7 Ways to Use Video Content to Increase Website Traffic—With Successful Examples

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Inbound marketing has changed the game for marketers and companies. However, as customers change, so does the content you need to share to captivate them and make them interested in your product. In response, brands have shifted from classic blog articles to video marketing to connect with their audience on a deeper level, gain more reach, and increase website traffic.

Generating leads is one of the biggest challenges many business owners face today. Luckily, video content can help you attract people to your site. That’s why, today at Yum Yum Videos, I’ll cover 7 different ways to do it, so that, at the end of the day, you’ll no longer have doubts about how to increase traffic to your website with this format.

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Why Does Your Marketing Strategy Need to Include Video?

There are several reasons why you should use video content to increase web traffic. In fact, I could go on and on about it! But I don’t want to keep you waiting for the juicy part for too long, so here are the main advantages of leveraging this type of marketing content:

  • According to video marketing statistics, more than 45% of Internet users watch online videos. People seem to prefer it over other types of content because it’s easy to consume and doesn’t require much energy. Besides, it’s entertaining and flexible, so you can enjoy videos on the bus, during your lunch break, and while waiting in the doctor’s office. 
  • In fact, 75% of all views on the Internet are on mobile devices. This means that we have integrated videos into our lives as a way of short, easy entertainment we can access no matter the time or place. So by creating videos, brands today have a unique opportunity to reach customers in their day-to-day, without seeming bothersome. 
  • On top of that, people share videos twice more than any other type of content. Humans are social creatures, so it makes sense that when we see something we like, we would want to send it to other people, too. So, simply by sharing entertaining content that truly resonates with your target audience, you could exponentially grow your company’s exposure.

For all these reasons, there’s no doubt that video is one of the most memorable ways to teach customers about a brand and a great tool to increase website traffic.

.What is Inbound Marketing


7 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

When you’re building your online presence, you want to reach your target audience without seeming bothersome or overwhelming them. So, the key to succeeding in this endeavor is to share content that’s compelling and engaging with them and work to cultivate a favorable perception of your brand.

I’m sure all of this sounds fantastic, but it can be hard to picture the real implications of video content marketing just from what I’ve gone over so far. Here are 7 ways to use video to increase website traffic, with practical data-based examples to back them up, so you can see how it works in real life.


1. Create Educational Videos That Help Your Customers

People love to learn, and if given the option, they prefer to do it via video. Because of that, YouTube has become one of the most popular sites to acquire knowledge. In fact, according to some studies, searches that start with “How to” are increasing by an average of 70% every year.

It makes sense, then, that creating educational videos about topics related to your company can help you increase website traffic by catching the attention of new potential customers actively searching for that kind of information. 

For example, look at this video we produced for our own YouTube channel: 

.14 explainer video styles for 20 34

In just six months, it generated 50K views, expanding our brand’s reach among new audiences and bringing many people to the website.

The reason why this video worked so well is its focus on our prospects. See how we clearly tell them “How can this type of video help you?”. Most of our viewers aren’t animation freaks who love to hear about emerging trends—as we do—they’re companies looking for innovative ways to promote their business.

If it’s listing a series of facts, anyone can do it. So, go the extra mile and use your personal experiences and knowledge to properly educate viewers in ways that help them in their daily struggles. Not only will it make you stand out, it will draw customers in and make them want to learn more about your company.

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2. Use Explainer Videos to Engage Your Audience with Animation

Explainer videos are short videos typically used for sales to help you convey complex topics to your audience, like how your product or service works. Instead of using boring text, or an intricate infographic to describe these processes, using animation allows people to visualize them with ease.

What’s more, most viewers associate animated characters with positive feelings, to the point that sometimes we feel more emotionally connected to them than to a real, human actor. Let’s be honest, do you ever see a celebrity commercial and feel like you can relate to them?

That’s one of the reasons why animation is such an entertaining and attention-grabbing format that can attract your audience. Since humans are visual creatures,  the combination of text, images, sound, and elements like motion graphics is naturally engaging for us—many times more than a plain image or a piece of text.

.Explainer Video Production Process Yum Yum Videos

For example, this explainer video we created to explain our services managed to gain almost 500K views. Each one of those views is now a person who is better informed about what we do and who we are as a brand, which, in turn, helped us increase website traffic. And the best part? We didn’t spend a single penny on paid promotion!


3. Optimize Videos for Social Media and Build a Community

If you’re wondering how to drive traffic to your website, reaching a wider audience is a fundamental part of it. After all, the more people who see your content, the more potential leads are actively learning about your brand. That can be hard sometimes, but here’s where social media comes in, as platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are powerful tools for distributing your video content.

