6 ways to Increase your lead generation with video

25 September, 2017  

Branding. Building trust. Engaging with people. Getting a website. Posting on social media. These are but a few of the many, so many things all marketers do for one unique purpose – lead generation. It’s pretty basic stuff: companies have to sell in order to stay on business, right?

That’s why a quick Google search will show you there are lots and lots of people searching how the heck you are supposed to do it. In a fiercely competitive market, knowing how to effectively do so is essential. That’s why you should use all the methods and strategies at hand to find some necessary edge.

And that’s why what we are about to tell you is so important. Because many businesses are missing the golden opportunity of lead generation through video. Some might be overlooking the whole video marketing thing altogether, but there’s people that are putting videos out there but aren’t using them properly to attract potential customers.

If you suspect you’re in one of those groups, then you can definitely benefit from the Yum Yum Videos experience. Read on!

Video marketing guide for 2020

#1. Leverage the power of good call to actions

From blog articles to images you share on Instagram, all marketing efforts you make are pursuing a specific goal and you (ideally) expect people to act on it. That’s reflected on call-to-actions (CTA), a fancy way of naming the phrases, links or buttons you use to tell people what they should do next.

Things like “Download now”, “Click here” or “Share with a friend” are common examples of the CTAs you can use in many marketing contents – including videos. Some people just upload their videos to YouTube and believe that’s about all they can do. Don’t make the same mistake. Be sure that every person watching your video has some direction on where to go next if he or she wants to keeps the interaction with your brand.

You want to make things easy for people wanting more information about your company. That’s why video platforms like YouTube offer annotations and cards to create very specific CTAs throughout videos. Links on the description also work like a charm. Just remember that for CTAs to be super effective, they have to lead the traffic through a simple and direct channel where people never gets lost. Watch this example:

For instance, if your video is talking about how much your product can change your target audience’s lives compared to your competitors, make sure you include an annotation right there with a link that leads to a landing page where that comparison is detailed. People that follow the annotation will expect to find those details, so don’t lead them to any other place. This should work in any other instance you use CTAs.

#2. Pay attention to all details when creating your videos

Lead generation begins in the first moments you lay out your whole marketing strategy. If you don’t understand the underlying mechanisms of that process, then you’re doomed to fail. Video marketing isn’t the exception to this rule – quite the contrary. If you truly want videos capable of garnering attention and generating leads, then you need to think about it while on the drawing board.

What should you be paying attention to here? Tons of stuff. The quality of the video (from the filming/animation to the sound) is crucial to get people hooked and show you’re dead serious about your business. The character creation is also key for the audience to identify with what’s happening on the screen (so be sure the characters look, talk and behave like your target audience).

Things like the duration of the video can also determine its success. Most of us don’t have the same attention spans we used to, so you have to keep your videos under the 2-minute mark if you don’t want your audience to yawn their way out. Even the thumbnail you pick can determine whether you video gets played in the first place. Watch what we are trying to say with this video:

Lastly, the use of your brand colors has its impact, even beyond the video itself. Using your palette in the web player and its control as well as in the thumbnail can boost your play rate by 53%. Now go ahead and say colors are just ‘details’!

All of those factors play a huge role in how your video is perceived, how many times is played and even how many people ends up seeing you as a trustful company with which they want to do business with. The little things always count.

#3. Creating a landing page around a video

Landing pages have been one of the main lead generation methods since the dawn of time, and they’ll probably keep being one of them. Why? Because they work, that’s why! That’s the reason why creating a video landing page is such a no brainer: it combines two of the biggest marketing tools known to generate leads and puts them in one place.

Strictly, landing pages are designed to convert. In contrast to regular website pages, a landing page is built around one specific action (subscribe, try, download). Its structure is streamlined and simplified when compared with other pages. There are fewer distractions and all of the contents in it have been thoroughly designed to get people to act.

Landing Pages

Now, if you put a video in it, you can work all the contents around it to support the action you’re suggesting. Put the video on top, make a sexy headline, use a brief explanation that expands on the video and embed your CTA in the heart of it all and you’ll have a winning combo.

