Use Video Content to Boost Customer Retention

13 June, 2017  

Don’t get too tied up on complicated explanations or formulas. If you are looking to enhance your customer retention, start by looking at your customer engagement! It has been proven that engaged customers purchase 90% more frequently, they spend 60% more on transactions and they are five times more likely to be exclusively loyal to a brand. Whoa!

Use Video Content to Boost Customer Retention

The great news for video marketers is that videos are awesome at generating engagement. If you are looking for the type of content that will boost your inbound marketing and add points to your customer retention, you’ve reached the right spot.

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#1. Videos Are Extremely Emotional

Whether it is a movie, a video clip or a marketing video, audiovisual content helps incite our emotions because it directly stimulates a lot of our senses. It also involves the time factor, making it the most compelling way to tell engaging stories and increase viewer identification.

Did you know that emotions are directly related to our ability to remember things? Which leads us to our next point. ☺

#2. Videos Help Our Brains and Memory

Yep, we know it… your product is fascinating and it can really help people make their lives easier, but it is somewhat tricky to communicate its benefits, and explanatory texts and images just won’t make things clear enough. That’s when videos can offer great help!

Besides making things easier, when both audio and visual senses are stimulated, as is the case with video content, the recall rate is 68%. And did you know 80% of people recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days?

#3. Videos Help Increase Brand Trust

You can do this in many ways with video.

For starters, think about customer testimonials. Is there something more trustworthy than an actual customer sharing their experience with a brand? People will definitely believe someone who offers an uninterested opinion about a product or service. And if you make it in the form of a video, much better: seeing the actual person express what they think about the brand seems much more real than reading a piece of text.

You can also increase brand trust by keeping your customers in the loop about what’s going on in your business with engaging videos. Remembrance only works if people actually remember you in a trustworthy way. If they are updated on changes and shifts that occur with your brand, they’ll be more likely to remember your brand as transparent.

#4. Videos Can Be Helpful To Customers!

Have you ever had one of those eternal phone calls waiting for someone to help you after you’ve made a purchase? Yes, customer satisfaction is too often harmed because of bad post-sales relationships. But with video, you can make your customers satisfied in an easy way.

Videos are extremely pedagogic tools because our brains are hardwired to manage their information and stimulus easily: they are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text and, actually, they require a different brain process that’s not as active as reading. Cognitive strain, thus, is much less by watching a video than by reading an article.

Now you know: if you offer people tools that will help them deal with nuances related to what you can offer in an easy and friendly way, they will keep their loyalty by turning to you when they need it.

#5. Last But Not Least…

Videos are cute! 😉

There are many, many ways in which marketing videos can help incite customer retention, so why not give video marketing a try? If you want to know even more about what the amazing world of video content is all about, take a look at our delicious video marketing resources. They include free eBooks, videos and infographics made by us that will satisfy your craving for yummy information.

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