Social media makes an income from people spending enough time on their apps to see ads. Therefore, their biggest interest lies in offering users valuable content that entertains them and keeps them browsing. If you share videos that people enjoy, these platform’s algorithms will actively promote them, popularizing your brand. This popularity is what will encourage users to look for more information about you and visit your website

.4co 916 version explainer video

Knowing this, we started making videos adapted to the 9:16 ratio common in YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikToks, which have become highly popular among users. Right from the start, we gained 3,4K visualizations organically! We even got a comment with questions about the video production process, which inspired us to start sharing behind-the-scenes videos in this format, too.


4. Incorporate Video into Email Marketing 

Email marketing can be a great tool to increase website traffic because you have ample chances to include links to your site. Moreover, your subscribers are more likely to click on those links because they’ve already shown interest in your brand by joining your mailing list.

While declining opening rates are one of the biggest challenges it faces, the good news is that simply by adding the word “video” to the subject line of your email, you can improve open rates by up to 6%. 

To make your email video marketing campaign more effective, you have to keep in mind why you’re driving visitors to your website. Are you offering a free trial? Is there a discount they can take advantage of? Define your objectives clearly so your CTA can attract them by offering exactly what they need.

Blog Newsletter con video

In this example, we shared our latest video with our newsletter subscribers and added the word “video” in the subject line to make it more enticing. The results? 30% open rates! Pretty impressive when you consider that the average open rate for emails is 21.5% across all industries.

Blog Open Rates


5. Consider Video Advertising to Target Valuable Consumers

Although inbound marketing techniques can be highly beneficial, sometimes you need a more outbound approach to promote emerging products or build buzz around upcoming events. If that’s the case, video advertising will help you reach a wider audience, drive specific actions such as clicks, and increase website traffic at the same time.

Nowadays, customers are used to being constantly bombarded with promotions, which has led to an unsensitized audience that ignores most ads. Fortunately, video campaigns can help you lead people to your website because they’re effective at catching your viewers’ attention quickly, giving you the chance to show your worth. 

.ss stockcharts 03

We know that very well, which is why, in this piece, we made for our friends at StockCharts, we did our best to cover all the information they needed in just 35 seconds. What made this product advertisement video work is how it concisely covers their service’s key aspects


6. Attract Investors with a Compelling Whiteboard

As you can see, reaching leads who are interested in your product is important because it increases your chances of making conversions. However, sometimes what you need is more than common visitors. For any emerging company, finding investors and leading them to your website is a must, and leveraging video content can help you with that.

When you’re pitching your business to potential investors, you have a limited amount of time to make a great first impression. A well-produced video (check out our list of whiteboard animation companies!) can be a simple, direct tool to tell your company’s story while showing backers that you are serious about your business and working hard for its success. 

Just like MedVector did with a whiteboard animation video that allowed them to not only increase website traffic but also collect almost 1 Million dollars. Pieces like this are a great way to communicate information in an understandable way, which is essential to getting investment, as backers are typically not experts in your field. 

.medvector explainer video invest

With a whiteboard video, MedVector was able to easily explain their proposal while demonstrating why it was relevant in the medical industry’s actual context and outlining what they bring to the table. This allowed them to stand out, make investors curious, and drive them to visit their website for more information. Pretty effective for increasing website traffic, don’t you think?

case study medvector


7. Improve Your Website With Testimonial Videos

A fundamental element of increasing website traffic is having a good position on SERPs. Many customers start their buyer’s journey by searching for information about a product, so search engines are crucial to attracting potential customers. Luckily, incorporating testimonial videos can help boost your website’s overall SEO performance.

Videos provide an interactive and compelling experience for visitors, which makes a strong, positive first impression and increases their dwell time, the time users take to analyze a web page before clicking back to search results. Search engines consider dwell time a reflection of the satisfaction users feel with a website, so having higher times leads to better SEO positioning.

.phelps agency testimonial video

Look at this Phelps Agency video, for example. In contrast to other marketing videos, testimonial videos aren’t overly promotional, as they are focused on the customer and their concerns. Because of this, they don’t bore visitors into leaving the website, making them a perfect type of video for your search engine marketing strategy.

Moreover, besides helping you gain more visitors, this could give them the final push they need to convert, as they help build trust and credibility and provide social proof that other people have had a positive experience with your product or service. 


Wrapping Up

Video marketing is a powerful strategy to drive traffic to websites in any type of industry and improve conversion rates. By implementing these strategies, companies can reach wider audiences, gain exposure, and help their businesses establish their presence online.

And the first step in doing so is listening to and understanding your customers. Keep an eye on what they’re doing, where their interests lie, and how they’re interacting with others online. That way, you’ll be able to offer content that’s relevant to them, helping you gain visitors while building stronger relationships with your audiences.

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