How to Effectively Leverage Video Marketing for Business

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It’s no secret that video content marketing can effectively convey your brand’s message, increase awareness and trust, and convert leads into loyal customers. That’s why video marketing for business has become an essential component of any entrepreneur’s marketing toolkit.

However, I know how overwhelming it can be to plan a robust video marketing strategy, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. That’s why, in this article, I’m tackling everything you need to know about how to use video to promote your business. I’ll go over the benefits of video marketing, explain the different video types and the goals they can help you achieve, and even add some tips and recommendations so you’re ready to embark on your next campaign.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive in 😃.


1. The Potential of Video Marketing for Business

The world of video marketing has plenty of benefits for small businesses. I know you might think you don’t really need a video marketing strategy yet, or maybe you just can’t see how it can improve your existing efforts. These are reasonable concerns, but I’m sure you’ll change your mind when you learn the many advantages of implementing video marketing.

Let’s take a look at some of them:


1.1 Increasing brand awareness

It’s hard to match the power of videos when it comes to boosting brand awareness. Since video content is immensely popular and can be shared on multiple platforms, it significantly increases your chances of reaching your target audience. 

1.2 Building trust and authority

When you regularly upload helpful and informative video content, your audience will think of you as an industry expert and an authoritative voice in your field. In turn, this will make their trust in you grow significantly. So, next time they’re looking for information or have a problem to solve, they’ll instantly think of you because they know you can give it to them.

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1.3 Creating a connection with your audience

Oftentimes, marketing videos rely on the power of storytelling to create an emotional connection with your viewers. By featuring characters and situations that they can relate to, you can build a strong, lasting bond t that goes beyond the purchaser-seller relationship.

1.4 Boosting engagement

People love watching videos and spend far more time engaging with them than with any other type of content. On top of that, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter every day, so a 60-second video is more likely to hook your prospects and deliver your message successfully than any other marketing tool! Besides, audiences are more compelled to interact with your piece on social media by leaving a comment, liking the video, and sharing it.

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1.5 Increasing sales

People are far more likely to make a purchase when they can actually see the product and its features in action for themselves, and video content is the ideal tool for that. In fact, studies have found that 90% of online purchasers used video to help them make a decision.

video marketing for business


2. Video Types That Best Adapt to Each of Your Marketing Goals

Knowing which video types best adapt to the goals you want to achieve is a video marketing for business cornerstone. So, let me break down 7 different objectives, along with their corresponding video so you can discover which would work best for your purposes:


2.1 Explain Your Product or Service in Seconds

If you need to explain what your business or your product or service is all about, video is the perfect tool to do so in a way that everyone can easily and quickly understand. 

The best (and most compelling!) choice to convey your value proposition is by far an animated explainer video, which can tell your audience why your product or service is useful and address their pain points in under two minutes, all while using some fun and engaging animated characters to bring your message to life.

.drum 04 explainer video by yum y

(Created by animated explainer video company Yum Yum Videos)


2.2 Show Off Your Product And Its Unique Features

In the age of eCommerce, customers often make online purchases without ever seeing the product in person or interacting with it. Luckily, video marketing for business can bring your offer closer to prospects and reassure them of their decision to buy from you.

Among the different options out there, you can use product demos to display your product in detail, highlighting all its cool features and benefits while showing the audience exactly why it’s the best choice for them.

.floor pillows from society6 prod


2.3 Make a Great First Impression

Sometimes, what you really need is an attention-grabbing piece that catches the eye of the audience right from the start and makes an awesome first impression. In that case, commercial ads can be one of your greatest allies.

Unlike other video types, these pieces explicitly promote your business. In fact, they’re designed to show off your business and your products or services in a memorable way, using appealing visuals and focusing on your brand’s unique value proposition. Commercials also include a clear Call To Action at the end, telling viewers what to do next.

.kingdom of you personalized chil


2.4 Acquaint Prospects with Your Brand

It’s no secret that most customers typically want to get to know the business they’re about to invest in before making a purchase. They want to support companies with principles that align with their own and feel like they really know the people behind the brand.

