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Why do most businesses hire corporate video companies?

Marketing has changed dramatically over the past two decades, and out of the many fads that came and went, only video content remains at a relentless upward trend. People today expect quality videos from the brands they engage with, so naturally, more businesses look for skilled corporate video production services that can deliver on those expectations.

There's not a sole reason for it, but one of the most compelling ones has to do with video’s power and adaptability. Whatever your current goal is – drawing attention to a product launch, boosting consumer confidence, even training your workforce more efficiently… – there’s a perfect video that can make it happen. You just need the right people to bring it about.

What is an Explainer Video?

What type of videos can help your business?

Each business is its own unique world, and there are as many marketing goals as there are people out there. The great thing about video’s flexibility, though, is that each piece can be tailored and refined to accomplish wildly different objectives – even within the same style.

That said, there are a number of extremely popular and styles that our corporate video production company can put at your disposal: Animated Corporate Videos, Explainer videos, Corporate Training Videos, Internal Corporate Videos, Testimonials, Video ads… to name a few.

What set us apart?

What makes us unique?
Your questions, answered.


Why we are the corporate video production company you are looking for

Put simply, because our corporate video production services revolve around a singular principle: strive for excellence and never settle. For us, a video’s “style” is merely a place to start. A handy reference point that gets things started.

What we are really pursuing though, is crafting a beautiful, compelling, and above all effective piece that helps you achieve your goals. Each video we work on is fully customized to your company’s unique personality – making it feel unmistakably yours.

Thanks to our corporate video production company’s team of skilled creatives and marketers, we create powerful and distinctive videos that capture your audience's attention to deliver your message in the best possible way!

Why we are the corporate video production company you are looking for

The Effectiveness of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos – and other similar forms of animated corporate videos – can be a huge asset for most companies looking to stand out from the crowd. These are rather short pieces that help you illustrate even the most complex subjects in a simple-yet-compelling manner.

By combining storytelling with visually appealing graphics and animations, you get to tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience. Providing an in-depth overview of your product or message designed to boost sales and audience engagement. And all of this in just a few seconds!

The Effectiveness of Explainer Videos

The Power of Corporate Training Videos

More and more businesses today are waking up to the power and potential of corporate training videos. No other type of content comes even close to them when it comes to personnel training and development, which can save you thousands of dollars and staff-hours while accomplishing the same goals.

Just as for training, a skilled corporate video production company can make videos you can use for internal communications as well. Allowing you to quickly, accurately, and efficiently shift your company's internal protocols and procedures while minimizing the complications that other mediums carry with them.

The Power of Corporate Training Videos

The Broad Appeal of Videos Ads

Commercials and video advertisements are another, very sought-after type of animated corporate video production service. And it doesn't take a genius to see why! These resemble the more traditional spots we used to see on TV – and are now more popular in online advertisements.

In a matter of seconds (usually 60 or less), a great video ad puts your brand in the spotlight. Promoting your company, product, services, or even events in a way audiences won't quickly forget. And consistently prompt them into action once the piece is done.

The Broad Appeal of Videos Ads

Some of the Corporate Videos we've made:

Chargebee Video

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How much do corporate video production services usually cost?

It entirely depends on the specifics of the project involved. Length of the piece, style, type of video you need, and the turnover schedule. That said, a fully customized, professional-level video usually averages between 7,000 and 15,000 USD.

While we are on the topic of costs, though, another important question to ask is, how much is it worth to your company to stand out from its competitors? Or achieving the goals your project or campaign is shooting for?

Our top-tier animated corporate video company can help you accomplish both.

How long does a corporate video production take?

Our regular production cycle takes six weeks, plus the time it takes to integrate your feedback into the project. Over this period, talented professionals from a number of disciplines work together to bring your project into reality. Directors, scriptwriters, illustrators, animators, voice-over talent… the list keeps going.

Once it’s all said and done, most animated corporate video projects take between eight to nine weeks from the beginning to final delivery.

Need it done faster? We could have something ready for you in as little as three weeks! Reach out today and let’s talk about a time frame that fits your company’s needs.

Is it possible to speed up your corporate video production Process?

Indeed! We could have a 60-seconds video ready for you in as little as three weeks. However, do mind that shorter delivery dates do carry an increased price – It is a necessary compromise in order to meet the increased production effort of a tighter timetable.

Having said all that, the sooner we begin your project, the faster we’ll have that fantastic animated corporate video ready for you. Get in touch, and let us bring your awesome ideas to life!

What does your corporate video production process look like?

You can find three key elements at the core of every video we work on: message, storytelling, and animation. Which, incidentally, are the three aspects we’ve based our production process around.

Each of those production stages comes with two rounds of changes, which you can use to provide feedback to improve the work-in-progress. That guarantees we are not just making a fantastic video, but making your video fantastic.

But the best part is that, much like our videos, our production process is fully customizable as well. If you’d like to have more rounds of changes – unlimited, even – or quicker turnaround times, we can do that as well.

Just contact our corporate video production company today, and we'll work out the details to adjust to your schedule!

How to Get Started

The easiest way is to go to our corporate video production company’s contact page, and fill in a quick form. You can also give us a call or send an email, but the form gives us a bit of info on what you are looking for, which helps kickstart the process.

Once you reach out, our business development department will contact you within the next 24 hours and set up an initial call to discuss your project (which takes about 30 minutes.) This call lets us pick your brain about your video – Things like the style you are looking for and the ideal length. We also talk about our production process and discuss some finer points like pricing and delivery times.

Once you give us the go-ahead, we finish up the contract and payment for the project and send you a creative brief that will help us understand your vision better. Making it easier for you to provide us with even more details about the project.

Lastly, once the contract is signed, the payment’s approved, and that creative brief is back in our hand, we set up a kick-off call with our account manager, and get the ball rolling.

For payment, we accept wire transfers and PayPal* and require an upfront payment of 50% to begin production. Once everything is finished and you are happy with your video, we’ll request the remainder of the payment prior to the delivery of the final product.

That way, you can ensure you are getting the video your brand needs!

*Payments through PayPal come with an extra fee to offset the platform’s costs.