be surprised how affordable our prices are compared to your local video production company.

Where does it fit into your
Video Sales Funnel?

Video testimonials are great for the Bottom of your Sales Funnel or BOFU (Decision Stage) where your potential clients are seeking for referrals and making up their minds between different companies. These kind of videos help to increase sale rates by pushing your leads through the funnel and building trust toward your brand to convert leads into buying customers.


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Of course we can! In fact we’ve already made several Customer video testimonials. Sometimes your customers are around the corner but for most, that’s not the case, but don’t worry! We can travel all around the world so we’ve got you covered.

The best part is that our prices are affordable so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need a video testimonial to drive more sales.

These videos are not animated but instead, they are a live action type of video. This means that it has some expenses to consider such as, the equipment, production assistants, insurance, travel costs and more, which in an animated explainer video production you wouldn’t have.

The other thing to consider when thinking about the pricing is that every live action video is different and has different specifications and needs, for example, the length of the video, the place of the recording, the days for the shooting, etc…

Finally, you can take advantage of making several videos at the same time which will reduce several of the costs dramatically. For example, having different customers willing to speak on your behalf in the same country is a great advantage since the expenses for travel will decrease making the price for each video decrease as well.

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Yum Yum Videos is a video production company with several years of experience with trusted clients like Walmart, McKesson, Fox, Docusign and with more than 300 explainer videos created for big as well as small companies. If you are still not convinced, these are some of the reasons to choose Yum Yum Videos as your video production company:

Premium quality: All of our videos have premium quality standards because we work with a team of professionals with expertise in different areas such as scriptwriter, art directors, animators, filmmakers and sound designers. Every aspect of the video production is supervised so that its pixel perfect and we take care of communicating with our clients along the way so they can provide their feedback assuring a great result.

Integral process: At Yum Yum Videos we work in every aspect of the video production such as the script, storyboard, recording and postproduction. This way, you can rest easy knowing that the quality of your video testimonial will be unique and the process will be supervised (as it should be).
The best part is that you can just relax as you let us work in each aspect of the video production with care while you use your time to grow your business.

Affordable: Believe it or not but we have the same premium quality as any of the top video production leaders in the industry and our prices are more affordable than your local video company based in Europe or in the United states. You can see this for yourself! Check our portfolio!

Flexible: We travel wherever your customers are in the world! This means that no matter where they are we’ll travel to their location to record you testimonial video. For some companies this is not an option since they don’t want to travel to distant locations and they charge too much! We have affordable prices too so don’t be shy and reach out to us to know how we can help you!