The Best 7 Digital Marketing Strategies to Make Your Business Grow in 2024

23/01/24         Author: Florencia Corazza         14 min reading

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In today’s digital landscape, marketing can be challenging. Businesses have to deal with the complexity of ground-breaking technologies and new social platforms while keeping a clear focus on their target audiences and the best ways to reach them. All of this makes knowing the best digital marketing strategies for your brand vital.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to analyze your previous marketing efforts and start laying down a proper plan to keep improving. In this guide, I’ll go over the best 7 strategies for digital marketing in 2024, explaining why following a planned approach is crucial for your business, and tackling some of the upcoming trends.

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What Is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Online marketing strategies guide us on how to use digital channels to reach our business goals. Today, almost every brand relies on digital marketing—in fact, it’s hard to find a business that lacks a corporate website or isn’t active on at least one social media platform. However, most of them don’t understand the importance of doing it with a well-planned approach.

Aimlessly investing your time and resources without a digital marketing guide can lead to wasted efforts, unmotivated employees, and, what’s worse, unsatisfied customers. On the other hand, developing a cohesive strategy will help find the best ways to fulfill objectives using the people, technology, and online platforms available. 

Think of it as a roadmap for leading your team and letting them know where to focus their efforts and what to aim for. All this will allow you to improve your digital marketing and optimize your results. In simple words, a strategy makes everything more effective and efficient.

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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to the best digital marketing strategies, there’s no one-size-fits-all. The right tactic for you is going to be that which better adapts to your brand’s image and audience, and the specific objectives your business is looking to fulfill.

That being said, there are a few essential aspects that are universal to all successful online strategies. Here are four easy steps you can follow to create one of your own—with some advice on how to tackle each of them.


1. Analyze Your Actions So Far

All solid digital marketing strategies start with a detailed analysis of your previous actions. Figuring out what worked and what didn’t will give you a clear idea of where your business’s online presence is standing, what has led you to that place, and how to proceed from there. Thankfully, digital channels record valuable data on the results of your actions, so you can fully dive into analytics later. 

For example, you can see the number of likes on your posts in social media or compare your monthly sales to your website traffic to figure out what your conversion rate is. This information will serve as a starting point to define the best course of action from now on, and set the bar to measure your results.


2. Define Your Target Audience and Create a Buyer Persona

By leveraging user data, digital marketing offers businesses the opportunity to target their efforts at very precise groups of customers. However, this means that properly narrowing down your target audience can be a defining factor in your success. Fear not, because you can improve your segmentation by creating a buyer persona

Buyer personas are fictional versions of your ideal customers that help you get to know them better. They’re based on real facts and information you’ve gathered about your buyers, like their average age or income level. By using this demographic data to predict your customers’ daily behaviors, preferences, and routines, you can come up with online actions that truly resonate with them and cater to their interests.


3. Set Goals and Key Performance Indicators

More often than not, businesses that are actively executing digital marketing strategies struggle to get their desired results. One of the reasons for that is that they’re not setting measurable objectives that help gauge whether their goals are even being met or not. To avoid that, make sure to define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each activity you perform online.

A KPI is a metric used to track progress toward a specific goal or objective. For example, if your objective is to grow an online community, a good metric to keep an eye on could be the number of followers or your engagement rate. By defining how you’re going to measure success in advance, you can pinpoint where your efforts are succeeding and where they are failing, and make the necessary adjustments to your plan.


4. Choose the Appropriate Channels

Once you have a clear understanding of your audience and have defined your goals, you can start mapping out the more tactical aspects of your digital marketing strategies, like choosing the right channels to meet those goals. You want your digital efforts to be seen by the right people, after all!

So, consider all the potential digital channels, and think about how each of them could contribute to meeting your marketing objectives. Moreover, think of how your customers use these platforms when they frequent them and in what conversations they are participating. By using the right channel, you can casually reach your targets in a favorable environment.

This will increase the chances of your message being received and understood, rather than it being dismissed as bothersome.

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7 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for You

To help you focus your efforts, here are some 7 strategies that have proven to be effective among all kinds of businesses, with some practical insights on how to make the most of them in 2024.


