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11 Mistakes that Will Ruin your Whiteboard Video


So, do you think you’re ready to use a whiteboard animation video for your brand?

Wait a minute, first! If you want to make a great whiteboard video, you must learn how to do it the right way, otherwise all your marketing efforts will be ruined completely. Of course, you don’t want that!

But first things first. Do you know what a whiteboard video is?

Whiteboard animation is an explainer video style, that tells a story by drawing on a whiteboard.

Spigit | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

These explainer videos are great, they are very entertaining and more importantly,very educative. What is more educative that an explanation with drawings on a whiteboard?

But there are many mistakes that can ruin all your efforts and make you video a waste of time and money. Let’s learn what these mistakes are and how to avoid them!

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#1. Don’t Show The Drawing Hand

There are three basic elements that create the spirit of a whiteboard video, and one of them is the drawing hand.

When whiteboard videos first appeared, everything was drawn by hand with an artist drawing in front of a camera, and of course, the drawing hand appeared. This created the style of whiteboard animation.

The style, of course, has now evolved into digital animation (which is amazing because it creates a much more clean style, and opens up a world of animation possibilities!), but the drawing hand remains.

So, if you’re thinking of not showing the drawing hand, forget about that now! If you want a true whiteboard video, the drawing hand is a must.

Whiteboard Explainer Video

#2. Use a Color Background

Following this train of thought, another one of the elements that creates the whiteboard video style is, of course, the whiteboard itself.

So, if you decide to use another color of background, or a picture, or something different than the white background, you could be losing the whole spirit of the whiteboard video.

Be careful with this! A whiteboard video is not a whiteboard video without a white background to draw on!

Let me show you one of our examples: you’ll see here all the basic elements of a whiteboard video (and there’s the hand!)

CarePredict | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

#3. Don’t Use Interconnected Drawings

Using separated drawings in your video will be catastrophic for the continuity of the story. Why? Well, first, the third classic element of a whiteboard video is that it uses an interconnected drawing, this means that the story is being created right in front of your audience’s eyes!

A continuous drawing helps create the essence of the whiteboard video. It also sparks interest in your viewers: as the story is being created, they’ll keep wondering what comes next.

#4. Change the Style

So, now you know the three basic elements that make a whiteboard video what it is. This means that changing the style of any of these three basic elements will completely ruin the essence of the whiteboard animation.

If you want to have any other kind of animated marketing video, then it doesn’t matter, change ahead! But if what you want is a great whiteboard animation video, with all the educational power and engaging energy that it conveys, then you have to follow the rules.
spigit animated whiteboard explainer video

#5. Be Way Too Traditional

Well… “follow the rules”, so bossy, right? The thing is that you have to follow at least some of the rules so your whiteboard video keeps being a whiteboard video, but staying in that squared playbook may not be the best idea.

Why? Because creativity is what will set your video apart from the rest, and make it interesting and fun to watch. Now that you know (and use) the three basic elements of the whiteboard video, make it your own!

For example, you could stray a little from that white background with black marker drawings… by adding some hints of color.

Even better if you choose your brand color! Add it to some key points to make your brand present during the video.

Look at this example!

Fraudlogix | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

#6. Don’t Use Animated Characters

Characters are representations of your audience, based on your buyer personas. As an element in your whiteboard video, their job is to make your audience feel empathy and identification.

Animated characters also contribute to the continuity of your video! So, if you choose to not use them, your video will be missing an important part and a way to make the story move forward.

Basically, don’t forget the animated characters.

How to make an animated video

#7. Make a Boring Story

Video is a very powerful tool… when used right. If you have a boring story, with no emotional elements, you will fail at engaging your viewers, and ultimately fail at making a great whiteboard video.

What makes a story interesting and not boring? Well, appeal to your audience’s emotions! This way you will make them identify with your message: with a good story they’ll remember your video, and this means they will remember your brand.

#8. Don’t Make it Educational

Oh, oh! This is one of the biggest mistakes made in a whiteboard video production.


Because whiteboard video equals educational power. Whiteboard animation is great for attracting and retaining your audience’s attention, because they’re interesting and fun; and people learn better when they’re interested and entertained.

So, don’t forget the great educational potential that whiteboard videos have. Let’s look at this example.

Health Mart (McKesson Corporation) | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

#9. Have a Bad Script

This one goes hand in hand with #8. A great story comes with a great script, it’s the core of any animated marketing video.

We’ve already talked about how whiteboard animations have three classic visual characteristics (white background, black drawing and a hand), but they can’t create a great video on their own! This is where the power of storytelling comes in.

Your whiteboard video script must focus on your potential customers and their needs. They have answers and problems that need to be solved, and this is priority number 1!

Actually, we’ve created a free e-book just for you with the information you’ll need about writing the best explainer video script. Go take a look, to learn about the script writing process in depth!

Your goal is to be helpful to your prospects, they’ve come to you looking for answers and that’s what you’ll give them.

Actually, we’ve got a free e-book full of information about how to write the best explainer video script, so go take a look

#10. Trust That Your Script is Ready, Don’t Test It

Such an easy mistake to make! After all of the time and effort you put into creating your whiteboard video script, of course it’s easy to just think that you’re finished without testing it. Well, if you think like this, you’re wrong.

You can’t think that your script is ready without testing it, and the way of doing this is to simply read it out loud. Just that one simple step will save you a lot of nightmares!

Why? Because you want to have a script that sounds natural, so reading it out loud will help you make sure that your choice of voice inflections, speed of speech, and emphasis on some words sound as natural as possible.

script for animated explainer video

#11. Don’t Hire a Professional video production company

This one here, is the biggest mistake of all.

You want a whiteboard video that has the best quality. The way of doing this is by having a lot of experience and great skills; and it’s not a one man job. You need a team of professionals like script writers, directors, animators, art directors and so on. What you need is an explainer video company or a whiteboard video production company.

Choose the one that fits your needs the best: There are great video production companies out there, with different prices and different styles.

Also, do your research! Look for a whiteboard video production company that has a solid portfolio and good references. You’re looking for a team that is capable of turning your complex concepts into the best custom whiteboard video.

So if you’re ready to create the perfect whiteboard video for your brand, we’d love to hear from you!

Let’s wrap it up!

You now know how easy it is to avoid all these mistakes that might ruin your whiteboard video.

To avoid all of this at once, you must know the rules of the whiteboard video production process, or even better: my advice is that you find a high-quality video production company.

When looking for possible production companies to hire, remember what you must look at their portfolio of whiteboard videos:

  • You want high-quality videos, of course, that have the three classic elements of the whiteboard animation style.
  • You also want them to know how and when to add a little bit of fun; a personal touch.
  • And you want to hire a company that knows how to create an engaging script with an educational power.

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