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Top 5 Whiteboard Animation Companies That Will Make Your Business Shine in 2019


There are many whiteboard animation companies out there, but it’s not always easy to find the best one to make your project a reality! Choosing a great video production company can be tricky, but don’t worry, because we’re here to help you.

We’ve done our research, and today we’ll bring you the top 5 whiteboard animation companies around the world. Let’s start!

1.   Yum Yum Videos

Yes, it’s a little bit narcissistic that we start talking about ourselves, right?

Don’t worry, we’re aware that we can’t be completely objective about this decision, but we obviously believe that we are a great video production company. Not only because we create high-quality videos that make us very proud (and that make our clients very happy!), but also because, here at Yum Yum Videos, we’re focused on three very important points:

  • We customize our videos to the tiniest detail, in order to align them to the needs of our client’s target audiences; and their brand’s communication style.
  • We work with a great team of skilled professionals, which make our illustrations, animations, and productions very high-quality ones
  • Our animation production process is excellent (we’ve got a lot of experience!)

To us, creating high-quality content is the most important part of our work, and it’s our ultimate goal, every time. And it’s not only us that say so, we’re recognized as a top Video Marketing Company on DesignRush, and we have clients who loved to work with us!

Like McKesson! For them, we created a great whiteboard video to explain and promote their service, McKesson’s Health Mart:

This is one of the whiteboard videos that we’re most proud of, and we made it all thanks to our quest to achieve the highest-quality, and also thanks to our teamwork. Without our team of professionals working together, it couldn’t have been done!

And what’s even better, our clients at McKesson’s were thrilled with the results:

Just like it did for McKesson’s, whiteboard animation is a great tool that will work for almost any kind of audience. But, of course, there are many different kinds of whiteboard videos, and, of course, there are many different video production companies, that focus on different markets and communication goals!

2. Cognitive

Cognitive is a studio composed of skilled animators, and thanks to the work that they made for The Royal Society of Arts (“The RSA Animated Series”), they helped popularize this animation style!

Just like they did for the RSA, they’ve also collaborated with other NGOs like Amnesty International and the Bill Gates Foundation. They specialize in creating visual solutions to help spread the word about important issues, political or philosophical. Like they did with Amnesty International, for example, about the migrant crisis.

Take a look at one of their videos:

3. Videoscribe

Instead of being a video production company, Videoscribe provides a simpler solution for brands without a large budget. It’s a user friendly tool with different pre-made illustrations that you can put together on your own, in a completely DIY manner.

Even though we usually don’t recommend using templates for any kind of marketing video, we know that tools like Videoscribe can be very useful for some people! That’s okay, but it’s important to understand that, even though it might look somewhat inexpensive at first glance, it’s very hard to get real marketing results with a video that’s not tailored specifically to meet a brand’s needs.

But, if you’re creating a video without marketing purposes (let’s say, for a school or for personal use), and you’re not interested in having a high ROI or an impact on a specific target audience, then tools like Videoscribe can be a great solution!

4. Switch Videos

In Switch Videos, they like challenges. They’re a team based in Ontario, Canada; and they like to take the challenge to unlock the full potential of every idea. They specialize in several kinds of animation styles, like Motion Graphics and Animated Character Videos, and they’ve worked with several fields – from HR to education and non-profits.

They’re very versatile! Here’s one of their videos, so you can watch for yourself:

5. YDraw

YDraw is one of the best-known whiteboard animation companies out there, because they’ve been in the business for a long time! They don’t only create hand-drawn animation – instead, they do a bit of everything.

They’ve got a great motto (which we totally agree with!) that is “The only way to create great work is to love what you do”. That’s how they create such good video pieces, like this one:

Let’s wrap it up!

When you’re looking to hire a professional video studio to make a high-quality whiteboard video for your brand, it’s important to look for the best options out there. We know, it’s a hard choice! But it’s possible to find the best team for your video needs.

It’s important to take not only your budget, but your marketing needs into account. Tight budgets may decrease your options, of course! But there are many solutions out there, with different price ranges.

So, our advice is: ask around, take a look at two or three quotes, and choose the best quality-price deal. But remember, high-quality and customized content is the key for having a successful video strategy that’ll meet all of your needs!

Also, make sure that you work with a team of in-house professionals in every area – illustrators, animators, producers. A high-quality team, means a high quality whiteboard animated video!

Good luck!




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