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5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Motion Graphics Video


If you’re looking to pass out any complex or abstract concept and you’re not sure which explainer video style you should pick out, this blog post might become an ace up the sleeve. Today we´re going to share with you 5 key reasons why you should use a motion graphics video to enhance your video marketing strategy, while you also learn the amazing features and benefits of this popular style. You’ll see that it’s not only fantastic from a visual point of view but it’s also highly effective from a marketing perspective! Read on and learn why this is one of the best techniques to synthesize ideas and transmit any kind of concept in a catchy and engaging way.  

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Understanding The Basics

I’m sure you know that video content can definitely boost your marketing strategy results. Animated marketing videos, in particular, are a very useful tool to deliver your business idea in just a couple of seconds, while you engage your audience and guide them to take the next step in the sales funnel.

As you may know, you can find different explainer videos styles in the marketing world. And, among the different alternatives, motion graphics stand out as one of the most popular techniques. Watch this video to get a quick review on the most popular marketing video styles and then we’ll move forward specifically with the motion graphics technique.

Since many years ago, the technique of graphic design has been a key resource to explain things visually, no matter if it was a simple or a complex idea/concept. This technique has been used over years and years, but in today’s world it has been optimized with some other modern techniques, like video animation, to enhance its results. That’s the moment where motion graphics come in!

To put it simply, motion graphics is about graphic design in movement. This type of marketing video is perfect to explain a complex or abstract idea in a very simple, fast and compelling way. Check out this example:

5 Reasons To Choose a Motion Graphics Video

So you know that motion graphics helps you transmit any kind of concept, especially if it’s hard to communicate or to remember. But we also have some other strong arguments on why you should pick out this marketing video style and consider it as part of your video content strategy. Here we go!

  1. Motion graphics is known for being one of the most sophisticated and elegant styles among marketing videos.
  2. It’s also one of the most formal styles among the different explainer video styles.
  3. It gets the most out of visual designs and animations and can be used with an educational purpose, without losing its appeal.
  4. It’s one of the best styles to pass out numbers, stats and specific facts that could be harder to assimilate if you used any other style. This is due to its astonishing synthesis power.
  5. It can turn the most boring and tedious information into the most appealing and enticing content.

Is that all? Of course not! In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to share with you some additional arguments on why this style is widely used by marketers…

The Amazing Benefits Behind Motion Graphics

Now you have a clear idea on the main features of this particular style. But now let’s review some of its main benefits.

#1. High visual power

Marketers generally resort to visuals to communicate their messages and ideas. Remember that we are all visual learners, this means that we understand concepts, assimilate and remember ideas with the help of drawings, diagrams, charts and different designs (visual content is highly enticing, attractive and also memorable). With this in mind, just imagine how effective video content  can be, and even more so if we mixed it with graphics in motion! Motion graphics fits perfectly in this context and, as we’re all visual learners, it helps you approach your target audience with persuasive, interesting and impressive content.

#2. Stunning designs and animations

Motion graphics is not only about designs, but also about designs in motion. This means that motion graphics make use of animation techniques to make designs really come alive! With this type of video you can pass out any kind of idea by making use of graphic elements in movement. This will be of great help to deliver your message in just a couple of seconds, while you also make it understandable and memorable.

#3. Getting to the perfect mix

This is a huge advantage that the motion graphics style offers: it can be merged with other explainer video styles so that you can maximize the benefits of both styles. What do we mean? Well, keep in mind that motion graphics can lack that human / emotional touch that other styles have. But if you need to give your video that special touch, you can consider adding some cute characters that trigger strong emotions in your audience, or even include a story behind all those figures and stats to make your story even more catchy. You have different possibilities when it comes to mixing styles, but we’ll go over this later.

Different Uses Of The Motion Graphics Technique

So you still have doubts on whether this is the right animated marketing video style to communicate your business idea? We have compiled some useful information to help you understand if this is the style you’re looking for.

  1. Pass out a serious or professional image: if you sell a product or service that has a more “professional” profile, motion graphics is one of the best alternatives you can resort to in the video marketing arena.
  2. Provide your video with an elegant style: remember that motion graphics is one of the most formal explainer video styles, so if you need to pass out an elegant and sophisticated image, pick this style.
  3. Convey abstract concepts or ideas without losing “charm”: motion graphics is perfect to pass out hard data, such as numbers, statistics, facts and any other information that could be harder to assimilate without making use of designs in motion.
  4. Synthesize concepts and do it in an educational and cool way: just like an image is worth a thousand words, pictures in motion can have an astonishing power. By making use of motion graphics you can synthesize any idea, educate your audience, and do it in an attractive, interesting and catchy way.
  5. Deliver your business idea effectively, specially if you have a B2B company, or a B2C company that is related to “hard data”: if you have a software company, a financial company, or work with IT solutions, for instance, motion graphics is a great tool to deliver your business idea in a very straightforward and compelling way, without losing views.

Merging Motion Graphics With Other Explainer Video Styles

It’s not mandatory that your marketing video is “100% motion graphics”! Remember that one of the best advantages of this technique is its versatility, so you can mix it with other styles to maximize the benefits of both worlds. In this sense, motion graphics can be merged with live-action, character animation, or whiteboard animation. Let’s review this in detail.

Motion Graphics and Live Action

You may have heard that live action can have some limitations. But if you mix this technique with motion graphics, the limitations are only set by your imagination! With this combination you can transmit ideas or concepts that could be impossible to deliver by using Live Action only. Check out this video we developed for Stocks In Value and see how the merge has been made:

Motion graphics with character animation

Remember that we said that motion graphics can lack that special human or personal touch that is typical of other explainer videos styles. If you need that warmer approach, then consider adding some charming and funny characters to your video. This way you will make it more “emotional” than a plain / standard motion graphics video. Check out this example:

Motion graphics with whiteboard animation

The motion graphics technique is part of every high quality whiteboard video, as it’s used for the camera movements, the graphics, the hand animations and other elements. Most whiteboard videos are made digitally and motion graphics helps the elements look just great. So remember that in any high quality whiteboard video, there will be a motion graphics technique applied to it. Just like in this example:

So…have you already made up your mind on developing your next motion graphics video? If you need help with the production process, feel free to contact us! At Yum Yum we have wide experience in crafting explainer videos of any style and are eager to help you with yours! 🙂


In today’s blog post we have learned the basics of motion graphics and how you can use it to enhance your video marketing strategy. We’ve reviewed the main features and benefits of this particular style and now you’re aware that, no matter if you have a B2B or a B2C company, this style can make a huge difference in your content strategy. We’ve also shared some strong reasons on why this is one of the most popular and used styles among marketers and how it can be combined with other techniques to maximize its effectiveness. Hope you’ve found this information useful and we encourage you to work on your next marketing video!

Feel free to surf our Video Marketing Resources to get valuable information that will be vital for the production process. Enjoy them!

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