1. Content Marketing Strategy

This strategy aims to expand your potential customer base through content that educates, entertains, and engages them, so that they consider purchasing your products. The goal is to create compelling pieces that attract leads instead of reaching out to them in a bothersome manner like a pop-up ad.

What makes content digital marketing strategies successful is that you can use them at each stage of the buyer’s journey. For example, relevant blog articles help increase traffic from searches while establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field during the awareness stage. Meanwhile, eBooks can be a way to obtain your visitors’ email addresses to further educate them on how your product can cater to their problems in the consideration stage.

However, a successful digital content strategy can only be achieved by researching, producing, and managing content in an optimized manner. Constantly analyzing to see what’s working and what isn’t will allow you to create better and more unique pieces that effectively meet your business objectives.


2. Video Marketing Strategy

The goal of video content marketing is to use videos to inform customers, gain their trust, reach new audiences, and promote your brand and products, among many others. You may be thinking, haven’t we already talked about content? While that’s true, videos deserve their own section because their potential to engage your customers and meet your business objectives remains unrivaled.

Marketing videos are a popular format that appeals to viewers because they’re entertaining, compelling, and usually short. Depending on your objectives, there are different types of videos you can leverage. Let’s go over some of them.


2.1. Increase Conversions with Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short-form videos that highlight a company’s product, service, or business idea and let potential customers know more about a brand. These pieces are incredibly versatile, and you can place them on your home page, share them on social media, or even add one to your landing pages to increase conversions.

In fact, adding explainers to landing pages can raise conversion rates by up to 80%, making them a great tool to add to your digital marketing strategies. This is because they work as a visual demonstration of how your product can solve a problem for the viewer, which makes them one of the best formats to persuade them to make a purchase. Take a look at this video we made, for example.

. StockCharts 2

In just half a minute, this piece showcases how Stockcharts can fulfill people’s needs. With attractive motion graphics, it visually demonstrates the different features this brand’s service offers and how they can make their investments better. Those were some very convincing 35 seconds!


2.2. Expand Your Reach with Educational Videos

Humans are curious creatures by nature, and we’re constantly looking forward to learning new things. Moreover, it’s been found that we like to do it by watching videos. In the USA alone, 43,6% of Internet users state they watch online videos for learning purposes. Because of that, creating educational and how-to videos is one of the best strategies digital marketing agencies recommend to expand your brand’s reach and attract new audiences.

Compared to text, video content is an easy-to-digest format that allows you to convey complex topics in a simpler manner. Just take a look at this piece we developed explaining what inbound marketing is, for example. The animations, combined with a keen voiceover and a solid script, allow viewers to easily understand the topic at hand.

In terms of exposure, since its launch, this powerful educational video has gained 196K views and 2.8K likes, and it’s still attracting new viewers today! 


2.3. Entertain Viewers with Short-Form Content

Short-form videos, like Reels, TikToks, or YouTube shorts, are an increasingly popular type of content because of their engaging nature, which grabs viewers’ attention and makes your point clearly in just a few seconds. 

Because of that, sharing these videos is a fantastic marketing idea to add to your digital marketing strategies if you want to entertain viewers and leave a positive impression on them. For example, we frequently use short, impactful videos on YouTube to delight our audience while showing our video production process

The best part of it is getting to read our viewer’s comments, learning about what they liked or didn’t like, and answering their questions. Beyond making all the work worthwhile, these interactions foster a sense of community among users and help us build stronger relationships.


2.4. Gain Your Audience’s Trust with Testimonial Videos

In the digital environment, bad news spread like fire, even if they’re fake, and a negative image can greatly hinder your business. Because of this, testimonial videos are a valuable asset to any business that’s present online. 

Let’s be honest, whatever assurances you give to customers will never be as compelling as the ones they get from their peers. The best testimonials work because they tell viewers the story of one of your clients: What their problem was, why they needed help, and how they benefited from your product’s features, making them relatable to potential customers.

