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What is the best explainer video style for your business?


After reading enough about it, you’ll realize why your brand needs an animated explainer video. You’ll see how it’s the perfect way to explain what you sell, boost your visibility and sales, and increase conversions. In short, you’ll see it for what it truly is – a great investment for your business.

But before you start making an animated marketing video, you should pick the perfect style to fit your needs. Choosing the wrong one won’t provide you with the same sales, traffic and visibility benefits you’d get if you had chosen the right style. So, deciding which kind of video you’ll need is a pretty important step throughout the process.


How can you make the right decision? Well, you can talk to your explainer video company and let them help you with that decision. Or you can ask yourself some questions to get some pointers as to what you should decide.

infographic: why explainer videos are the best marketing tools

Picking the right explainer video style

No company in the world has the same needs as the next. Sure, startups are way different than big companies but even businesses of the same size and industry might find themselves seeking a different style.  The important thing is that you find the style that fits who you are as a brand. How can you do that? You can follow the next tips.

What is the best explainer video style for your business?

These are the 4 questions you need to answer:

  •         What are my goals?
  •         Who am I targeting?
  •         What is the message I want to deliver?
  •         What’s my budget?

The first question may seem to have an answer you likely share with other businesses – get out there, increase your visibility, make more sales. There are several ways you can answer it so you have to be honest about it. You can’t use the same videos if your needs change. An explainer video is great to increase conversions, engage with your audience and explain complex services. But perhaps you need to educate, bring credibility to your brand or be more aggressively promotional (which calls for educative videos, testimonials or commercial ads, respectively). Your goals will decide if you really need an explainer video or another type of marketing video.

The question about your target audience is crucial. You need to know who your audience is, what defines it, how it talks and what it likes in order to have a chance of developing a video that catches their attention. You wouldn’t speak to an 80 year old woman in the same way you’d talk with a millennial entrepreneur, right? Your audience determines how you talk.

The message you send is also insanely important to define the style. What you want to say will determine how you’ll need to say it. You’ll have to see if you want to explain something, tell a story, compare your brand to others and so on. Depending on this, some styles will work and some others won’t.

Finally, you’ll have to consider the budget factor. Depending on the style you’ve chosen for your explainer video, you’ll have to spend more or less money, so keep that in mind when picking yours. Some can cost $500 while others can be as high as $25,000, so budget surely isn’t something to sneeze at.

Regardless of the style you pick, remember that you’ll only get the explainer video benefits if you bet on high quality and full customization that only a good company can provide. Here’s our free ebook on how you can pick one that helps you with this process!

Now that you know some of the basic stuff to pick the best style for your animated video, let’s see the options you have available!

10 explainer video styles for your brand

Among the most common styles for this type of videos, you can find:

  •         2.5D ANIMATION
  •         3D ANIMATION
  •         LIVE ACTION
  •         STOP MOTION
  •         TYPOGRAPHY
  •         SCREENCAST

Now, all of them have their pros and cons, and they can work for some brands better than others. Let’s see all of them in detail.

2D Character Animation

One of the most popular styles, especially among B2C and B2B companies. The reason for its popularity is simple – they are great at evoking emotions. All the characters and scenes used in them are designed in a 2D space but they seem to have more depth through the use of perspective.

These videos are often colorful and funny, which makes them perfect for engagement, since they refer the audience to the cartoon they watched as kids. Thus, people watching will feel positive and relaxed, which makes them lower their psychological defenses, allowing the brand’s message to reach them more easily. If you combine that with characters that actually look like your audience, the engagement will be stronger and the results, even more positive.

Motion Graphics Video

If your business is selling a complex product or service, this is one of the styles you should consider. That’s because these videos use animated graphics to explain what the product or service is about while being engaging and straightforward. As with the style above, Motion Graphics Videos can make a great impression without being overcomplicated.

Picniic | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

This style is great to sum up ideas and concepts that are complicated. Yet, as great as they are at making those concepts more easily understandable, they lack a little when trying to make an emotional connection with the audience. That’s the main reason why Motion Graphics Videos are often combined with 2D Character Animation videos: while the former explains the complex part, the latter brings the emotional qualities to make a killer combo.

