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Best 10 Animated Videos for Businesses That Can’t Be Missed


Using video for business marketing has become an extremely popular – not to mention effective! – trend. It helps brands to attract new audiences, build trust, and increase conversions. 

And when you combine it with animation, a whole plethora of possibilities become available.

In a nutshell, well-made animated videos are compelling, fun, and easy to follow. More importantly, they excel at turning difficult-to-understand, boring, or delicate topics into entertaining pieces that anyone can relate to. Giving businesses the freedom to seize their creativity, think out of the “video-box”, and bring to life the most fantastic or unreal stories to make their brands shine.

However, the key there is “well-made animated videos”. Which is why we are here today! 

We’ve made a list with some of the best animated videos for businesses looking to get inspired, entertained, or learn from.

Let the animated adventure begin!

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The ABC of Animated Videos 

Powerful video marketing revolves around storytelling. The most effective pieces appeal to emotions to resonate with the audience. Whether your video is about your product, your brand, or a service you provide, it has to convey a compelling and persuasive message to work. 

And that’s precisely what makes animation so unique – It’s a versatile, engaging, and vibrant medium that can strike a wide range of emotional tones and tell a story in beautiful and captivating ways. 

Whether we are talking about motion graphics, whiteboard, animated explainers, or 3D, there are plenty of styles to match your marketing objectives – Giving you the freedom to create those cool and striking videos that your business is looking for.  

But, as diverse as these videos can be, there are some aspects essential to make pieces that work: 

  • Narrative: To establish a stronger emotional connection with your audience, your video should convey a clear message driven by a well-written script and a compelling storyline. 
  • Visual delivery: A basic yet important rule that applies to any video production: high-quality is paramount. To stand out and make the right impression, your video should have a beautiful and remarkable visual delivery. 
  • Simplicity: Animation is great for explaining the most complex or hard-to-grasp ideas and concepts. But for that to be the case, and have your audience interested, keep the information simple and understandable. 
  • Customization: Another deciding point to get results in terms of engagement is to develop a tailor-made animated video for your brand that speaks and empathizes with your target audience. Generic content that has no personality is often overlooked and then forgotten.
  • Length: Make your animated video last less than 2 minutes. That’s the perfect length to pass out your message, keep your audience engaged, and make them understand the value of your product. 

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Best 10 Animated Videos for Businesses That You Can’t Miss

Now that you know the most important aspects that make animated videos work, it’s time to go over our top 10 best animated videos for businesses out there. 

  • GravityForms
  • Mint
  • TraQtion
  • PayPal
  • JamboPicks
  • Google Cloud IoT Solutions
  • Import Genius
  • Neos Connected Home Insurance
  • Wine Country Gift Baskets
  • Green Geeks

As you know, we deeply love animated videos, so we made sure to include in this list all types and styles. We hope you find them inspiring and entertaining! 

#1 GravityForms

GravityForms is a platform designed to build and publish forms for WordPress-powered websites. As you can imagine, explaining through video how an IT solution works is not a simple task.

But this video excels at it! Conveying a very clear and understandable message by pairing it with gorgeous animations. That said, the best part about it is how it tells the story in a relatable way. 

In the first 25 seconds, it effectively addresses a problem that’s familiar to any modern business – How to get your prospects details before they click away – to finally propose the perfect solution: them! After that, it focuses on showcasing every benefit of the platform. 

Altogether, it is a perfect example of the classic animated explainer video: it’s informative, clear, and very fun to watch. 

#2 Mint 

Mint is a budget tracker that offers an easy way to manage everyday finances.

And that’s what this video for business marketing shows: how to effortlessly stay on top of bills and make smarter  financial decisions. Starting with a very simple question – “How do you get track of your financial life?” – this animated video uses 3D elements to showcase the subscribing process, how to get started, and Mint’s advantages – it’s free, secure, and easy to use!

Every second is optimized through a very clear and informative script combined with an upbeat tune and dynamic visuals. Not to mention that it was created almost ten years ago and still remains relevant! 

#3 TraQtion

The idea for this video was to promote (and explain!) TraQtion, a cloud-based software that helps retailers and manufacturers with supplier, product and site compliance management. 

Besides having top-notch visuals, this animated video stands out because of the combination of two elements that reinforce brand trust: a solid, funny script and an empathetic narrator that sets a laid back tone from the beginning. 

As a result, not only does it explain very clearly how the software works, but also goes a long way toward resonating with its audience. An audience that, ultimately, walks away feeling like they can trust the product. 

#4 PayPal

Possibly better than any other piece here, this video represents what it means to optimize content through meaningful and streamlined visuals.

PayPal is an online payment solution that relies on three important values: it’s simple, secure, and free. And this video effectively showcases that with a clear and engaging step-by-step piece that explains what the service is and how the app works in less than 2 minutes! 

