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Best 7 Testimonial Video Examples and How to Make a Great One!


If your prospects are on the verge of buying your product or service, they (of course!) want to know that what they’re about to purchase is great. The thing is, they don’t want to hear it from you, as it lacks some credibility ―they want to hear it from their peers, and this is where customer testimonial videos come in.

With testimonials ads you can show successful experiences of past clients, to encourage your leads to take the final step and make a purchase.

This is why, although your business testimonial videos will probably fit well in a lot of stages of your video marketing strategy, you should be focusing on them during the decision stage of your buyer’s journey: it’s an extra nudge to help your leads make their next decision.

This type of video content needs to be done in the right way, taking care of all the details. So today, we’ll show you some useful customer testimonial examples you can feel inspired by and give you some tips to make a perfect one!

But first, let’s clarify some basic concepts, like what is a customer testimonial video?

What is a Customer Testimonial Video?

This type of video shows your client talking about your brand and your product; and about the experience of working with your company. They help a lot when you need to build brand trust, and they’ll inform your target audience of how great your product is!

These videos work great in the final stage of the buyer’s journey: the decision stage – because they’re meant to close deals. The fact is that 85% of consumers look for reviews online before they buy a product, so the best move you can make is to take advantage of this fact and start the conversation yourself!

Businesses use customer testimonial ads to build trust, so they should be a must in every video marketing strategy.

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7 Testimonial Advertising Examples That You Wish Were Yours!

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to create awesome testimonial ads! We’ve brought you our 7 favorite customer testimonial video examples. All of them are from companies who did a great job with their testimonial advertising strategy, so you may want to take a page from their books!


Phelps Agency – Yum Yum Videos’ Testimonial Example

Phelps Agency is one of our clients – they’re based in Los Angeles, so we went there to meet with them, and talk about their experience working with Yum Yum Videos!

One of the first things we had in mind was that we needed to provide some geographical context for our viewers. We used our time in LA to shoot some takes of the city, so we could include them as inserts in this testimonial example!

We also know that company testimonials need to be visually powerful, so we filmed from interesting perspectives so the photography of the video would be ‘on point’.

The context of the interview was also important. In order to guide our conversation with our customers, we asked some questions and let them speak freely about their experience with our team – and even though we didn’t include ourselves asking these questions, we did include screens with text and our branded colors, in order to provide a certain order for the video.

Actually, if you look carefully at this testimonial advertising example, our brand colors are everywhere! That’s the level of attention-to-detail you need to have in order to make a customer testimonial video that actually converts.

Take a look!

If you want to explore this testimonial example in-depth, check out Phelps Testimonial: Behind the Scenes.

Endless Entertainment – HubSpot’s Testimonial Ad

Hubspot decided to show one of their customers’ opinions in the form of a video – incredibly great decision, because their main product is an online sales platform. And they’ve done a great job!

They decided to mix the customer’s testimonial with images of the work that they do (events, because Endless Entertainment is, as it name would suggest, an entertainment company), and with screen recordings of some of the things they did on Hubspot’s platforms that made this partnership into something that was ‘game-changing’.

All of these images provide context for the viewer, and they also give this testimonial example a nice rhythm – it could get boring to just look at a person speaking for two or three minutes straight!

Endless Entertainment: HubSpot Customer Success Story

Amazon’s Testimonial Video

This is a very interesting customer testimonial example! Because, instead of producing individual testimonial ads for each one of their clients, Amazon decided to compile these customers’ reviews and create one powerful business testimonial video.

It wouldn’t work with any kind of business, but in this testimonial advertising example, it works very well. In a way, Amazon is a massive service with millions of customers, and thousands of sellers that use their platform – and that’s what a compilation video communicates: huge amounts of people, all speaking about how the company improved their lives.

And they do it pretty well!

Seller Testimonial - Spring 2016


Dropbox for Business’ Testimonial Ad

With this video, Dropbox tried an interesting approach when they went for testimonial advertising: instead of covering the benefits of their service from a single client’s perspective, they decided to gather a number of stories from several satisfied customers.

