Don’t Use an Animated Marketing Video Until You Read This!

16 March, 2018  

Under a couple of minutes, animated marketing videos will describe to your viewers what your product or service is all about. And they do this in an entertaining way. Not in vain, they’re considered one of the most powerful resources for your marketing campaigns.
We’re pretty sure someone has said to you that you shouldn’t use them… Don’t you think that that comes off as a little bit suspicious? But of course, it does! People who assure you that you only want to keep these videos’ goodness for themselves! Shame on them!
It is a great mistake not to use them! So you need to gain awareness of the great potential marketing videos have to offer. Allow us then to explain some facts that will bring some light to the greatness of animated videos!

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People will consume your content –and they’ll spread it!

People’s preferences are very clear as to what their favorite choice is when they consume content on the Internet: they love videos. In fact, they will favor it a great deal before dedicating themselves to reading something. The number is astonishing: 4 out of 5 people will watch an entire video, compared to the number of people that decide to read an entire post on a blog. 

Nowadays, when people see something they enjoy, they almost feel obligated to share that excitement with the rest of the world. If you made a great video, it will spread like the wind! Videos, according to recent reports, can produce up to 1,200% more shares than words and images together! Three-quarters of users will share that video with their friends and family. As a matter of fact, only a really tiny percentage (around 3%) will have a negative reaction that will end up in not sharing that video just because it has its origins on business purposes.

Long story short: if you have an amazing animated marketing video, viewers will consume it, they will know about your company and they will pass that knowledge along on every channel they have at their disposal –social networks, more specifically. Your own public will manage to develop their own marketing campaign for you! 

As far as production costs are concerned, a professional animation video is less expensive than a live-action video. For these types of videos, there are a lot of diverse resources involved: actors, locations, shooting, several crews; you also need to acquire or rent equipment, you need to take care of post-production; in some instances, you need to get into animation as well. In the end, all of these tasks demand more money.

 This is, without a doubt, one of our best-animated videos. Hubspot even considered it as one of the best explainer videos!


Animated videos are memorable, impactful and engaging!

 In these crazy, urgent times that we’re living in, the influence of animated videos is one of its other strengths -they’re made to last in your memory! Chances of remembering something that you watched on video are way higher than remembering something you read. The reason has been living in our brains since birth: they have the ability to process an image 50,000 faster than to process something written. And if that weren’t enough: our brains can also keep that information more effectively than anything we have read in the past:  the information retained in 60 seconds of video is equal to almost a couple of million written words!

An animated marketing video can also become engaging, meaning that they can turn a promotional piece of material into something that forces people to engage in any sort of action. If people like what they see, they will help your brand in any shape or form. If you made something really convincing, your audience will follow your lead and do what you asked them to. They may not follow your call-to-action strictly, but they will end up doing something beneficial for your brand. You may not see those results immediately, but you will surely see them in the near future!

Since they show something fun and interesting, animated videos will help you to get your products inside your audience’s minds and hearts, a triumph that will help you obtain the trust from your viewers, which ultimately translates into a great appreciation for your brand and later into more conversions and sales. 

There is a way to get into your audience’s memories: working hard on crafting a compelling story told by eye-grabbing and good-looking characters, so you can take advantage of the wide potential that explainer videos have to offer. This is how you can make an impact with your video, this is how you can store it in your audience’s hearts.

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Google and YouTube also love Video!

An animated marketing video can be made into objects of desire for Google, which is arguably the biggest search engine in the world. By adding a very succinct description, typing up a catchy title and coming up with precise tags, you can turn your explainer video into something very attractive to Google. 

Pay attention to this interesting fact: a video posted on a website can attract up to 2 – 3 times more monthly visitors, which will double the time they spend on that site and generate a 157% increase in organic traffic that have search engines as their source. Besides, the presence of a video on a website, compared to just written text, will multiply the average number of linking domains by almost three times! 

Videos can then be turned into attractive items for Google. One astounding advantage of having animated videos is that since they have taken into consideration what your audience needs, telling a message through a series of characters that are fun and relatable, so in the end, this whole material has the potential of becoming engaging to prospects!

Another relevant search engine is represented by YouTube and your video can also become very appealing for it. YouTube will rank your video by the number of monthly searches and other parameters as well. According to recent studies, almost one in four shoppers has revealed that they go to YouTube to do some research on a product they’re thinking of buying. This explains another good fact: more than 75% of marketers are using keyword tagging wisely on YouTube, generating some pre-programmed entries when people look for content.

Your video then can become more attractive for both Google and YouTube by the number of searches and views, and hence it will get more popular! Visitors could even get to watch your video without even searching for it! Posting your video on YouTube can also convert it into an autonomous marketing unit. If people are able to watch your video, then they can have a good idea of what your product or service is about -and they don’t even have to go to your website for it!

Viewers that enjoy what you see in your video, may want to know more about your business. If that’s the case, then they may want to go to your website to get more information. This, evidently, will cause more traffic to go to your website and your audience, by getting to know you more, you will feel closer to your brand!

More conversions mean more sales!

It is a fact acknowledged by a lot of marketers in the industry that video content encourages more conversions than any other advertisement material. It’s been proven that almost 40% of companies that employ video in their marketing campaigns get more traffic from search companies than other organizations that don’t. And if that weren’t impressive enough… videos that are posted on a landing page make conversions rise by more than 80%!

What all of this amazing math is telling us is this: explainer videos make you make more money, so get ready for a storm of cash, baby!

And if you were looking for a possible explanation for all of this madness, then you don’t need to worry. The greatness of animated videos lies in the fact that they speak directly to your audience. By telling an interesting story in a fun way, viewers will get what you want to say, and they will also engage with your brand, gaining along the way a good reputation for your business, which eventually means more sales!

Videos bring back the coolness to Email!

If you want to bring more traffic to your site, then you definitely want to use Email marketing. The thing is that your marketing campaign will be enhanced if you add a killer animated video, since it will increase the traffic to your website by almost 50%, and it will even multiply the benefits of your other marketing resources. And if that weren’t enough, just by adding the word “video” in the subject line of an email improves click-through rates by 65%!

Just by following our suggestions, you will be able to achieve all of that: put your video at the end of your emails, along with your signature; set up a YouTube channel for your business and add videos with a certain frequency and also embed your video wherever you can on your website. We also strongly recommend that you produce a video that can tell the story in a very succinct way about your company. It can work very well to introduce new viewers to your company.

In a nutshell: now you know how great explainer videos can be!

Animated videos have become the hottest tools for marketing your business due to its many advantages: the content they provide will surely be consumed; they turn that content into memorable information; they can become very appealing for the most important search engines; they are cheaper than other types of videos; they can compel your viewers into doing something that you want; they work as perfect stimulants for your conversions and sales, and they can help you develop amazing email campaigns. Can you get enough?!

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