Best 15 Biotech Marketing Video Examples to Inspire Your Next Project

02/04/24         Author: Florencia Corazza         13 min reading

natera 02 explainer video by yum

If you’re in the biotech business, you’re more than familiar with the difficulties that arise when it’s time to launch a new product or explain an innovative process. The highly technical language and complex concepts become almost impossible to convey in a compelling way through writing alone —which is why more and more companies opt to develop a biotech marketing video strategy to promote their business.

I want to help you discover the awesome and engaging world of biotech content marketing, so I’ve compiled 15 of the best biotech videos out there. I’m sure they’ll inspire you and get your creative juices flowing immediately!

Let’s dive in.


Most Inspiring Biotechnology Marketing Videos Out There

I genuinely think there’s no better way to improve your video strategy than by watching the very best examples and learning from their originality, creativity, and technique. Let’s analyze some biotech marketing videos and see what key takeaways we find!


1. Thermo Fisher – Explain Your Product with Ease


Let’s kick off this list with an amazing product video example. Thermo Fisher’s Nunc™ UpCell™ Cell Culture System is as complex a product as they come, so highlighting its benefits and explaining how it works represented a challenge for the brand.

Luckily, video is the perfect tool to promote such a novel product, as the combination of animation, storytelling, and a solid script does wonders at giving a fully detailed explanation and overview without confusing viewers or compromising important information just for the sake of simplicity.


2. Moderna – Share Your Mission

.ss life moderna

How can biotech marketing effectively deliver your message, catch your audience’s attention, and make your brand enticing all in just one minute? Through video! The medium is captivating by nature, thanks to the marriage of visual content and audio, making it the perfect tool to effectively communicate with your audience without boring them.

In this example by Moderna, we learn the company’s mission and also get to know some of its team members, immediately humanizing the brand and making it feel more approachable. Additionally, their motto “Change the world” is repeated in several different languages at the end —a subtle way to let the audience know they’re a diverse and global team.


3. BPS Bioscience – Make Audiences Acquainted with Your Team

.ss bps bioscience innovating

One of the best ways to let your prospects get to know your business and increase their trust in your brand is to make an introductory video about it, just like the folks at BPS Bioscience did in this example.

Getting to know the company’s purpose and most recent achievements through the company’s president and CEO, as well as other high-level decision-makers and leaders within the team, makes them feel more friendly and “human” than the average brand. What’s more, sharing behind-the-scenes footage adds to the feeling of transparency BPS wants to convey.


4. SCIEX — Transform Your Content into a Series

.ss unveiling the secrets

There’s nothing like a video series to fully unlock the potential of your biotech marketing video strategy. A series allows you to develop a recognizable brand voice and style, and viewers who are hungry for more content or need further information can easily find what they’re looking for. A binge-watch is almost guaranteed!

Posting educational content just for the sake of sharing knowledge is always a top-notch strategy, letting viewers know you care more about educating others than about sales and conversions, but SCIEX takes it one step further by making one of their scientists an integral part of it instead of just a random marketing team member doing the voiceover.


5. Standard BioTools – Make a Testimonial

.ss amazinf cyTOF XT

One of my favorite biotech content marketing strategies is testimonial videos. These pieces are incredible at building trust with your prospects, letting them hear real-life, positive experiences from clients who have worked with you before.

This testimonial example is less than a minute long, but that doesn’t make it any less efficient at achieving its goals, as viewers can quickly learn how the product has helped the person giving the testimonial and the many benefits it has introduced to their work life. Hearing a real experience is bound to be more trustworthy for viewers than a brand simply saying “Believe me, I’m a good business to partner with!”.


6. Natera – Simplify the Complicated

.natera 02 explainer video by yum

Dealing with cancer is hard enough for patients and their loved ones. And when you add complex tests and treatments they can’t fully understand to the mix, the result is an even more difficult time for them. So, to make things easier for patients, Natera came out with an amazing animated explainer about their groundbreaking cancer test.

Even the most difficult concepts mentioned become simple to understand thanks to the combination of audio and animation —what written text alone can’t convey without difficulty becomes simple and concrete when we can actually see how it looks and works, as is the case in this example with ctDNA. Thanks to the video, viewers can follow along and know how the test works and if it’s right for them in just two and a half minutes.

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7. Akoya Biosciences – Mix and Match Different Elements

.ss phenocycler fusion

I’m not gonna lie to you —while I like it when things are kept simple, I also enjoy dipping my toes into some highly detailed, full-of-different-elements video production sometimes. It’s exactly what made me choose this example of biotech marketing by Akoya Biosciences.

As you might be able to tell, the video features a bit of everything, and every element serves a specific function! They’ve used live-action footage to give an accurate portrayal of the product and the behind-the-scenes work, motion graphics for the text and simpler animations, and 3D animation to add some pizzazz to the video, like the cheetah at the very beginning. All these components help to bring the content to life and aid the understanding of the complex, technical concepts explained by the voiceover.


8. Boehringer Ingelheim – Connect with Your Community

.ss the unwearable collection

Biotechnology marketing pieces don’t have to be exclusively about new research and novel products. You can also use them to share your philanthropic projects and social work, making them an incredible and engaging tool to connect with your community and spread your brand’s message and values.

In this example by Boehringer Ingelheim, the art of video storytelling is heavily present throughout the whole piece —not just in the video’s concept, but in the video itself. For four minutes, we’re taken on an audiovisual journey about GPP, the efforts this company makes to represent patients suffering from it, and how it collaborates with its community to help shed light on this rare disease. The end result is a piece that perfectly transmits the company’s goals: educate the general population and also make them know they’re a brand that focuses on the patient, and not just on the disease itself.


