Product Videos: What, Why and How?

8 June, 2017  

A product video or tutorial video shows how your product or service works. It is important that your potential clients see what you offer in action! This makes its benefits clear and builds trust towards your brand, which drives sales.

Because videos are entertaining and fun to watch, a product video is a great way to showcase complex products or services, such as Bulls Bikes.

Product videos have been shown to work. A study by Internet Retailer states that visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy. So if you’re interested in fueling your sales, a product video can be the solution.

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There is a Style for Every Brand

Needless to say, audiovisual resources offer a wide array of ways of making a product video. The only limit to what you can show is your imagination! Here are the most popular styles.

#1. Character Animation

As it features characters that share the same characteristics as the target audience your aiming for the commercial, this is a video style that can easily appeal to your audience, which in turn drives engagement and shares. The most popular type is 2D, in which characters and scenarios are created in a two-dimensional space using perspective, which recreates the illusion of depth.

#2. Whiteboard Animation

In whiteboard animation videos, concepts are drawn on a whiteboard. They are the type of videos that feature a white background and a hand with a black marker that draws upon it as a voiceover explains what is being said.

Because the animation is created gradually, while the explanation develops, it is a super educational approach, ideal for hard-to-explain products or services.

#3. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics product videos are lively, engaging and straightforward and can suit every type of business. The most popular way of doing a motion graphics video is either in 2D or 2.5D.

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#4. Screencast

In screencast videos, a digital recording of the computer a screen is used to show how a product works. It is usually used for apps and digital services as it displays clearly and effectively the way in which the product works. Although it is not the most attractive, It is a low budget type of video that can suit startups perfectly.

#5. Live-Action

Live-action videos are those which do not involve animation, as in regular cinematography. They can be great for products that have attractive packaging or physical conditions that are best explained and better trusted if the way they work is actually shown on film.

Product Videos Fit into Your Sales Funnel

Specifically, they are placed at its bottom, aka the decision stage.

Product videos are meant for people who are already informed about all the options around and are looking for a final push to pick you! As they showcase the features of what you can offer, they are meant to close the deal: a good product video will convince hesitant buyers to try your solution.

Have you tried a product video to show the benefits you can offer your customers if they pick you? Or any other type of video to boost your marketing? We’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below.

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