As a result, this testimonial example showcases a very straight-forward message: Dropbox delivers such a great service that it can benefit all kinds of people from any number of industries.

Why customers love Dropbox | Dropbox Customer Stories | Dropbox


Sandwich Video – Slack’s Testimonial Advertising Example

Are you in for a fun customer testimonial example? This team created a video for Slack, telling the story of how they used to communicate through many different kinds of channels (email, chats, Whatsapp), and how they found a new way of organizing their teams by using Slack (which is a great communication tool for teams).

And they did it in such a fun way that you’ll almost forget that it’s a scripted testimonial example.

This particular style of testimonial advertising is scripted and planned very carefully – but it’s also so well created, that the scenes don’t look stiff or fake (which could happen if you’re not careful! Scripted customer testimonial videos usually have that problem).

"So Yeah, We Tried Slack …"

Happy Hound – Google Adwords’ Testimonial Video

This testimonial advertising example shows the charming story of a lady that runs a doggy day-care: she tells us that when she started with her business, she didn’t have enough customers, so she started to use Google Adwords. Soon, 90% of her customers were coming through that tool!

It’s a fairly old video (2009), but it’s still a great customer testimonial video example because it has a story that would really connect with any user of the platform (and even non-users or prospects!).

This fun and bright testimonial video ends on a sweet note: “I’m confident Google Adwords will keep helping my business grow. Life is awesome!”

Google AdWords Success Story: Happy Hound

Tommy Nicholas – CodeCademy’s Testimonial Example

One of the most powerful things about business testimonial videos is how they can use identification and emotion to give shape to the perception of the audience. It’s the power of storytelling – pure and simple!

And CodeCademy does this extremely well. They could speak about how many people they’ve taught, or the format of their classes… instead, they choose to tell the story of how coding empowers people. How their classes can change a person’s life.

This testimonial advertising example appeals to their viewers’ hearts because they focus on benefits instead of features. 

Life Stories: how Tommy Nicholas transformed his career with Codecademy

10 Tips to Create Great Customer Testimonial Ads

If you have made it this far, I guess you are thinking about diving into testimonial advertising. That said, your testimonial ads won’t create themselves! So we brought some tips into the table for you to create the perfect company testimonial.

Video marketing guide for 2020

Make your video as natural as possible

One of the first things you should be thinking about is to give your professional customer testimonial video a feeling of authenticity, make it natural, credible and believable. Focus on capturing a natural response of your interviewee.

Don’t script it

For it to be authentic, it needs to have authentic answers. Don’t write a script, let your interviewee use their own words. (Let them show their love for you in their own way!)

Look at this customer testimonial example. We made a high-quality animated explainer video for Tri-Technical Systems, and they happily joined us to shoot this one:


Put your Customer Testimonial Video into context

Whether you’re shooting your video in a store, your restaurant, or an office, make sure to show some context in your testimonial ad. Show your viewers around, it will add richness to the story you’re telling them.

Prepare your questions in advance, but listen to the responses you get

It’s important to be prepared. Go to your interview with your questions written down, but remember to relax a bit and let it become a conversation.

Listen to what your interviewee is saying so you can ask follow up questions, and don’t be afraid to let the conversation go a little bit off track, sometimes that’s where you will find the greatest content.

Give your interviewee some time to prepare

It’s good if you give your interviewee the questions you’ll be asking them in advance, so they have time to prepare. But it’s even better to give them just a general idea of the topics you’ll be covering in the interview: this is so they don’t get tempted to practice the answers too much, as it will make the conversation robotic and unnatural.

Do the scouting of the place you’ll be filming in

Take a walk around the place to look for the best spot in terms of lighting and frames. Make the frames clean, interesting but not distracting, and also choose a spot that feels familiar to your interviewees, so they’ll feel comfortable.

Layout a general structure for your video

It can be a storyboard or just a general layout of the structure you will follow in your professional customer testimonial video. By doing this, you will be able to film some insert takes to use as an example of what’s being said during the interview.