9. Twist Bioscience – Use a Cohesive Branding Strategy

.ss twist combinatorial library

Once again, we delve into the power of animation to take biotech marketing videos to the next level. In Twist Bioscience’s case, a simple motion graphics video is more than enough to get their point across and create an astounding piece.

The simplicity of this example is what draws you in —a calm color palette of complementary colors, simple typography, and subtle animations, all in line with Twist’s brand image. This creates a cohesive look throughout all of the company’s resources, nailing its branding strategy as well as its video one!

e book 10 1


10. Dovetail Genomics – Create How-To Pieces

.ss automated mammalian tissue

As a quick visit to YouTube will confirm, there’s probably no genre of video as popular as the remarkable how-to video. The premise of this video type is as simple as it is full of possibilities and versatility: how to do something, anything, step by step. It’s this versatility what makes it perfect for biotech marketing —as long as you can demonstrate how to carry out a process related to the field, you can make a how-to video about it.

Dovetail Genomics created a no-fuss, highly educational how-to video to show viewers how to use one of their products, a mortar and pestle. Showing, rather than just telling, helps clear any doubts the audience may have before purchasing it, aiding them in the decision stage of the Buyer’s Journey and convincing them to take action.


11. Beckman Coulter – Speak Directly to Your Audience

.Beckman Coulter Life Sciences 02

You can get in touch with your audience through emails and social media, yes. However, leveraging video as part of your biotech digital marketing strategy allows you to speak to your targets in a different and more interesting way. The medium allows your imagination to run free and portray anything you might want to (and your budget covers) with animation. The limitations of real life or the written word don’t exist in the world of video content.

Take this example by Beckman Coulter. Thanks to the animated drawings showing a myriad of clocks, unread emails, and calendars, the company can convey to their audience that they know what it feels like to have a dozen pending tasks and still needing to place orders for necessary products —the exact problem they’re here to solve.

case study medvector


12. Ultivue – Give 3D Animation a Try

.ss ultivue

I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of 3D animation. Depending on the topic, it can make a video truly reach its fullest potential and deliver its message perfectly, giving the most accurate, life-like representation of things that can’t be recorded as live-action footage, just like this biotechnology video example from Ultivue featuring microscopic tissue samples.

The company’s innovative technology can do wonders for its users, but explaining how it operates can prove to be difficult without any visual aid. The 3D animations become the perfect tool to demonstrate how InSituPlex works and the way it can greatly improve its users’ workflow, something that couldn’t be recorded with real actors nor portrayed with 2D animation without compromising the accuracy needed for this particular topic.


13. Samsung Biologics – Sometimes Less is More

.ss in our dna

What kind of biotech marketing compilation would this be without a good old advertising video? Explainers, testimonials, and how-tos are great, but sometimes you must go back to basics to improve your sales!

The magic of this ad lies in its simple yet enthralling mix of live-action and animated graphics that add a captivating layer of dynamism to the video. While the aesthetics are really simple —black and white text and footage of people, with a single pop of color for the animations —it makes the piece different from the typical ad, so it’s bound to stay in the mind of its viewers. You don’t always need an overly complicated video to accomplish your goals: a minimalist style can be flawless, as long as the few elements that compose it are of the highest quality.


14. Regeneron – Be Great Even on a Budget

.ss regeneron vision hematology

Don’t be fooled by its position on the list: this biotech digital marketing example is one of my favorites. In exactly one minute, we get to know Regeneron’s mission and how they’re working towards accomplishing it.

But what makes this video stand out is its lack of voiceover —there’s only background music playing, yet it manages to deliver a powerful message. Additionally, much of its footage seems to be stock content, such as the aerial shots. This means that they’ve managed to craft an excellent piece without blowing their budget, choosing economical yet amazing elements for their video. It goes to show that you don’t always need to invest top-dollar to create an outstanding piece —the magic happens when all elements work together cohesively and deliver a great message, regardless of how much they cost to produce.


15. Amgen – Keep It Educational

.ss living cardiovascular disease

When it comes to biotech marketing, your assets aren’t meant for the eyes of experts and investors only. Your videos, infographics, blog posts, and more are also communication tools for your end-users and patients, who need to be approached in their own particular way.

Amgen understood this perfectly, so their patient testimonials feature pop-ups of text explaining the complex medical terms that might not be known by laypeople. What’s more, this video is an excellent way to raise awareness in the community and encourage viewers to get regular health check-ups —educational content through and through.


How Yum Yum Videos Can Help Enhance Your Strategy

Now that you’ve seen the best examples of biotech marketing videos, let me tell you how Yum Yum Videos can help you get into the list 😉.

I know I might sound a bit arrogant, but the facts speak for themselves. Our company is full of passionate, hard-working professionals who strive to make the perfect video every. single. time. We’ve got over a decade of experience backing us, and some of the best brands in the world, such as Thermo Fisher, Natera, and Beckman Coulter, have trusted us as their marketing partner!

And that’s because we take the time to fully understand your company, and your business goals, working closely with you every step of the way to ensure we come up with a piece that fully reflects your brand identity and delivers some great results.

Let me show you a short video about our production process, so you can get acquainted with how things work behind the scenes:

.Explainer Video Production Process Yum Yum Videos

If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to start working on something amazing together!

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Wrapping Up

Video is a cost-effective, compelling, and captivating way to bring your biotech marketing efforts to life. Your products, innovations, and business goals are all easily conveyed in a few minutes, thanks to this powerful medium.

You don’t need to blow your marketing budget and spend thousands of dollars (and working hours!) trying to deliver your message to your audience. A simple video can do the trick and make your targets fall in love with your brand in under two minutes!

Now that you’ve seen what stunning biotech content marketing looks like in action, it’s time to start working on your strategy. I’m sure you’ll come up with something great 😉.

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