How To Increase Website Conversions With Video

7 March, 2018  

Many of the clients that get in contact with Yum Yum Videos wonder the same thing: how to increase website conversion through video. It’s no secret that videos can boost conversion rates in up to 80% (like in landing pages or embedded in the home) and that people are pointing to them as big helps when purchasing things online (with as many as 90% of buyers subscribing to that view).

However, and in spite of those facts, our clients ask us the same questions over and over. How’s that possible? How can I do to benefit from that?

Well, it goes beyond the fact of just putting out videos. If things were that easy, everyone would be creating explainer videos and video ads to sell. The success behind a great video marketing strategy is a combination of high quality, clear messaging, branding, placing and distribution. Without one of those ingredients, you’ll only have the recipe for ok results. I’m guessing that’s not what you want.

So, if you’re ready to start making videos to boost your conversions, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some things you should have in mind when beginning this exciting journey!

How to increase website conversions with video

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Start with an explainer video

If you don’t have any videos on stock about your brand, your products or services, then the best way to kickstart your video marketing strategy is to go with an explainer video. There are powerful reasons for that. The most essential one is that you have to get your product out there and this kind of videos are the perfect way to do so.

Your product or service exists for a purpose: to address a specific issue. Your target audience wants more comfort in their shipments, they want an easier way to get tickets to a concert, they want to meet people with their same interests on their phones – there are many needs a product can cover. In that context, an explainer video is the right way to show people how your product or service can help them.

The basis for that is simple. Explainer videos have a huge clarification power. They are 1 minute long on average, cover the essentials of your product, use a direct pitch and talk to a specific audience. Most of the times, these videos are the first things your target audience will see from you. It’s your presentation card and your opportunity window to get them on board of your brand.

In other words, an explanation video is the first step. Take it with confidence and you’ll have built the foundations of a winning strategy.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, put yourself in the hands of professionals and rely on their experience. Download our free ebook about how to pick the right explainer video company to get the perfect help.

How video increases website conversions

That explainer video will work in a lot of ways to increase your website conversions. There are several factors at play when you use video to promote your brand that all join forces to give you more traffic, more leads, and more sales. Here are the crucial ones:

1 – Videos are attention-grabbing

According to some studies, people’s attention span have decreased 4 seconds in the last decade and sits now on the 8-second mark. That means anyone coming across your brand in any corner of the Internet will devote that max amount of time before moving on to different things. You have to make to make the most out of that small focus!

That’s why videos are so great – they have movement, colors, faces, sounds. The combination of all the things that make up any audiovisual content is bound to draw the eyes of anyone passing near it. That’s why you should use your explainer video on place where you are sure people will see it – like the top part of your website’s homepage or in an article for a renowned blog.

Of course, getting your target audience’s attention is just the first step. What happens afterwards will depend on how good your storyline and characters are and how entertaining the whole video is. I don’t want to minimize the victory that’s actually getting someone to stop and watch your video, though. But it’s important to remember that’s just the beginning.

2 – Your bounce rates will be slashed

The basic goal for most modern marketers is to drive traffic to their websites and expose their target audience to the brands’ messages. That’s why all of them keep a watchful eye on the bounce rate – the number of people that get to the site only to leave it as soon as they arrive.

Of course, nobody wants that. That’s why you’ll be more than happy to learn that videos can help you in reducing the bounce rate. The process for that is pretty straightforward – as long as you put your video in a visible spot. People get to your site, sees your video and takes a little time to watch it.

In other words, people spend more time on your site just because your video stopped them from leaving as they arrived. It might not seem like enough, but just with the inclusion of a well-placed video, your chances of getting your point across got a lot higher than if you didn’t have a video in the first place. Besides, the videos you embed on your website is amazing for our next point.

3 – Your SEO will be grateful with your videos

In searching how to increase your website conversions, visibility is key. You can’t sell more products or get more people to sign up for your service if nobody knows who you are. That’s why video is so great – they get people on your site and makes them stay. But there are other benefits.

For instance – did you know videos rank extremely well in search engines? The most relevant ones are poised to appear among the top search results. The most viewed and shared ones boost the rankings of the pages in which they are on. And they even let you rank on the world’s second largest search engine!

All of those things work together so people can find you more easily. Now, I think I don’t need to clarify why this is so good for your brand. It’s just worth remembering that more visibility means more people will get your message which, in turn, will drive your chances of new leads and prospects.

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4 – Videos are perfect to spread the word

Putting the technical SEO aspects aside, there’s another way in which videos will help your marketing strategy: their sharing potential. Under that name we refer to how much people love to share videos with their loved ones. You don’t need big numbers to know how true that actually is. Just go to Twitter, Facebook or any other major social network and you’ll see how many videos are shared.

Do you want numbers to back that up, nonetheless? Well, research talks of 76% users saying that they’d willingly share a company video if they found it funny. So, even when some businesses may feel that their customers won’t share a video even with a gun pointed to their heads, reality is that, if that’s your case, you should be doing some soul-searching to see if what you’re offering is truly something of quality.

How to increase website conversion with little video details

All of the above works together to get you visibility, better rankings and more conversions. But how can you help all that reach its peak? Well, there are 4 seemingly small things you can control to maximize the effect, namely:

  •         Thumbnails: the first thing anyone will see from your video once it comes into sight is its thumbnail, so you’d better make an irresistible one! If you do, you’ll enjoy a boost in your play rate of 34%. What to do, then? Work on a custom image that shows a person doing something flashy or intriguing, and make sure you color it with your branding. Spark some curiosity!
  •         Colors: like I said, colors are pretty important – they are one of the main components of your branding! If you want to increase your brand awareness and build some trust with your audience, don’t just limit your palette to your thumbnail. If it’s possible, use the colors on buttons, CTAs and even the player itself for better results.
  •         Length: I mentioned it above but it’s worth remembering. People won’t pay attention for long times, so you’d better make your video short and to the point. Explainer videos are short by definition but it’s worth to keep that in mind when creating it. You know how you won’t forget? Remember that videos under the 2 minute mark enjoy an average play rate of 70%. How can you forget such a sweet benefit?
  •        Call to actions: alright, this is tricky since is no detail (though many people like to treat their CTAs as such). The idea here is simple – don’t just use the first thing that comes to your mind as call to action. Try different approaches, different words and phrasing and even change the location in which your put your CTAs. Testing is your best friend here, because you’ll only get results after several tries.

To sum it all up

Video is one of the best tools around to get more leads and to convert prospects into customers. Videos increase awareness and visibility, educate the audience on the benefits of your product, grab people’s attention and can re-direct traffic to where you want it. Of course, you’ll only get all of that if you work hard and pay attention to virtually everything around your video.

Seems like too much for you? Then trust the Yum Yum Videos team to do it! We know how to increase website conversions through sophisticated videos that look great and are really entertaining. You don’t have to take our word for it – check our portfolio and after you’ve made up your mind, contact us to start working!
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