5 Tips For Making A Short Video Script For Your Business

27 September, 2017  

If you’re thinking about developing a brief marketing video to promote your product, you have to focus on writing a highly persuasive and compelling script. It’s a must to get the results you’re pursuing! In today’s blog post we’re going to share with you 5 killer tips for writing a short video script…the right way! Keep on reading to get some exclusive information…

script for animated explainer video

Basic Concepts Around Explainer Video Scripts

First, it’s important that you understand what we mean by “script” – it’s basically the message to be delivered in your video, what the voice-over says. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most important stages of the video production process, as it sets the basis for the rest of the phases.

Now, if you want to develop a highly persuasive animated explainer video, it’s important that you get a good balance between the content (this is, the script itself) and the form (unique elements of the video, such as the animation, imagery, soundtrack, special effects, etc.). You always have to keep in mind that the main goal of the script is expressing how your product or service can help your target audience with a specific problem they have. Focus on that, and forget about bragging about your brand or product. Watch this example:


5 Killer Tips On How To Produce A Short Video Script

It’s time to review some important considerations before writing down a video script. These tips will certainly help you make a brief, compelling and attractive script that leads to a stunning marketing video.

ebook: How to write a script?

#1. Know your target audience

It’s vital that you truly understand who your target audience is before writing down the script. This means understanding things such as likes, dislikes, habits, characteristics, needs and more. This is the only way you will be able to generate a strong connection with your viewers from the story they’re watching (your video!). So make sure you have the right answers to questions like:

  • What do they look like? How do they dress?
  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • Where do they work?
  • What places do they like to visit?
  • Any other information that could give you a clue about who they are or what they need.

Having this information on hand will let you customize the script according to their expectations. It’s important that you invest time and energy in outlining the profile of your buyer persona. This is an essential step, as it will be your guiding light throughout the entire process. Why it is SO important? Well, first of all, because it will help you craft the characters in the next stage of the video production process (the storyboard). Also, because it will add a peculiar personality and style to the characters. And, what’s even more relevant, by achieving this strong connection, you will grow trust and confidence towards your brand. This will result in higher conversions and ROI.

#2. Stick to the classic script structure

When you write the script, it’s important that you follow the classical structure used in the narrative: this is, start with a beginning, continue with the heart and lastly, an end. This is not a whim, it has its logic: if you do so, you will make your video more engaging, coherent and understandable. Also, if you follow this simple structure, you will find it easier to compose it.

In video production, we call these 3 stages: the what, the how and the why. Let’s explore each one…

Stage 1. The What.

Start your script by explaining to your audience which specific problem you solve. By doing so, you will quickly grab their attention and will encourage them to wait for more. Focus on “the problem”, it’s not time to talk about the brand or product yet.

Look at how we’ve made it happen in this video:



Stage 2. The How.

Now that the problem is presented, it’s time to tell your viewers how your product can help them. This stage typically starts when the brand logo appears on the screen or when the brand is mentioned.

In this video, it happens at minute 0:20. Check it out!

Stage 3. The Why.

Your audience already knows what you do and how you can help them. Now, it´s time to stand out from the crowd and explain to them why you’re the best alternative in the market, what makes you different from your competitors. So, at this stage, focus on describing the benefits of your product. It´s your huge opportunity to persuade them about how great your product is.

Watch the 3 different stages in this cool video:

#3. Make it brief

Video length and engagement work together. The length your marketing video will affect the engagement you get from the viewers. So, your big challenge is to make a video that lasts long enough so as to give you enough time to deliver your key messages, while also keeping your viewers hooked….till the end.

Based on our experience, the ideal length for an animated marketing video is 90 seconds. Talking about scriptwriting, we can say that 160 written words represents one minute of video. So, if you want to produce a 90-second video, then you will need 240 written words in your script.  

How to make an animated video

#4. Keep it simple and straightforward

Attention span has decreased to 8 seconds and that represents a huge challenge for every marketer. Make sure you keep the script simple, straightforward and also compelling. It’s not necessary to explain everything in just 90 seconds – in fact, that would be a mistake! Just try to select the most important information based on your target audience’s needs and the goal of your video. Remember that, afterwards, you will have time to complement that information with other resources (such as content marketing initiatives, sales calls, email marketing campaigns, and more).

This video shows how this is possible: it explains how the product works, directly and in a simple way.

#5. Add a compelling Call To Action

When your viewers get to the end of your video they need to have a clear idea on what to do and what the next step is. To guide them in this sense, it’s vital to include a compelling call to action that helps them understand the direction they should take (whether it is subscribing to a form, downloading an infographic, sharing the content on social media platforms, or any other). Make sure you include just one single CTA per video – if you don’t, you will end up confusing your audience! In case you need to add more calls to action, consider making different versions of the original video. For instance check the one at the end of Picniic’s explainer video:

3 Additional Tips for Making An Amazing Explainer Video Script!

And here’s the bonus track! Let me share with you some extra considerations you should bear in mind when writing your marketing video script:

  1. Find the right tone: the tone you set for the video will be highly important to generate identification with your target audience, to resonate with them. This, plus other elements such as a custom narrator, the cast, the pace, etc. will be essential for making your video more engaging and memorable.
  2. Add some humor: you can also consider adding a dose of humor to your marketing video, if it fits well with the type of video you develop. Humor can be your key ally to increase views and also shares. But keep this in mind: if humor does not fit with the type of video you produce, do not force it. It should be natural!
  3. Talk about benefits, instead of features: it’s always a better idea to talk about the benefits that your product offers to your target audience, rather than about its features. The former would be more engaging and compelling, the latter will look more salesy (and you don’t want it to look like that, remember?). Turn each feature of your product into a concrete benefit for your prospects.

With all these tips, you can now develop your short video script. At least, you can work on a first draft! Remember that it’s always better to assign this important endeavor to a professional and experienced explainer video production company. They certainly have all the background, skills and technology that this type of production demands. At Yum Yum we focus on developing custom scripts for each of our clients, based on their specific needs (marketing goals, target audience, type of product, etc.) Do you need help with yours? Get in touch with us and we’ll guide you along the way!


Now you know how important it is to make a high quality script for any video. What’s more important, you’ve got all the key information for making a short video script for your business. Not just any script! One that is highly engaging, attractive, memorable and that gets amazing marketing results. Ready to start? 🙂
We finally share with you some key recommendations on how to choose an explainer video production company. They will help you pick out the best vendor for your specific project!


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