Let your customers speak freely

Give them some time to speak about their experience with your company and your product. Let the interview be a conversation – as they feel free to express their love (hopefully!) you’ll get more material to choose from, later during the editing phase of the process.

Include some pain points of your clients

What were the issues your customer was struggling with when they found your product? What was their problem, and how did your brand and your product help them solve it?

Identify and include some pain points of your clients in your customer testimonial ads, as they will probably be the same pain points of your general personas. This way, your customers will identify with their story: “Hey, I’ve got the same problem! They can help me as well!”

Go ahead and edit! Do it wisely.

During the editing process, you’ll be glad to have some extra footage to choose from. When video editing, choose the best takes of your interview to create a video with good rhythm and of a correct length for web usage, but always stay faithful and honest to what was said in the interview. Include the insert takes you planned during the layout to make a dynamic and interesting company testimonial.

If you follow these tips you’ll have great testimonial ads, ready to upload to your webpage for the delight of your future customers. Maybe you feel a bit scared to ask for feedback, but don’t be! Your customers are already happy with your product, so ask them to participate, it’ll be easier than you think!

“Always remember that testimonial advertising is not just about your brand, it’s about the impact that your product or service made on your customers. Focus on that influence and your video will connect with your leads on an emotional and rational level.”

Why You Should Go for a Professional Video Company

Going for a professional video company can be a game-changer for your testimonial advertising efforts. Viewers will take your testimonial ads quality as a mirror of your products or services’ quality. So, even if testimonial video productions aren’t usually as big as those of other types of videos, you should still pay them enough attention.

Hiring a top-notch video production service can ensure your company testimonials genuinely resonate with your audience. Not to mention the video company would do all the heavy lifting and take care of the necessary details to make your company testimonials great. 

We know choosing the right video company for your testimonial ads can be a daunting task, so here’s our list of the 10 best video production services out there.

Why Should You Leave Your Testimonial Video Production in Our Hands

At Yum Yum Videos, we take pride in the way we handle our customers’ projects. And for a bunch of good reasons! Just take a quick look at all we bring to the table in each of our endeavors:

  • Our videos are entirely customized, from beginning to end.
  • Our production process is outstanding.
  • We provide the best price-quality guarantee.
  • We ensure a fluent two-way communication, keeping our customers informed of everything that goes on with their video.
  • We create premium quality videos -we don’t like to brag, but it’s hands down one of the best in the market. Just take a look at the video below and see it for yourself!

But wait! That’s not all: we also have a rich portfolio with works for companies all over the globe. Some of them were internationally renowned brands such as Fox, Wal-Mart, Redbull, DocuSign, and Mckesson.

But you don’t want to hear all this from us! As you’ve learned from this article, the customers’ words are the most powerful. So here’s another of our testimonial examples! In this case, the guys from Collaboration Squared talkF about what they thought about working with us. 

We not only work with testimonial advertising, but we also create some of the best animated explainer videos out there.

Now, there’s way more we’d like to tell you about our company, but we believe our projects’ quality speaks for itself. That’s why we’ve put some of our favorite works together in the next reel. Hope you enjoy it! 

“Now That I’ve Got My Customer Testimonial Video, What Do I Do With It?”

Great question! Promote it: Upload the company testimonial to your webpage so your leads can find it easily, but also put it on social media. It’s probably already there – your interviewees will be proud of their performance, so they’ll be the first ones to share it.

Also, use testimonial advertising as an internal motivator within your team, and as a feedback mechanism.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

A customer’s opinion holds a lot of power. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you claim that your own product is the absolute best – everyone would say that about their own products. What your customers need to hear is the opinion of their peers. Customers trust their peers more than anyone else.

But the most important thing is to make your company testimonial engaging and credible, and always respect the spirit of what your interviewee has said. Just like the testimonial advertising examples you’ve seen today!

So, are you ready to make your own testimonial ads? It’s time to translate your sales into more sales!

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