The video will grab people’s attention and make them stay longer to watch. The landing page will make it easier for them to expand on the information viewers just saw. If the CTA is well devised, then you’ll see how much of a difference this approach can make.

How to make an animated video

#4. Gate your videos

The concept of ‘gate’ is as simple as it sounds – you put a gate in front of it so people ring your bell before coming in. In video marketing, those gates are forms called ‘turnstiles’ – forms that are placed somewhere in the video requesting the watcher’s info. Until that data is provided, the video won’t keep running.

It’s probably the most direct way of asking and some might argue that it’s too blunt to even consider it. However, it’s a valid method worth considering, especially because several companies swear by it. Of course, there are several ways in which this can be implemented with various degrees of success.

Some companies like to use their turnstiles at the very beginning of their videos. The message they are sending is ‘Want to watch this super fantastic video? First give me some of your personal details.’ This approach can provide you with some results but it depends almost solely on how perfect the work around the video actually is. If you don’t spark enough curiosity, then people will refuse to give out their data and leave.

That’s why many people like to use their turnstiles at the end, with the promise of unlocking other valuable contents. However, as logical this may seem, this is where turnstiles perform at their worst (with only 3% of people actually leaving their data).

Where can you get your best results with your gates? When you put them in the middle of the video. Doing so allows for your target audience to take a peek at what you have to offer and then decide if the rest of the video is worthy of their time. That’s the best approach because it lets people watch a part of the video, which you can use to generate expectations that will be fulfilled after the audience provides their data.

This direct method has been tried time and time again and its results are impressive, especially with the 3rd approach. That’s because people willing to leave their data in exchange for access to a video already show an interest in what you have to offer that undoubtedly feels like they are valuable leads.

#5. Learn everything about your audience – and adjust accordingly

Videos are amazing for marketing because they offer great insights on how your target audience behaves when watching them. Now, most people don’t know how to interpret that vast amount of data (or don’t even bother with it). Don’t be like them. That data can work for you and provide further opportunities to generate more solid leads.

For instance, you can use that information to segment your audience into people that watched most of your videos in their entirety, people that watched some or just parts of them, and people that have only watched one or two or just a couple of seconds. That data allows you to devise specific actions for each of them.

The first group is clearly invested in what you say, so they are solid leads ready to be taken to another level. The second group might need some convincing but they are open to hear about you. It’s up to you to create communications that are able to pull them to your side. Walmart does this very well, take a look:

Finally, you can use the data of the last group to learn where your weaknesses are. Is it the channels you’ve used to promote? The video isn’t appealing to a certain key demographic? Most of them are dropping out of your videos at a critical point (a turnstile, a couple of seconds in)? That’s very valuable information you need to use to adjust your strategy and boost your conversions.

#6. Create a robust video marketing strategy with multiple videos

Last but not least, a tip that might feel broader than those above but that’s equally important. Many times throughout this article we’ve talked about ‘the video.’ This was just a convenience. If you truly want to amp up your lead generation through video, then you need to think of a bigger video marketing strategy.

A simple video can be a great beginning (like an explainer video, for example) but it won’t go anywhere if left alone. You’ll have more chances to increase your conversions with video by creating more and more videos. A solid  video marketing strategy around these contents can make your brand more visible, extend your reach to a wider audience, create more trust in your company and provide you with more opportunities to create leads.

So, try with one video to see the results, gather all the information you can, adjust what didn’t worked and try again with a new video. Keep this cycle going and we guarantee you’ll see more leads coming your ways (and if you did your homework and bet on high quality videos, you’ll see more and more quality leads).

To sum up

Videos by themselves can generate more sales opportunities and contribute to your lead generation efforts. However, if you truly want to take advantage of them, you have to pay attention to everything we said here. From creating a short, entertaining and simple video with a clear and concise CTA to building a landing page around it, there are plenty of things you can do to amplify the powers of video when generating leads.

The best thing is that you can start right now! Simply get to work or contact an experienced video company that can help you with this and you’ll see that, once your video is up, your leads will start piling up!


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