Look at this testimonial from Spigit, for example. Using questions to guide the conversation can be a way to provide context to viewers, but it’s important to let the clients speak freely about their experiences. That will give you some wonderful moments, like when Duncan Cheung said we “took what could be a very boring topic to a whole new level.”.

.ss spigit testimonial


3. SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) digital marketing strategies help you improve your positioning on SERPs and gain more visibility. Google and other search engines measure websites based on how effectively they can satisfy users and answer their queries, so creating valuable content, like blog articles and informative videos, can help you boost your rankings and increase website traffic.

Start by conducting keyword research using tools like Google Trends to find out what your target audience is searching for and discover the topics they’re most interested in. For example, we, at Yum Yum Digital, are constantly sharing articles that aim to answer our customers’ digital marketing-related doubts. That way, if they happen to search for that, they’ll come across our website.

Another ranking factor on SERPs is the number of times your website is linked to by external sites because it shows that your site is relevant and helpful to others. You can work on gaining these backlinks with a strategic digital marketing approach by reaching out to blogs related to your industry and asking to write for them. This will help you increase your organic positioning without needing to invest in ads.


4. Social Media Marketing Strategy

This digital marketing strategy is about using social platforms to connect, engage, and educate customers. Beyond interacting with followers and gaining exposure, a well-thought-out plan will allow businesses to showcase their brand personality in ways that leave a lasting impression on their customers, boost engagement, and build a strong community.

This is also exactly what customers are looking for. It seems like the platforms that foster conversations and discussions where users can get involved will grow in popularity—take a look at Instagram Threads’ upcoming success, for example. To make the most of this, brands need to use social platforms to find new, exciting ways to engage with their customers.

This means interacting with your followers back and forth, asking questions, sharing text updates, and joining—or creating—public conversations. By coming up with digital marketing strategies that tackle all of these things, you’ll be able to stand out and build stronger relationships with your audience.


5. Paid Advertising Strategy

This form of outbound marketing allows businesses to directly target their core audience with relevant messages, making it one of the best strategies you can take advantage of. You can use paid ads across different online platforms to promote products, increase brand awareness, or increase website traffic.

Moreover, paid ads work with the pay-per-click (PPC) model. This means that you will only be charged for views that convert, so you can keep a close eye on them and stick to a budget. Additionally, on advertising platforms, you can also define the best dates and placements for your paid campaigns so that your budget is completely optimized and your campaign is more effective and efficient.


6. Influencer Marketing Strategy

By teaming up with influencers, you can reach new customers, improve public perception, and build brand awareness. Influencers are well-known figures with large followings, so having those people vouch for you or your product can also do wonders for your brand’s image.

The best influencer marketing campaigns work because they find someone who matches the company’s brand personality and values—this is even more important than collaborating with a figure with a great reach! Imagine a health guru promoting greasy fast food—followers will quickly realize that something isn’t quite right.

Moreover, micro-influencers with 1,000 or 10,000 followers often offer better results because they build close-knit relationships with their followers. Not only are their audiences more likely to engage with the content, but they also tend to trust them more than someone with a larger audience because they’re more relatable. 

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7. Email Marketing

Email marketing consists of using this direct channel to communicate with customers about updates, sales, and new products. Nowadays, it’s illegal—and completely unbeneficial—to add someone to a mailing list without consent. So, customers who subscribe to your newsletter need to do so willingly, but because of that, email marketing is a channel with a high conversion rate.

Additionally, today’s data and segmentation digital marketing tools allow businesses to send out highly personalized emails. For example, if your visitors saved a product on their shopping cart, but didn’t follow up with a purchase, you can send them a promotion. This makes it one of the best digital marketing strategies to persuade customers and drive sales.


Wrapping Up

When it comes to digital marketing, nothing is set in stone. Something that worked last year may require a little tweaking to work now, and new practices that are worth looking into may emerge too. In this environment of constant change, businesses juggle between emerging technologies, upcoming predictions, and their always-shifting customers.

Thankfully, we have digital marketing strategies to make all of this a little easier. A well-thought-out plan is fundamental for not losing focus and always keeping in mind what your goals are and, more importantly, who your audience is. That way, you’ll always know that your actions are leading in the right direction.

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