The best part? Even though it has a narrator, if you turn the audio off, you can get every bit of information by just watching it. 

#5 JamboPicks

When you need to cover a lot of information, or the topic you are covering is far too complex, the best alternative is usually to go with a whiteboard animated video. 

Basically, these are a type of explainer video that resembles the white boards commonly used in business meetings and classrooms. It’s super engaging because the information is “drawn” right in front of the viewer.

This animated video developed for JamboPicks is the perfect example of an accomplished whiteboard video. It explains the ins and outs of a very sophisticated software that analyzes algorithms for sports betting. All while having outstanding drawings, a very informative script, and smooth animations.

#6  Google Cloud IoT Solutions

Motion graphics videos are another great tool to use when you have to communicate abstract or challenging concepts – A task they accomplish by combining traditional graphics, shapes, text, and movement.

And that’s exactly why this Google Cloud video works: It makes data collection and storage understandable concepts! With a straightforward script and very simple-yet-captivating visuals, the video is very easy to follow. 

It’s educational, engaging, and fun to watch. Triple threat! 

#7 Import Genius

Import Genius is a comprehensive trade database that supports the import-export business to evaluate suppliers, monitor competitors, and connect with customers from around the world.

With beautiful 3D animation, a fast-paced style, and a cheerful tune, this explainer video addresses a problem with  international trade (how to track shipping activity) and why Import Genius is the perfect solution for it. 

And as technical as it may sound, the great thing is that it doesn’t overwhelm the viewer. Instead, this video for business marketing focuses on presenting different scenarios and how their software can help with that. 

#8 Neos Connected Home Insurance

Neos Connected Home Insurance uses smart tech to protect and ensure homes from a smartphone. They developed this 2D character animation video to answer the questions “What is it, and how does it work?

Character animation is perfect to generate an emotional connection with the audience, and this video shows how to do just that. The narrator and main character is a house – with surroundings shaped as the company’s logo, no less! – that tells a lovely story about how “he” and their owners first met, but most importantly how the house feels safe with Neos. All while explaining how to use the app with your device! 

It’s appealing, explanatory, and sweet. Thumbs up! 

#9 Wine Country Gift Baskets

The folks behind Wine Country Gift Baskets believe that appreciation doesn’t need an occasion. This animated video takes that fundamental premise and runs with it, combining it with gorgeous animations.

But even though it’s beautiful and conveys a nice message, what stands out here is the script. It’s fresh and original, mixing a “regular” voice-over with “customer testimonials” answering the question “Why give a Wine Country gift basket?”

It’s clever and lovely. Nicely done!

#10 Green Geeks

Green Geeks is a fast, secure, and eco-friendly web hosting service provider with 24/7 support.

Explaining how tech solutions work is always a challenge: you need to be clear and entertaining enough to keep your audience engaged. However, this cool video for business promotion makes it look easy, and in record time to boot!  

Combining a colorful and gorgeous visual design – that includes a cute main character, – a well-written script, and a friendly narrator, it conveys in less than 2 minutes every necessary detail to understand how the platform works. 

An animated explainer video at its best! 

And there they are, our 10 favorite animated videos for businesses! What do you think about them? We hope that you at least feel motivated to start creating one for yourself!

Do keep in mind, though, that while this selection included many different animation styles and original approaches, they all have one important thing in common: a talented and experienced video company behind them! 

Regardless of the type of animation you ultimately settle on, you should always team up with a company capable of bringing your unique message to life with creative, entertaining, and effective pieces. 

We, at Yum Yum Videos, have a killer recipe that always gives our customers the best results. First, we know that the best way to make amazing marketing pieces is by paying special attention to detail and having a fluid communication that focuses on listening to our client’s needs.

Throughout the whole production process, we make sure to keep our ears wide open and pay attention to our client’s feedback. Altogether, we make sure that the final piece not only meets up with their marketing goals but also addresses their target audiences with a beautiful, out-of-the-box effective piece.

Pssst! In case you’re wondering how that process goes, we’ve created this great video to explain it. Check it out! 

So, when you feel like starting a video-conversation, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be more than happy to hear about your project! 🙂

Summing Up

Audiences love animation, so taking advantage of its versatility with a video for your business s a huge trend that just keeps on growing. 

And while every video production has its own specificities and challenges, it’s important to keep in mind that there are plenty of important elements to consider, even before you start developing your next piece – Animation is more than just an eye-catching visual delivery, after all!  

Fortunately, you now have ten excellent examples that you can use as a framework. Following in their footsteps, will make it easier to create a beautiful and compelling video that attracts new audiences and increases your sales conversions like nothing you’ve seen before!

So, in any case… we hope you are ready to make that big-break, and we wish you nothing but success! 🙂

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