2.5D Animation

Wait a minute. 2.5D Animation? That doesn’t seem right. Well, it is right and it’s a great animation technique for anyone looking for an affordable 3D feel. While it isn’t a 3D style, it certainly looks like one. You can think of it as a simulation or recreation of a three dimensional environment. Since they aren’t as difficult and costly as 3D videos, they are great if you want that look but can’t afford it.

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Whiteboard Animation Video

You’ve certainly seen this in videos that explain specific concepts. Whiteboard videos consist of illustrations that are drawn on a whiteboard as the video progresses. Thus, this style can showcase a complex product or service, they are also great to give the human touch of character animation that can be added in this kind of video.

This makes it the perfect style for B2C and B2B companies that want to be direct without losing the human element.

Spigit (2) | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

The reason why Whiteboard Animations work fantastically is because it reminds the audience of the boards that are used in school classrooms or work meetings. That way, as soon as the video starts, people subconsciously prepare themselves for educative content, which predisposes them for what you are about to say. Of course, you have to take into account that these videos are mostly black and white, which means that the branding opportunities are drastically reduced (if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ll have to pick a different style).

3D Animation

In this day and age, 3D animation videos are more and more common in TV and film.That’s because they offer endless possibilities with a high impact (if they are well done).


V-Ray Advertising Demo Reel 2012

With that being said, and if you’re seriously considering 3D animation, then you have to know that these videos are quite pricey. Besides, they are very hard to update later on, so you should really be sold on the idea before picking it. Those are the 2 main reasons why you don’t see many 3D explainer videos out there.

Live Action

One of the oldest techniques out there that still works like a charm. Basically, live action videos put real people in front of a camera to talk and explain the service or product. The advantages this style can give you are highly tried and proven by this point: a more personal engagement with your target audience, which can relate to the employees and customers you show throughout the video.

Just remember that putting people in front of a camera isn’t something that comes easy. People tend to shy away from them, so it’ll be difficult for them to look or act naturally. Besides, scouting for the proper location and preparing them for the shoot can ramp up the final price of the video. Live Action videos can be great but they truly need a detailed eye to be in charge of it all.

Live Action With Track Elements

A variation on the former which brings some extra possibilities and more buzz to a live action video. The foundations are the same as the style above – real people in front of the camera. What defines this particular style are the track elements, and animated motion graphics that are inserted throughout the video. Those effects bring some surprising touches that make the video look fresh and interactive.

Morgan Crossing - Imagine.

Stop Motion

Remember Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, that dark but funny picture from the 90s? That movie was made entirely with the stop motion technique. Basically, this method takes photo after photo of the objects that make the video with small variations from one pic to another. Thus, when played in a fast sequence, those elements appear to be moving. It looks definitely unique and can be very engaging, though the production process is hard and takes a considerable amount of  time. Besides, keep in mind that stop motion videos are the hardest to update in the future (and believe me, you’ll certainly end up updating at least a fragment in the future).

Target Dreaming Girl Commercial


As its name implies, typography videos are made out of words written in different fonts animated to convey the message. Sounds too basic? Think again. These videos can be surprisingly dynamic and are great at underlining what’s being said. By using the typical format used in text (bold, cursive, etc.) and combining it with the right fonts, these videos can be what you’re looking for – something that truly stands out through a more minimalistic approach.

Starbucks Typography Ad


Finally, you have screencast videos. They are digital recordings of a screen capture with a voice over text explaining to the audience what they see. You’ve surely seen tons of them as tutorials and, though they aren’t that sophisticated, these videos can be a great alternative for startups with a tight budget that want to explain their platforms or services in a quick way.

Summing it all up

There you have them, the best explainer video styles around. They are the best because they offer results, they can showcase all kinds of brands effectively and people love to watch them.

Don’t rush this decision though. Animated marketing videos can be great marketing tools for your brand, as long as you do them right. Take your time to pick what you want and identify what you need, rely on the advice of the right explainer video company and remember that what can seem pricey now can bring an impressive gain later on.

Still have doubts about video styles for your brand? Reach our expert team at Yum Yum Videos to help you with it!

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