That’s where brand videos come in! Instead of promoting a product or service, brand videos focus on generating brand awareness and sharing what your company stands for, showcasing your business’ values and story with the audience in a meaningful way.

.wild a state of mind


2.5 Share Your Clients’ Positive Experiences With The World

As a small business, growing your customer base is often one of your biggest challenges. Prospects don’t know you, so how can they trust what you’re offering is real and useful? Well, you need to boost brand awareness and trust.

When it comes to conveying exactly why you’re a great choice, there’s nothing quite as effective and persuasive as customer testimonials. These pieces feature real past clients sharing their positive experiences with your business and explaining how you helped them with their pain points. 

.phelps agency testimonial video 8


2.6 Give Instructions About Your Products and Services

More often than not, your clients will have questions about how to use one of your products or how to accomplish certain tasks with them. Luckily, this issue can be solved before it even arises thanks to video marketing for business.

How-to videos can help you tackle this goal by providing step-by-step instructions to teach viewers how to complete a process or how to use a determined product, using straightforward and simple language. You can leverage them to troubleshoot common problems users may encounter or to answer your audience’s frequently asked questions.

.how to use the wacaco nanopresso


2.7 Educate Your Audience with Useful Content

Many times, your audience will use video to research their problems. And what better way to build their trust in you than by providing valuable and helpful content to educate them on their pain points? To achieve this, there’s nothing that can beat the power of educational videos.

These pieces are meant to teach your viewers about a problem they may have or topics they’re interested in, all while positioning your business as one that cares about them and wants to give them useful information just for the sake of sharing knowledge. In turn, educational videos can build brand authority and make your audience think of you as a reliable source of knowledge.

.Explainer Video Styles


3. Some Final Pieces of Advice

Before I round off, I want to give you some tips and recommendations on video marketing for business to make sure you get the best possible results on your next campaign.

• Establish clear goals from the beginning. We’ve gone over this: each marketing video is designed with a specific goal in mind, so knowing exactly what you want to achieve will save you some headaches in the long run when it’s time to define your piece’s specifics.

• Don’t improvise. I know, video production is quite an investment in terms of resources! But I assure you, taking the time to create the perfect script and a helpful storyboard can prevent costly mistakes down the road since you’ll have planned the specifics of your video right from the start.

• Invest in a quality piece. And I don’t mean “blow your budget and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars”. You don’t need a huge wallet to make a good-quality video: cheap equipment and free video-editing software can make a huge difference in terms of audio and image quality, and your audience will be thankful for it.

• Implement branding strategies. Video marketing for business represents a great branding opportunity, as you can incorporate your business’ logo, characteristic fonts, and color palette in them as a subtle yet effective way of increasing brand recognition and recall.

• Share on social media. You may have the perfect marketing video, but it needs to be seen by your audience for it to work! If you already share your content on all your social media platforms and YouTube channel, you can enhance your efforts by also embedding it on your website or sending it via email.

video marketing for business


4. Need to Create a Marketing Video for Your Business?

I know I’m tooting our own horn here, but we, at Yum Yum Videos, are truly passionate about what we do. 

We’ve been doing video marketing for business for years, and the combination of our experience in the field with the love we put into it results in awesome pieces that can truly elevate your marketing game.

We like to research and understand our clients’ needs in depth to craft the perfect video for their business, working together every step of the way. So, no matter what industry you’re in or how complex your topic may be, we can find a way to effectively convey your message and engage your audience with tailored and targetted content. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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Wrapping Up

So, are you ready to tackle video marketing for business on your own? I hope you are!

Video content marketing is something that no brand can afford to ignore. Here’s the truth: this type of content is here to stay, so you’re missing out on a lot if you don’t leverage it to take your marketing efforts to the next level!

Now that you know how to use video to promote your business, it’s time to start brainstorming which types best fit your current and future business goals, and perhaps partner up with a video marketing agency to help you reach your goals. Just take that first step and start creating. I’m sure you’ll come up with something awesome!

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